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    Thank you for the cheers and encouragement!
    sleep_twitch, Colin, Trbrat75, Manticore, Rainbow Dragon, DorothyMH, NancyTree, TheLibrarian, Zastria


      TUESDAY 26 JANUARY 2021

      ​ Yoga: BrettLarkinYoga's 10 Minute Beginner Kundalini This was different and a little difficult for me, but i stuck with it.

      ​ Workout #5: One Angry Bird +ec through Level II, then 2 minutes rest between sets for Level III

      Challenge: Easy Core day 22

      Challenge: De-stress day 18

      Workout #6: Unwind with a couple of modifications

      Total time including rests (no more than 2 minutes): 51 minutes


        WEDNESDAY 27 JANUARY 2021

        ​ Yoga: BrettLarkinYoga's 10 Minute Beginner Vinyasa Flow

        ​ Challenge: Easy Core day 23

        ​ Challenge: De-stress day 19

        ​ Workout #7: Stronger Arms Level III +ec

        Workout #8: Zen with a couple of modifications

        Total time including rests (no more than 2 minutes): 50 minutes


          THURSDAY 28 JANUARY 2021


          ​ Challenge: Easy Core day 24

          ​ Challenge: De-stress day 20

          ​ Workout #9: Breathe Easy

          I also did 5 minutes on a wobble board.

          Total time: 15 minutes but at least i did something


            Wobble board looks like fun!!


              DorothyMH, it is fun. (My 3-year-old granddaughter loves it!) They had them at my grocery store for $6, so i figured i'd try it out. It is supposed to help strengthen core and hip/knee/ankle joints as well as help with balance. I am still researching and trying to figure out how to best use it, how often, how long, etc.

              FRIDAY 29 JANUARY 2021


              Elliptical: 1.1 miles; 18 minutes
              Our Rec Centre has a few different types of elliptical machines, and i used a different one today than previously. I did NOT like this one; it hurt my knees a bit.

              15 minutes on (and off) the Wobble Board including:
              Easy Core Challenge: day 25
              De-Stress Challenge: day 21
              Daily Dare +ec (244/201)

              Celebrated my oldest daughter's 5th sober birthday today!


                Congrats to your daughter! That’s huge!!!


                  Congrats on your daughter's 5 years sober!
                  That's awesome! You must be very proud


                    Congrats to your daughter!


                      Congratulations to your daughter, Mamatigerj!


                        Thank you, DorothyMH, NancyTree, Anek, and Rainbow Dragon! We are so very proud of her! My husband got sober a few months after we met . . . nearly 34 years ago!

                        SATURDAY 30 JANUARY 2021

                        Yoga: 10 Minute Gentle Hatha for Beginners

                        Easy Core Challenge: day 26

                        De-Stress Challenge: day 22

                        Wobble Board: 5 minutes

                        Total time: 20 minutes

                        My allergies were horrible today!


                          Review of goals for past week:

                          Yoga 5/7
                          every day is ideal, but 5/7 is acceptable

                          Challenges: Continue with Easy Core and De-stress every day 7/7
                          Workouts: 10 Light Difficulty workouts during the week 9/10
                          Daily Dares: when doable 2

                          Rec Centre
                          Elliptical (or other cardio) 2x 1/2

                          Food Log too much late night snacking not recorded; need to figure out how to deal with this
                          Veg every day


                            Oh wow, your husband is doing awesome too! Almost 35th anniversary!


                              Originally posted by Mamatigerj View Post
                              Food Log too much late night snacking not recorded; need to figure out how to deal with this
                              I don't know if this is part of your plan, or something that would be feasible for you, but: when I made changes to my diet, one of the changes I wanted to make was to stop snacking after dinner. So what I do is I log my food for the day immediately after I've eaten dinner. This way the food log gets done, and now I "can't" have anything more to eat because my report for the day has already been written. (Technically, of course, I could still go back and edit my log if I had a good reason for doing so. But having the log already done serves as a deterrent for casual slip ups.)