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    aveoturbo the kettlebell warm-up called halos inspired me. you could do that with the green band too.


      oh the DOMS!! yesterday i told Sara she is off my Christmas Card list. i don't hurt so bad today so i will put her back on. at least until Wednesday or Friday when they come back. it is such a lovely pain to have again but i will be happier when i am progressed a bit past the point of feeling like i am hobbling every time i exert some additional effort.

      yesterday: White Rabbit for warm-up; Daily Dare, Fit Christmas (D11), and Advent Calendar (D15). i also did 8 TGU with a flip-flop resting on my fist. Sara told me this will help me keep my shoulder locked in and set me up for good-form when i actually start doing them with kettlebells. the shoe only fell 4 times (2 on each side). next time i'll choose a different flip-flop. this on didn't have a flat bottom. i'm not letting myself off the hook in the form arena; i am saying that might be skewing the results.

      today will be a consecutive Day 30 of exercise. Sunday my main movement is walking the dogs. D12 of Fit Christmas is a Totals things (High Knees) so i'll finish that today too. and the Advent Calendar is an easy add for the day also.

      my objective is to rebuild that consistency muscle.

      make yesterday jealous, Bee-friends.


        30 days is just the beginning to tomorrow's gains

        It'll pay off with a personal reward


          we took a different route today when i walked the dogs. ended up being 2.92 miles, which is not a bad thing. it did get a little bit chilly towards the end in the shade since the sun was going down but all in all, a very good walk. finished Fit Christmas & D16 of the Advent Calendar.

          This week:
          Moved 7/7 days
          Meditated 7/7 days
          Steps (7 day total): 69,322

          i havent been tracking calories so i'm adding that back in. working that planning muscle. glad i don't get DOMs from that exercise.

          make yesterday jealous, friends.


            happy Monday! and the snowball fight begins! I have dodged my first snowball (thank you, and thrown 4! 1 has already been dodged. I also threw one at mogster - just because, you know?

            i have already won the day! you probably have too. you just have to claim your victory.

            today: Daily Dare, Advent Calendar (D17), Back to Basics (w/u), Athena's Playbook (D1) & 8 TGU (1 flip flop fall, and 3 with improper core engagement- a work in progress).

            i discovered that the cardio-burpees-repeatx3 cycle is enough to leave me winded. i took full advantage of the break between sets today because when i tried to push through without, the exercises where sloppy and weak. rest and recovery is kinda important.

            but you prolly already knew that.

            make yesterday jealous, friends!


              Originally posted by HellYeah80 View Post

              fixed it for you.
              wow. you told me that will be a lot of burpees and you weren't kidding. i picked a lovely day to begin a new program that starts with burpees.


                Congrats on the nice new shiny badge! Keep it up dear...progress in action!


                  make yesterday jealous, friends!
                  First off, I love this expression. Secondly, I know we're just meeting for the first time but looking back at your story over a year ago and seeing how far you have come I have to say I am proud of you. Keep getting after it every day.

                  Let me know if I can help in any way.


                    thank you, MissMolly

                    Wolfen hello! thank you! and welcome =) put up your feet, hang out!


                      A feet party!?!


                        aveoturbo absolutely! a paraffin treatment, a massaging foot bath with some epsom salts, with red and white nail polish for festive-ness !!

                        i have today done 49 burpees (15,10, 22,2). this snowball fight gets me closer to the 50 burpees in one go achievement. i might not get there this week but i will make solid progress.

                        today i did the advent calendar and worked out with trainer Sara. i did the regular warm-ups but forgot to count the TGU. then i did squats with a 15lb dumbbell on a balance platform. 1 leg deads with the dumbbell. then jump lunges and jump squats with TRX. i only made it 25 seconds each for the jump lunges & jump squats. my legs were tired. then we did some push-ups and upper body TRX work, another set of lower body stuff, including frisbee mountain climbers and then stretching & rolling.

                        Thursday we are either doing the same workout we did last Thursday or a 12 Exercises of Christmas workout. she has a body weight version and a kettlebell version. i would get the body weight version which will be something to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas and apparently starts with a burpee in a pear tree. THAT is something to look forward to.

                        make yesterday jealous, friends!


                          happy Thursday! whatcha listening to? i'm listening to Christmas music. i had to stop for gasoline on my way home from the gym. there was Christmas music coming through the speakers and suddenly i was dancing to Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree and looking for a station that was playing holiday music.

                          are you/did you take part in the snowball fight? this picture came up on Pinterest for me. the caption is Princeton students after a freshman vs. sophomore snowball fight, 1893.

                          Click image for larger version

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                          i'm pretty sure i'm feeling like this after the avalanche of burpees! but i'm still going!

                          that was a big part of my all-day movement yesterday. lots of burpees at random times. I also did the Advent Calendar, Daily Dare, Lower Bodyworks & Athena D2.

                          today i'm still doing burpees (somebody should turn off that snow machine!!). I've also done the Advent Calendar & the Daily Dare. and trainer Sara's very special Christmas work-out.

                          The 12 Exercises Sara gave Me for Christmas:
                          1 Basic burpee
                          2 Squat - Bicep Curls with medicine ball
                          3 Push-ups
                          4 Hamstring curls with stability ball
                          5 Squat/Curl/Military Press with dumbbells
                          6 Static Lunges (which was really 12 because it was 6 for each leg)
                          7 Slams with 8lb (ish?) medicine ball
                          8 Slider Tucks
                          9 Deadlifts with KB
                          10 Scissors or flutter kicks (but really 20 because each leg counts separately)
                          11 Medicine ball throws in a held squat
                          12 In & Outs (with the knees - we do these for Daily Dares but I can't remember the name here)

                          And we did the workout just like the song so 1st verse 1 burpee; 2nd verse 2 squats and 1 burpee; 3rd verse 3 push-ups, 2 squats,1 burpee ... etc ...
                          you're jealous that you didn't get to work out with Sara too. its okay. you could do it on you own ...

                          make yesterday jealous, friends.


                            hello again! today i worried that my snowballs might have melted. i discovered i was within my 24 hours and they were all safely still waiting for me to dodge them. 54 today.

                            push-ups are still not my favorite exercise but they are getting easier.

                            also walked the dogs (1 mile) today. 1st time this week so step count will be very low.


                              tomorrow's Advent Calendar exercise is side-to-side tilts. i don't know what that is and i didn't' find a video for it. any amount of clarity would be appreciated. otherwise i think i'm lifting my legs and moving them side-to-side.


                                ^Yes, that's what I did daejamurrachan