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    After a relaxing long weekend, this was quite a hectic Monday. There's a lot on my plate at work at the moment because the two other people on my team of three decided to leave around the same time. Now I'm trying to help a new teammate get situated while trying to help hire another suitable person. It's been an amazing time of professional growth. And also, exhausting at times.

    I was grateful today for a nice quiet evening - made some pasta with garlic and kale and enjoyed it with Wifey and our friend (and now housemate) C, then did some wrapping of presents (okay, Wifey wrapped, I addressed them and added bows ) and then knitted while watching the Blackadder Christmas special.

    Also grateful for the stress relief of exercise. I did the Advent Calendar (all in one go this time) and Epic Five Day 2, broken up into 1-minute blocks. I didn't particularly feel like doing pushups but I figured I could use them on a day like today. Ended up doing 52 in total, way more than I could have managed a month ago. I think all that planking in Full Circuit paid off.


      Ugh. Today at work felt really stressful. There is just too much to get done in a day. I kept repeating to myself words from a guided meditation I like to use: "I'm having a hard time right now. Everyone feels this way sometimes. May I be kind to myself in this moment. May I give myself the compassion I need." I know I'll get through this time. Hopefully I can be kind to myself in the meantime.

      Thankful for my wife making a delicious and nutritious dinner, kitty sitting on my lap, and our hot water being fixed today so I can take a nice hot shower and wash the day off of me.

      Also thankful for exercise: bike commute, Advent Calendar, and Epic Five Day 3. A minute of lunges doesn't feel THAT epic after Full Circuit!


        Today at work felt better than yesterday, so that's good. Wifey had a bit of a hard day though, so to cheer her up I made some Christmas cookies. I ate a ton of cookie dough while I was making them and didn't feel great afterward from all the sugar. Exercise helped. I wasn't sure I could pull off an abs workout after stuffing myself but Epic Five Day 4 apparently wasn't too much (I did break it up into 1-minute sets with rest as needed in between). I also felt like a little extra cardio, so I did Fit Christmas Day 1. And of course, the Advent Calendar.


          Yay, almost done with the work week! Today wasn't a bad day. I demoed some work from my team, which still makes me a little nervous even after having done it many times, but it seemed to go over well. And I am having a good time working with my new teammate.

          Also after work I went to a women's "knitworking" event, which as far as I'm concerned is the most brilliant idea ever. I met many other ladies who are also interested in programming, knitting, and even tabletop RPGs, another big love of mine!

          Today's exercise: Epic Five Day 5, Advent Calendar, bike commute (but I'm going to stop writing that because I do it every workday unless there's snow on the ground or too much smog!).


            Logging catchup!

            Friday: Went out with Wifey to a Christmas musical revue for our weekly date. It was super corny but I loved it. We got home pretty late, and I was exhausted because of the stress of the week and some insomnia the night before, so I just did the Advent Calendar before bed.

            Saturday: Squeezed in Advent Calendar and Epic Five in between a mini-road trip around the city to put up fliers for this free programming workshop I'm helping run in a couple of months and a little tree-trimming get together with a friend. This is the first year we've had room for a tree, and it's very exciting!

            Today: Walked to church and back and to lunch with friends. Was feeling very tired in the afternoon and had a sore throat - I must be fighting something off. Then I did Advent Calendar and for some reason it helped almost immediately, so I ended up getting caught up with Epic Five - including 30 pushups in total. Definitely did NOT do everything in a superset but that's okay. Still feeling a bit icky, but hopefully this thing will stay fought off. There's so much going on at work, it would not be good if I had to take sick time! But, knock on wood, I haven't been really sick since I started exercising every day.

            Hope all of you had a good weekend!


              A long day, but full of many good things.

              After work, I made this recipe for dinner - it was a good simple meal, a good ratio of flavor to effort required. I think it is Hero/Vego Diet friendly as well. Then made some cookies for my small group at church tomorrow night. Then Wifey invited me out on a mini-date, a little walk around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights. Then I had some reading to do for the church group and I interspersed that with exercise.

              So, aside from the usual, my exercise was:
              - Neighborhood stroll (maybe 20-30 minutes in total)
              - Epic Five Day 9
              - Fit Christmas Day 3 (200 jumping jacks)

              I decided to go for the heart ornament on the Darebee Christmas tree, so I'm at 200/1000 jumping jacks now. It's nice that you can double up challenges and working toward your ornament. I'll probably do Epic Five Day 15 sometime this week for that reason (5 minutes of jumping jacks). (ETA: And Fit Christmas Day 8! That should work out to 210-350 jacks depending on level if I'm counting right.)

              Oh, I keep meaning to share very happy news on the exercise front - I finally bought myself adjustable dumbbells! I waited a good long while because they were a big purchase, but I have no regrets. They are easy to adjust and seem like they should last a long time if I take care of them. And they go up to 52.5 pounds each, so they should keep me busy for awhile!

              I don't plan to use them for awhile yet because December will involve the usual traveling. But redoing Ironborn will be a great start to the new year!


                Today was again extremely busy and I felt very sore and tired, but exercise helped as usual.

                - Caught up on Advent Calendar (I forgot in all my excitement about the tree yesterday!)
                - Epic Five Day 15 (5 minutes jumping jacks = 350 total)

                So I'm at 550/1000 jumping jacks for that heart ornament. Not too shabby.