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    ★What is my profession?!★

    !Spartan training log!

    About me:
    Born '87 =30yrs old. Love exploring new stuff, travelling, meeting new people, and ofc sports and training. Love science, history documentaries (SPARTA), music, warm and smiley people. Into electrical engineering, got one exam left to bachelor. Working as a freelance translator for english - montenigrin (serbian) for about 10yrs now. Played PC games, love PC hardware. Last two years going on Argentine Tango dance classes, and it is great experience and community.
    Quit smoking 50days ago, after 8yrs of light-medium lvl of smoking. And it is great.

    Skinny bitch almost whole life, but now at:
    Highest BF level ever, 13% I'd say,
    Height - 184cm,
    Weight - 81kg
    BMI - 23.9,
    Daily calorie requirements for maintenance: 3200kcal ATM.

    Always active, always smile on my face, live and friendly kid. Played basketball, football and ride bicycle a lot (15k km +). Bodyweight workouts started in elementary school, and did them proper in high school.
    Started hitting gym at 3rd year of studying, yr 2009, gain some weight, learned motorics of exercises and got little more info about nutrition. Over the years had some on and off gym/bodyweight training periods, improved my knowledge significantly in all areas of fitness. Max weight achieved around 85-86kg in Autumn of 2014. In recent times I got as low as 78.5kgs, and with all the effects of smoking and other bad lifestyle choices, bad habits, discipline and willpower lost; I decided to start turning things around, both physically and mentally. So I quit smoking on 1st of November, and started training 20 days ago and started running for first time in my life a week ago.
    This brought me to DAREBEE site, and I'm very grateful to have found this awesome place.

    ☐Get to 86kg bodyweight till summer 2018, I like being a lil bit chunky, and there is space in chest, arms and quads to fill it symmetrically. ✓ 20.Feb. 2018.
    ☐Become more elastic, mobile and stronger, with all darebee challenges and yoga/stretching stuff it won't be the problem. ✓
    ☐Return to 8% BF in spring of 2018
    ☐Run a half marathon in 2018 ✓ (13. May solo)
    ☐Learn to walk on my hands in 2018
    ☐Make some home made gym in my back yard, love making stuff, and it will save me time and motivate me more instead of going to the gym, 2018
    ☐Push my body to the limits over and over again and become "the strongest version of myself" Elliot Hulse
    ☐Last but not least, apply these concepts to my everyday life, job, relations and family.
    ☐ 16.02.2018. addition - Get into triathlon, and better at cycling, learn to swim freestyle!

    Training regiment:

    Pull-ups, push-ups, dips, along with running and cycling + Darebee programs/workouts.

    My own additional training sets for Chest, Legs, Arm - Shoulder isolations, Grip and Forearm strength;

    Running 4 days per week


    I'm not a big eater/craver, but I learned over the years to eat more and eat stuff that I don't like if it brings me towards my goal. I remember overeating many times, and huffing and puffing around my house, so that I don't throw up
    Anyway, need to eat over 3200kcal + ~160g of protein for gainzzz,
    Sooo: lots of fruit, veggies, chicken, fish, pasta, rice, dairy products, eggs, some shakes, almonds and other nuts.

    Stats and Progress:

    Fighters Codex, Boxing week...Mixing up lots of challanges, workouts

    Daily dares: Consecutive Day 3 + EC (started 19.12.2017) - 122/128 (EC, w/o EC) ATM

    Max km run in one go: 3.5km, 21.3km (ATM)
    Overall km run: 12km; 440.1km (ATM)
    Bodyweight: 81kg; 86kg (ATM January 25th)
    100m run time: Haven't tried yet

    Darebee challenges completed:
    100 pull-ups by the end of the year challenge 20.12.2017, 22:15-23-25h, Done in one go, ~15sets.
    Olympic challenge 17.1.2018. finished in 15:53min

    Darebee sunday challenges:
    1min squat - ✓
    Figertip push-up - ✓ (did 10 on parquet)

    Programs and weeks finished:
    Spartan Trials - 26. Jan. 2018
    Flexibility week - 14. Jan. 2018.
    Yoga week - 1. Feb. 2018.
    50 DD+EC - 4 Jan. 2018.
    100 DD+EC - 25. Feb. 2018.
    Totals - 27. Feb. 2018.

    First 5k ran - 3. January 2018.
    Podgorička desetka - 10km hill recreational race, 21. Jan. 2018 - Finished, 59:17. First 10k !
    Ran 100km overall! - 7. February, 2018.
    Ran 200km overall! - 15. March, 2018.
    Ran 300km overall! - 8. April, 2018.
    Strava March Run Climbing Challenge (2000m) - Done March 2018.
    Podgorica triathlon - Plavnica 2018 - 17. June - APPLIED 1. May, 2018!

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    19.12.2017. Yesterdays workout, didn't have time to write down everything, and check in and also make cool Runners club topic xD
    Spartan Trials day 1, 3 sets, Beginner level...and my legs were dead.

    +3 sets of decline push ups 15reps (for upper chest)
    +3 sets of heavy bucket press 10-15 reps (improvised bench-dumbbel press)
    +2 sets of jump squats 10 reps - with longer pause
    +2 sets of standing behind head triceps extensions with heavy bucket, 10reps

    Running: 5*600m

    I was kinda disappointed that I didn't make at least LVL II, cause it is my native Spartan program... But then again I had a long and heavy run the day before, and my legs are constantly sore...So I guess I need to adjust myself and avoid any potential injury.


      Welcome to the Hive, Le0nldas
      Have fun and good luck with Spartan Trials and achieving those goals you set for yourself!


