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      Happy birthday


        Hey...hope everything is going well for you!


          Just checking in on you my friend...hope all is well!


            hello friends. sorry to have gone radio silent on you. life got life-y and there was progress and regression and plateau and recovery and there is still recovery.

            i was motoring along nicely believing that i was not quite getting keto right but i was learning and moving forward and then i traveled for the job. and the salmon was undercooked and that was nasty. and restaurant food has lots of sugar. and most frequently the options are fried, processed or marinated in sugar. after about 6 days, i realized that i had been doing better with keto than i thought. i avoided breads and pasta so i didnt end up having a food hangover. but i didnt manage to avoid the sugar. so i am having killer sugar cravings that are kicking my ass.

            and i am puffy. i have lost enough weight that my clothes fit but my rings don't. and i hurt. i hurt so bad. my neck. my bones. my joints. i worked out after i got home and it felt really good. but i had DOMS for 4 days that made me feel like i was 151 years-old. DOMS for more than 2 days typically means the workout was crippling but what i did wasn't and i should NOT have hurt for that long.

            mom's cancer is sort of dormant at the moment. not remission, or at least the doctor has not used that word yet. but she is not getting chemo. just immunotherapy. and that's good.

            and that buys me some time which is good because i've discovered that i have an IRS situation that has to be resolved before i make any progress in my move to Kansas.

            and in the mean time, i've turned 51. thank you, TheLibrarian PetiteSheWolf sleep_twitch Hedwiga Amirsh xingyiquan MissMolly Mamatigerj CODawn Redline 'rin BlackButler

            in catching up with your stories, and paying attention to mine, i've realized that one part for me is just making the decision to do and that helps me get up in the morning and work out. and that i am motivated by tracking the streak. (I am more than 60 days meditating). and as part of that streak, it would be nice to finish something and put up some new badges. i also have some life stuff that i need to finish.

            make yesterday jealous, friends


              Cancer is a cunning bastard. I hope everything will go well.
              You are moving onwards the best you can and that's all you anyone can do. Keep moving


                Good luck with dealing with the IRS, step by step, it will work. And hugs regarding your mom. And keep moving!


                  Glad to hear mom is still in stable status. Sorry about IRS headache...Lots of patience & meditation will be crucial I bet! Love the idea that Trin is using Thinx...I had thought about trying those too! What does she and you think? Hang in there, listen to your body and just take it all 1 step at a time...and I'm here any time you need to talk!


                    Good luck with the IRS. Thinking positive thoughts for you and your family.


                      Happy belated birthday! Working towards a new badge sounds fun. Have you picked one?


                        thank you all. figured out a plan of action for the IRS mess. its bothersome but i'm very certain that many friends here could make a case for minimal sympathy as i think your levels of taxation are higher.

                        Caesg my first "badge" will be building consistency again. creating the mindset that eliminates any internal discussion about working out and just making it part of my morning routine. i miss that part of me.

                        spent the weekend in the basement & then emptying the storage unit. it is less expensive for Michael to stay in the house than to rent an apartment so he will stay here. we have already restructured our money handling so that he covers the living expenses and i have the unsecured debt. that would be how it will divide when I'm in Kansas. cost of living there is significantly lower. so i will have a little more wiggle room. no formal exercise for the weekend but got 13,139 steps Saturday and 10,709 on Sunday. which for most of y'all is next to nothing. i on the other hand have weeks at a time with little more than 3k steps per day so i'm considering it a win.

                        Treadmill, RKC program, push-ups, and punches make the core of my daily workout. push-ups, punches, daily dares and other little things are used to get me out of my chair during the day.

                        still fighting the sugar demon. stupidest part is a lot of it doesn't even taste good but for some reason i keep trying to find the one that will. cravings have been triggered by diet soda so i'll be stocking up on carbonated water. crystal light lemonades don't wake the sugar demon but they also don't quite answer the desire for carbonation. and i can drink a gallon of ice tea .. and still want carbonation. it's my "drinking problem" which i have for years referred to as not enough hands. working in an office it frequently looked like a cup of coffee, some water and a can of diet soda wherever i planted myself for the day. i still frequently have at least 2 drinks even now (water or tea & coffee).

                        since i'm not counting weekend, its 3 consecutive days.

                        make yesterday jealous, friends.


                          daejamurrachan . Building consistency and eliminating that internal discussion sounds like a good idea. I find keeping prewritten DBT-style pros/cons quadrants easily accessible (on my phone) can help with that. Are you trying to give up carbonation? Or just sugar?


                            Caesg just sugar at the moment. carbonation is hard on tooth enamel but that's the only down side i've come across so far. well and tummy bubbles.

                            my day got all turned around today and i had to push to keep my streak - small as it is - but i did it. definitely not the same workout i would have done in the morning because i do want to sleep tonight but 25 minutes of punches, push-ups, jacks and walking on the treadmill.

                            i was listening to David Goggins while i finished up. i make a lot of excuses. its too hot. its too cold. its too early. its too late. im too old. im too young. im too tired. im to hyper. its too hard. i'm too busy. i can't afford it. i don't have the time.

                            so i think the time i used to spend making excuses would be better spent swinging a kettlebell or doing some meal prep. the David Goggins video is 6 minutes. I just might have to watch that regularly for the kick in the assets it provided tonight.

                            make yesterday jealous friends.


                              crystal light lemonades don't wake the sugar demon but they also don't quite answer the desire for carbonation
                              What if you made the crystal light with carbonated water? I didn't know there was a difference between the various types, but apparently there is.