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    I'm glad that you can fit in small bits of exercise despite your full schedule And you don't need to go to a gym for fun fitness classes. It's possible to do all kinds of fun exercise at local sports clubs/studios. You could, for example, learn a team sport, a martial art or a style of dancing.


      Cjell I'm afraid sports clubs don't work for me. Not only that 1 hour driving time and unsuitable training times are problems. I simply don't feel good in teams or something similar. See, I did a lot of team sports in past, e.g. handball or even archery. But when you are always the chubby asthmatic with the ankle problems it's difficult to keep up motivation. You are always behind. Even if the team doesn't speak it out. You know exactly why you are sitting on the bench all the time. And it's even understandable...
      Ok, exceptions were my archery and the karate classes. Both were great! But the training times of our local teams changed, therefore I hade to stop with both.
      Our local gym without fix times is my best possibility, or better to say would be my best possibility, if the idiots move away one day. ^^' I really miss my old gym. It was not far away from my working place and I've often been there after work. (There were so amazing people <3 All kinds of ages and fitness levels. And they were a tiny bit like our community here, cheered up each other, were helpful and friendly...) But my company moved...

      Well, enough whining around. Hero theme week starts and heroes don't cry (at lest not in public). I know I'm not able to do the workouts exactly as they are (e.g. the push ups) but I'm going to do them in a easier, managable version. Just because it's fun.


        Heroes are totally allowed to cry! They just do the thing as well as crying
        Go save the world!


          Maegaranthelas <3

          Log entry 043
          Feburary 11 to 20

          Nine days without a real log entry? Holy cow! What happened?
          Well, honestly it was a tiny bit of all. Bad mood, lazyness, busy days, family time, Pokemon Go event... An endless list. But I kept moving as much as possible and finally came back to my routines.

          Long story short
          march steps 2410/6000
          Assasins Challenge 19 & 20 (yay 2/3 done!)
          Touch your toes 10
          Foundation light 14

          Have a nice day, bees!


            Log entry 044
            February 21

            I don't know what's wrong with me. Training was wasy going yesterday. I know I could have done more but I wanted to relax a bit before my couch feels neglected.
            This morning I decided to measure my panda belly. I thought ok, why not, won't be surprising. My measuring tape had good news for me. I lost 5cm since the end of November. 5! That is pretty good especially when I think about my medicine which makes it really hard to loose weight. But I simply don't felt like cheering. It was more a "Ok, once I have been here, now I'm here again. Let's go on." Somehow I felt totally indifferent about this success.

            Long story short
            some march steps for my personal challenge
            Assassins Challenge 21 (it was a hard one, but good)
            Foundation light 15

            Do you smell that? I think I can already smell weekend! ^^


              I feel you - I'm also in the process of re-losing weight, and I'm about 5kgs away from no longer feeling like "well, I've been here before many times, I would have saved myself all the effort by not regaining so much in the first place" Still, 5cm lost is a great achievement - measuring tapes are often a better way of judging fat loss than the scale, as water fluctuations etc. can totally mess with the result.


                You are both doing amazingly, and if you can't find the mindspace to be proud of yourselves right now, that's okay. I've got you.

                I AM PROUD OF YOU BOTH