        Originally posted by twinkletoes View Post
        Welcome to the Hive, Le0nldas
        Have fun and good luck with Spartan Trials and achieving those goals you set for yourself!
        Thanks sweet Cooon, I like your profile pic, reminds me of South Park's "THE COON"


          Dunno how many burpes, 10 prolly...
          Spartan Trials Day 2 - ✓
          First part on LVL3, Second part on LVL1.

          Now tango, then rest...tommorow I have 2+2km run, Back and biceps workout+Spartan trails...lots of "fun"


            i'm late, but welcome to the Hive!!

            It really caught my attention the tango classes. I like dancing tango, though I've never taken classes before and I don't exactly dance it a lot nowadays, but I still take whatever chance I have for tango. I'm glad you have pretty well defined goals, I really wish you the best on your journey.

            Have fun!


              Originally posted by stella88 View Post
              i'm late, but welcome to the Hive!!

              It really caught my attention the tango classes. I like dancing tango, though I've never taken classes before and I don't exactly dance it a lot nowadays, but I still take whatever chance I have for tango. I'm glad you have pretty well defined goals, I really wish you the best on your journey.

              Have fun!
              Heyyy Stella, thanks a lot Well, I was never a musical guy, good dancer or singer...People have many stereotypes in their mind, so did I about tango, although some of my friends were dancing for 3 years before I got into that world. One day me and my best friend decided to go for a (first) 1month free Argentine tango...and it was great from the beginning...It will be 2years for me in February.
              Real antistress journey, where you kinda get to know yourself physically, mentally, and some funny body motorics and how brain works in a way...

              My Dance School Buena Vista made Argentine tango promotional video for 2017, I'm one of the dancers in a group later on. Filmed in my city, music composed by one of my instructors, and lots of friends dancing together.
              Hope you like it.


                21.December, 22:15
                Spartan Trials Day 3 - ✓
                Finished 100 pull-ups by the end of the year challenge, in 15-20 sets, 80minutes



                Started running after workout but my foot hurt...It was 2°C outside, probably cold feet, too tight shoes, got strong pain on the outside bone of the right foot...
                Anyway, glad for the challenge completed, especially cause I don't like pullups that much, I respect them, but they are god damn hard, and you easily get out of form if you don't perform 'em regularly...
                Keeping Snowy Burpees for tomorrow xD


                  On my behalf, I can say I'm the musical gal, thanks to my mom who put me through a music school when I was a little girl xD
                  Anyway, it's a beautiful video, I like where it's filmed and I really like the music, it has simplicity and the dancing it's great as well. I hope you keep going with it.

                  Also! whenever your feet hurt, try going for Footwork, it's a workout that helps me whenever my feet hurt. Congrats on finishing that challenge!

                  Keep it up!


                    stella88 Thanks. Glad you liked it. I will do this, found some exercises with resitance bands too


                      22.December, 23:45
                      Spartan Trials Day 4 - lvl3 ✓
                      +12 Snowy burpees

                      Footwork x3

                      Relaxed day...gonna seek for some ab-yoga-stretching incorporate...Relaxing from running for 5 days


                        23. Dec. 2017,
                        Spartan Trials Day 5 - lvl2 ✓
                        + 2 sets x 12 of decline pushups
                        + 4 sets of 20kg bucket press
                        + Snowy burpees dunno how many

                        Footwork x3...and counting

                        Ah...200 squats in 4 sets...Did double or triple the amount of suggested pushups, still my legs betrayed me first...Wanted that lvl3, but then again, my form was getting messy, so I stopped after trying 5th set... Dripping in sweat and with no breath
                        As I like pectorals and obliques I think...the most...I'll try these next time:
                        My right foot feels better...Missing running, but I have no timeframe to worry it's ok I guess...


                          24. Dec. 2017,
                          Spartan Trials Day 6 - lvl3 ✓
                          + 4-5 DailyDares from archive

                          Footwork x2...
                          Some other exercises for feet rehab...

                          ST6 was heavy on core, but I would like to implement additional obliques-serratus exercises, will do it next time. My foot is ok, I train both of them, started using gel today and massage it a bit... I hope it will be all good on tango tonight


                            25. Dec. 2017,
                            Spartan Trials Day 7 - lvl3 ✓
                            DD+ EC

                            + additional sets of barbell rows, one arm bent over rows, and biceps over and underhand curls
                            + 5 sets of oblique exercises (wipers, plank twists, sitting leg twists etc..)
                            + DailyDares from archive
                            Footwork x2...
                            Tango 3 hrs, got those calves burning

                            Did it pretty late, but still cool...Shoulders/traps are burning as well as obliques...and back and biceps was doubled ST workout.
                            Can't feel anything wrong with my right foot, find some settings for GPS and MapMyRun, hope it will all be perfect for run in Wednesday...
                            p.s. looking into punches, correct way to perform them...Can't wait to have more time to incorporate stretching and some fighter routine

                            p.p.s. yea, this was in the background


                              26. Dec. 2017,
                              Spartan Trials Day 8 - lvl3 ✓
                              DD+ EC

                              + DailyDares from archive
                              Footwork x2...
                              Some stretches...

                              Again late, but finished 1min till midnight haha Legs are burning...sweat is dripping...Thinking about some additional shouder-traps exercises, exept these from ST workout which are kinda endurance based
                              Tommorow is "Dine in hell day" and prolly my fist run since small ache I had in right foot

                              Applied for 10km recreative race in my city, on the hill Gorica where I spent all my life training, walking, cycling, drinking....... It will be on 21. January.
                              Here is vid from last year: