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    My story gets better from here ...

    i'll provide backstory later. today i did 5 minute warm-up (elliptical), Sweat Session WOD (1m rest) & 35 min cardio (another elliptical).

    Key to my symbol silliness:
    sending heals

    sending love

    Congratulations from the CongoRats!!

    I considered myself an academic. I passed my Air Force physical because I could walk as fast as many can run. The sit-ups and push-ups weren’t an issue; not exactly easy –the push-ups anyway – but not an issue. I wasn’t a couch potato. I skied and rafted white water. When I got out of the military, I did some kind of cardio every day and I walked all day every day as part of my job: landscaping, bartending, waitressing.

    Then I got my degree and my grown-up job and sat down for 8 or more hours a day. So, I got a cardio machine for my home and did that every day. Then I had a baby. And I realized that I wanted to be around to hold a grandchild so I joined a gym and worked with a trainer. And then I looked around and it was almost like I was an athlete – as long as I didn’t try to run, because I still hadn’t mastered that. So I made running a 5k my next goal but life happened.

    And so did a bone spur inside my spinal column keeping company with a bulging disc. It took so long to figure out what was wrong I was completely out of the gym for a year. Even the recumbent bike made my legs go numb. So there was surgery and that was successful and wonderful. I was back in the gym and working with my trainer. And I climbed the Manitou Springs Incline. Then, I broke my ankle; 7 screws and a plate later it was 9 months before I could walk without pain. Just walk.

    So I tried to go back to the gym and my old friend cardio but that would cripple me for days. My hips and legs would tighten up so that it was worse than before my back surgery. It took another year to figure out that time in a cast and boot, walking and accommodating that way of moving was going to take some work and stretching and strengthening to fix. Most doctors just offered me pain meds, muscle relaxers and anti-depressants, which would be great if that was also the real cure instead of just a way to not feel the pain and not care.

    I’m off the injured list. Last year I did a couple obstacle races – not very fast but I did them. This year I’m still working to figure out how to kill the sugar cravings, get stronger and more flexible again. I’m sure at times I’ll enlist the help of someone who will call me out and push me a little bit; or a coach to teach me a better way. Right now, I’m looking for a community of like minded-people who believe that being the best version of self isn’t about age; it’s about discipline, desire and surrounding yourself with the people who lift you up.


      made it to the gym even after getting distracted. *yeah me*

      47 minutes cardio (elliptical)
      1 Min WOD (with transitions took me about 1.5 min)
      Daily Dare 2+2 for Raised Arms (no EC)
      took some time to stretch

      what i noticed:
      my push-ups need work
      right ankle is still touch sensitive - felt it during stretching.
      my left ankle hurt afterwards (not the one with screws) - form or shoes
      my feet hurt - definitely time for shoes
      still so tight on the right. i can lay my left leg flat on the table but right leg is at 35-ish degree angle. pull is in the usual space which has a name but i can't remember it. its like a button the chiropractor or massage therapist poke (or elbow) to send me flying off the table.
      still cannot flatten my hands on the floor, even warmed up.

      tomorrow's outcome: gym is closed so i'll walk the dogs; Foundations (Day 1, III) & Totals (Day 1)



        Foundations D1 - III, Totals D1,
        Daily Dare w/EC
        Walked the dogs

        the dogs were really very excited to walk;; me not so fond of the cold but only really noticed it on my face
        without the gym to jumpstart my day, i am very sedentary
        weight down in spite of not starting structured diet yet

        Tomorrow's outcome:
        Gym for cardio, Foundations D2, stretching
        Totals D2 & foam rolling during the day
        Walk the dogs
        Make chiro appointment


          Welcome to the fun


            thank you, Gee i'm hoping that i can grow (and shrink) here in the Hive.

            and today was THAT day ... my husband borrowed my car before the sun came up this morning. his battery was dead so he went to get jumper cables. i figured i'd work a bit then gym later. there were computer issues that prevented me from getting started working. a few other technical SNAFU's, a bit of work finally and then it was time to keep a promise. i did not make it to the gym. or walk the dogs - much to their dismay. i did manage to do the Daily Dare (no EC - who knew 2 minutes was THAT long!!) and Totals. definitely doesn't feel like i burned off more than i ate. my win for the day is that i did not let the inconvenient morning turn me into someone i didn't want to be.

            Observation: i really need to eliminate the all or nothing mindset. an inconvenient morning does not have to mean the whole day is a lost cause.

            tomorrow's outcome: the gym for cardio & Foundations (D2) & stretching
            Totals throughout the day; still need to call Chiropractor


              A good day: Daily Dare w/EC & Totals D3
              at the gym, 5min on Jacobs Ladder, Foundation D2 III, 35min elliptical & foam roller
              12k steps

              Observations: My carpet needs shampooed; it smells like dog.
              Reverse Angels made me feel that something recently worked my core.
              My push-ups need work. Push-ups made me realize I need a joint supplement.
              Enjoyed the Foundations workout. This one didn't challenge but I'm still going to work through this 30-days just to get the good habits in place.
              The Darebee workouts increase my calorie burn even when my step count is not crazy high.
              Warm-up, Darebee work-out followed by cardio seems to be working. I can do cardio mindlessly and if I cut it short, it is 35 minutes instead of 45. If resistance work is last and I'm whiny and quit on that, it doesn't get done.
              If I'd have logged in and made these notes earlier, I might have gotten something closer to enough sleep but instead I putz'd around too much.
              And I'm going to have a food hangover tomorrow; too much bread, especially since I'm cutting sleep short.

              I tend to beat my addictions in stages. There is a definitive point where I know this time it will stick. Then I have a series of small victories and a set back but then I jump right back in. I did that with smoking. I was done smoking when I thought I was pregnant. I smoked a few times after my daughter was born but I didn't keep them close. If I bought smokes, I smoked what I needed and then threw them away. That way I had to really want them badly enough to make a special trip if I was going to smoke. Eventually I never wanted them badly enough to make the trip.

              I haven't started the NIP diet yet. Right now I have more than a few foods in the fridge that don't seem to be included that nobody else in the house will eat. Things like peppers & grape tomatoes, home-made ham & beans. I have started eating smaller portions and some meals are along the NIP guidelines. The struggle as always is the planning and mindless/habit eating. I think perhaps a start in overcoming that will be some (for me anyway) extreme scheduling. I'll need to plan a week with some fairly specific details, put it on paper and then exercise enough discipline to stick to it. Part of my assurance that this time it works is that the smaller meals are satisfying me. Previously even eating every couple of hours, I was always starving. A big part of that was emotional certainly. Maybe part was bad/wrong gut bugs (still drink way to much diet soda for the good kind of gut bugs). A lot of it was just bad training. I'm fairly certain that a few years ago you would not have convinced me that I would be satiated without bread, potatoes or pasta. This week 7 oz of cottage cheese is sufficient.

              Just looked at the time. I need some sleep.

              Tomorrow's outcome: gym, Foundations D3, Totals D4, DD,
              and call the chiropractor for pity's sake.


                Welcome to the Hive!


                  thank you, Maegaranthelas

                  i showed up and did the work today but im not actually calling it a good day.
                  at the gym: 5 min Jacob's Ladder, Foundations (D3 III), 35 min Elliptical, DD w/EC, & foam rolling
                  Totals D4
                  12k steps

                  everything is harder when i go too many days w/o enough sleep; food choices when i'm tired are even worse that food choices on stress eating days
                  and i still didn't call chiropractor

                  business development call today; topic was morning rituals. the focus was what is that one thing that has the biggest impact on all the little things in your life. i have a long list of things that improve the quality of my day. exercise, meditation, dressing for work (even though I work at home), good breakfast; all those things are ways to make my day better. but after today, i think the most impactful thing is sleep. i don't actually know what that looks like. i can't remember a time when i got a lot of sleep. the only time i remember sleeping 8 hours is when i'm sick and then i might sleep 10 or 12 hours. i dont get sick often but when i get sick, the only thing i want is down time and my best medicine is sleep. most of my life i would go to sleep between 11-1 and get up about 6, usually without an alarm. then something convinced me that i needed to get up earlier and i started setting an alarm for 4:30 or 5. getting up at 4:30 is just about the f-ugliest thing ever for me. that hour is when i get my best sleep. after 5 is easier but still not fun. and when i started doing that is when i started feeling sleep deprived.

                  amazing the realizations you can have when you start to think out-loud.

