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    Originally posted by CrazyViking View Post
    All was going great until our group forgot that there was an OPEN FLAME sitting right in front of us.

    P.S.: If you're wondering whether I just figured out how to do the emoticons: Yes, I just did.

    Emoticons are great

    your OPEN FLAME reminds me of:


      Friday, July 14, 2017
      Daily Dare: 2 minutes raised leg hold: Is it just me, or have these daily dares been getting progressively harder?

      4-mile morning run: Friendly Friday, so the others were going slow(ish). I was able to keep up with the group except for the very last hill that I sort of pooped out on. Small Victories.

      Core Work: I´ve leveled up on some of the reps of the exercises, so that's good, except I wasted a lot of time between sets so that probably factored into it.

      Went to see Spiderman: Homecoming!!!!! It was great! A lot better than Transformers 5, may I say. Sad because the whole concept of alien robot cars waging a space war is actually more appealing to me. Yes, I am a nerd (Star Trek, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, you name it.).

      Saw this emoticon: and thought, that has literally happened to me before. I started Hapkido when I was six, so there was a long while when the punching bag was much bigger than I was.


        Saturday, July 15, 2017
        Daily Dare: 40 reverse plank kicks

        3+hrs Hapkido: Got through a review of a lot of my techniques for the test, which is good.

        Beach with my friends for about an hour, then ate dinner down there. Has anyone tried Mitsubishi before? They are delicious!

        There was this little girl that I saw bobbing back and forth way past the breakers. Dad and I commented on how good of a swimmer she was. Later, her grandma called her in because she was worried about the girl going so far when her grandma couldn't go back to get her. I offered to stay with her (I've done Junoir Guards for several years). Seriously, she was almost a better ocean swimmer than I am now!!!!! And she was only 9 years old!


          Sunday, July 16, 2017
          Daily Dare: 2 min chest squeeze

          6 mile run: pace 11:00 min/mi. We did more hills, so it was a bit harder, but great exercise!

          Surfed!!!!! Finally!!!!! There were small little rollers, which I guess is actually pretty good for my first time surfing in a few months.


            Monday, July 17, 2017
            Daily Dare: 50 front kicks
            I have to do this all the time in Hapkido, so no brainer.

            Biked to school: There's this line in the concrete at the end of the largest hill. I have tried to push it hard past that line but always had to stop a few feet before. I made it today!

            4-mile run: I cut my pace down to 8:56!!! The entire first 2 miles were all uphill too!
            We then did 4 strides (run for about a 100 meters as fast as you can, then job back, and repeat). I really think that I am getting faster.

            My team is going to Mammoth (in California) to do some altitude training. Because of my lungs (CF), I can't go with them, but I'll be done with summer school then, so I was thinking of doing a fitness boot camp type thing. Their trip lasts ten days, so I was going to do Hell Week (or Dragon Week, if it looks too advanced). I'll probably do Yoga Week in conjunction to make sure I stretch out my thighs and stuff good.

            For the last 30 days of summer, I also want to do a program and focuses on strength (mostly upper-body). Unfortunately, Cross-Country does not help with arm and chest strength, which is important for me because my lungs are weaker than other peoples'. I would love some suggestions.


              Maybe a strength program like 30 Days of Gravity if you have no equipment (or access to it).


                Tuesday, July 18, 2017
                Daily Dare: 60 seconds Half Bow w/ EC

                Biked to school

                Core Work at the beginning of practice today, to mix things up.

                5-mile run: 9:34 pace.
                The coach had us do an interesting thing where we put tape over our Garmin watches so that we're focused on pushing ourselves to the max of our abilities, not to the numbers on a watch. I ran a similar time to what I've always done, but at least I know where I stand, and where I need to work down to. There was a giant hill at the end, so my pace would have probably been a bit faster if it was flat.

                Thank you to twinkletoes for the suggestion!


                  Wednesday, July 19, 2017
                  Daily Dare: 20 V-Ups

                  Biked to school

                  4-mile run: 9:30 pace
                  Core Work


                    Welcome and good luck with your goals!!! California and surfing, aaaahhhh!! Have fun here in the Hive I second twinkletoes, Gravity is a very good program to start improving your overall strength.


                      Thursday, July 20, 2017

                      Daily Dare: Pushup + Jab + Cross w/ EC

                      Biked to School

                      5 miles run 9:30 pace. I was going a lot faster for the first 2 miles (about 8:00 to 8:30 pace), but then one of my friends said she was having a bad reaction to one of her medicines so I ran next to her to make sure she was okay. She's a senior, so her "I'm sick and I really can't run right now" pace is only a little slower than what my normal pace would be, but I felt happy afterwards that I was at my usual pace even with the slow up (which means I was running quite a bit faster before that, if you catch my drift).

                      Did my first pull-up! I was wondering how I would be able to do those in the house since we don't have a pull-up bar closer than a park about 2 miles from us. We have one of those sliding-glass door showers, and the glass ends lower than the ceiling, which means there is a metal bar running across. It's a bit short (I can't get a full dead hang), but it will work for now, although the metal has sharp corners, so it digs into my fingers a bit.

                      Thanks to inbetween for the post!

                      P .S.: This is literally why I am scared of treadmills:


                        Congratulations on your first pull-up! That's a great achievement!
                        But be careful with those sharp corners.


                          Friday, July 21, 2017
                          Daily Dare: Up & Down Planks. Had to do these a few years ago in P.E. a lot. Suffice to say that they haven't grown on me since then.

                          4-mile run -- Friendly Friday, so I literally just jogged the whole way.

                          Core Work: Was able to get 2 sets of 25 push-ups in, I feel like such a buff
                          Then I see the workouts Navy SEALS do and I feel like I need to rethink my life.

                          I went to see Dunkirk today! Seriously, it's an awesome movie, probably one of the best I've seen in a long time. Did you know that the British Navy (and civilians) evacuated 330,000 English troops from the beach after 6 of the English destroyers were bombed? Then civilians decided to hop in their weekend sailing boats and help soldiers cross the channel. That really struck a chord with me. I've wanted to join the military when I'm older for a very long time but in looking at the recruiting websites, cystic fibrosis is listed very clearly under the no-acceptance list. This film showed me that I don't have to just be a soldier to defend people and save lives.

                          Another thing, can I just take a moment to thank my mom for how supportive she is? We went out to dinner after the movie, and I wanted to order a barbecue chicken sandwich, which had high protein, but also a massive amount of carbs (there were more bread pieces and actual chicken). Mom didn't completely say no, but she just told me that this had a lot of carbs and perhaps something else would be better. She didn't order me around, or nag me, as she's sometimes inclined to do. And then she just told me that I had been doing so good with my fitness, health, and weight that she just wanted to help me from falling off. That chicken sandwich looked really good and tempting, but her words literally filled me with the courage to choose something else. Thanks, Mom!

                          Also thanks to Nielsen for the post! Don't worry, I'm gonna try wrapping a shirt or towel around the bar or something.


                            Saturday, July 22, 2017

                            Daily Dare: Side-to-Side Chops w/ EC

                            Hapkido! Also known as the only time that it's legal for my dad to put me in a headlock (Don't worry, he wasn't tooooo rough ).

                            7-mile run: 10:30 min/mile pace. It's so much harder to run on your own than with a group!


                              Is your dead your Hapkido trainer or your training partner?


                                Sunday, July 23, 2017
                                Daily Dare: Back Arch Balance Hold w/ EC

                                Unfortunately not really much exercise today, though I've been working pretty hard so one day off shouldn't be too bad. I play piano in my church Worship Band, so that took up most my morning, and I play in a Jazz Combo. We had a long practice and then a gig right afterward. There was a little time in between that I could have done a quick workout, but whatever. My fingers got exercise??

                                In answer to twinkletoes question, my dad and I are training partners. We've tested every single belt level together! (Currently 2nd-degree black) And on the flip-side of my previous comment, I get to do the same thing to him, so we're even, I guess.