                  Tomorrow's outcome: gym for cardio, DD, maybe for Totals, and prolly WOD.
                  Foundations is w/u followed by stretching so that's good for home.
                  Massage & reflexology too. *happy dance*

                  now i have some planning, some reading and some dishes to do. then i'm going to go to bed early - well for me anyway.

                  sleep sweet, my friends.


                    yesterday did DD, WOD & Cardio. my daughter had ortho appointment and we drive a bit for that. i did have my massage and called my chiropractor. headed out to see chiro now and then to the gym. a real post later.


                      today: DD, Foundations (D4), Totals (D5) and cardio.

                      i was telling my husband that Totals was kicking my butt today. i was showing him other days and then today and realized that i was kicking my own butt. instead of doing 5 sets of 10 i was doing 5 sets of 50's. i don't feel nearly as bad about switching legs every 10-15 reps now.

                      made it to the chiropractor today. yeah! and made follow-on appointment so that i dont end up going 2 months without going in again. my pain tolerance is very high so it takes a lot before i feel it but when i do, that usually means my neck isn't going to move very well. today it wasn't as locked up as it might have been.

                      last night my family and my daughter's friend rode the transit downtown, had dinner, took a carriage ride, took lots of pictures, and then made our way home.slowly. slowly mostly because this was only the 2nd time i've used the transit and i wasn't familiar enough with the schedule. after spending 30 minutes standing in the cold because we missed multiple opportunities to get home in a reasonable amount of time, i am much better at reading the schedule and understanding where it is going.

                      Observations: my sleep debt is so great there is no tracking it; eating to stay awake makes for very bad food choices; doms in arms & shoulders - must have done push-ups.

                      Tomorrow's outcome: Daily Dare, Foundations, Totals (looks like jacks, jacks and more jacks in both of those), and cardio


                        At the gym: 5 min on rower, DD, Foundations III, Totals, & cardio. 12k steps/7 flights

                        i'm glad the daily dare wasn't some kind of jack because today felt like a lot of jacks. my brain was all like, COME ON! It's SUNDAY! who will know if you only do the dare and the cardio? you did the dare & foundations, that's enough!!

                        but that still small voice said, do what you said you would do. follow through. how you do the little things is how you do all things. its time to keep your word to yourself. you deserve that level of respect. i have this bad habit of not keeping my promises to myself (you know, like not going to bed on time). i will walk through fire to keep my word to other people but then wave it off when it comes to keeping my word to myself. some part of me seems to think nobody will know how often i break promises to myself but it is written all over me: extra weight, over-due for haircut, in pain, not drinking enough water, bags under my eyes,

                        so far, going to the gym and doing a warm-up, the daily dare, WoD, and at least half of Totals seems to be my path to success. i can finish Totals throughout the day and the cardio can be cut or trimmed to fit the available time. it can also be shored up by a walk with the dogs. at least that is what is working right now.

                        Tomorrow's outcome: Daily Dare, Foundations, Totals, and cardio


                          Good job on persevering! Maybe you can reward yourself with a haircut when you have finished a programme or exercised a number of days in a row. Don't forget that self-care is an important part of this journey too!


                            Welcome to the Hive! (A bit late....)
                            Its super awesome that you have stayed at it with so many set backs. And not small ones either!

                            what you said here
                            I’m looking for a community of like minded-people who believe that being the best version of self isn’t about age; it’s about discipline, desire and surrounding yourself with the people who lift you up.
                            this is so important. I found that at my gym (MMA gym) and here at the Hive.

                            I hear you on the food thing. That's my nemesis....

                            Awesome to have you here!


                              hihihi - and at a more reasonable time, well at least reasonable from the stand point that after i finish my post i'm going to bed and i should get there before midnight. yeah!

                              Today: most of my work was done at home. Daily Dare, Foundations (D6 L3) & Totals (push-ups). at the gym: 5 min rower, Totals (punches at heavy bag) & 47 min cardio.

                              my dad was back at urgent care today. kidney stones this time. he's made it a weekly thing since about Thanksgiving. he needs a different date night plan.

                              Tomorrow's outcome: DD, Foundations (D7), Totals (D8) and cardio