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      Monday, 26 June, 2017 continued

      DD + EC ~i was completely surprised that i was able to do all 4 minutes in one go!
      Walkabout: 13,600+ steps; 23 days done. ~after spending several hours of the day driving in my car, i spent 20 minutes of the evening goofy-dancing around the house to get the last 2500 steps

      Tuesday, 27 June, 2017

      2.08 mile walk
      Foundation Light, level 1, day 27


        A bit late but still: Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day


          Thank you, BusyBumbleBee!


            Tuesday, 27 June, 2017 continued

            DD + EC
            Walkabout: 13,500+ steps; 24 days done


              Wednesday, 28 June, 2017

              4.12 mile walk

              Foundation Light, level 3, day 28
              ~I did level 3, which was 5 sets, because it was all stretches, and it felt so darn good!

              Walkabout: 12,600+ steps; 25 days done
              ~Because of my longish walk this morning, i hit my step goal before 130 this afternoon! I am going to keep my pedometer on and see what my final tally is tonight*. I am doing the Walkabout Challenge out of order, so i have already knocked out the bigger step counts as i wanted to get them out of the way before the summer heat really set in.

              3 Daily Dares from the archive; all with EC!
              30 Roll-Ups
              Seconds Raised Arm Circles
              30 Cossack Squats

              *final step count = 15, 459


                Originally posted by Mamatigerj View Post
                Caesg I do vary my walking route, but i pretty much walk in my neighbourhood and the surrounding ones, so there isn't much variety. I love walking (and hiking when the weather is cooler) but i have no desire to run! I wish you well on the walk to run course, though.
                What type of dog do you have?

                Someday i would like to take Belly Dance lessons, but, yes, right now my financial priorities are otherwise.
                Mamatigerj I have a 30# collie. The top of his back hits just barely below my knee. He's a great exercise companion! I've only had him about 7 months. He's my first ever ever dog (didn't grow up with them) and it's certainly been a learning curve. My last neighborhood was really nice to walk around. Residential, with lots of interesting houses and yards. This one is a little more urban and less interesting. And this pack of adorable and louuuuud french bulldogs that come at us from their yard... I need to remember what intersection they are at so that I only walk by or near there when I am purposefully looking to work on TuxeDog's reactivity training! Also: Woah! You're almost down with Foundation Light Level 1! How are you feeling, at the end of it? Mr LoverMan asked, today, if I was feeling any stronger. I don't know that I feel any stronger, yet. I do feel more confident though, and like I am starting to push myself more.


                  Originally posted by Caesg View Post

                  You're almost down with Foundation Light Level 1! How are you feeling, at the end of it? Mr LoverMan asked, today, if I was feeling any stronger. I don't know that I feel any stronger, yet. I do feel more confident though, and like I am starting to push myself more.
                  Caesg i am feeling pretty good!
                  I can feel some of my muscles ( hamstrings, glutes, biceps, deltoids) when i move, and i think i am actually starting to see some deltiod definition!
                  I plan to repeat F.L. in July on level 2. I have really enjoyed it.


                    Thursday, 29 June, 2017

                    2.51 mile walk

                    Foundation Light, day 29, level 3 (120 flutter kicks, done in 5 sets ~instructions say, "complete throughouy the day." So, if i get 20 more done, it will bump me up to level 3.*)

                    I also did 3 level 1 mini-workouts between the sets of flutter kicks:

                    Cardio Balance
                    Gravity Hold
                    Gravity Hold II

                    *20 more flutter kicks

                    DD ~just missed out on the EC; had a couple of toe touches to maintain my balance on one side.


                      Thursday, 29 June, 2017 continued

                      Walkabout ~My pedometer broke!
                      Before that happened it had just under 7000 steps; i think. That was at 930 this morning, and it included my walk. I had a relivively sedentary day, but i spent the evening helping my daughter move from the third floor to the first floor two buildings away and cleaning.
                      The counts i have left are: 11,500, 12,000, and three 5,000. I am too tired to think about it tonight. I will figure it out in the morning.


                        Ooooh, slight soreness *and* definition? Exciting! I don't even know where all those muscles you list off are. I bet I'll figure it out if I stay on this DareBee path long enough, though. Yay!


                          Friday, 30 June, 2017

                          2.35 mile walk

                          Foundation Light, level 1, day 30 & day 8 (because i skipped it earlier, and i wanted all those boxes checked off) completed!!

                          Walkabout Challenge:
                          Yesterday's morning walk was 5534 steps, so i just marked off one of my 5000 step days.
                          Today's was 5347, which will take care of another 5000 step day unless i can get in another walk. I discovered that a local rec centre has an indoor walking track, and i hope to use it this weekend for a couple of long walks out of the heat to knock out the 11,500 & 12,000 step days.

                          DD + EC




                              Thank you so much, BusyBumbleBee!


                                June Wrap-Up

                                beginning = 180 pounds
                                end = 176 pounds

                                Fitness Accomplishments
                                Foundation Light Program completed @ level 1
                                30 Day Walkabout Challenge 27/30 days done
                                92.5 miles total walked
                                25 consecutive days working out
                                17 Daily Dares 13 EC

                                ~I am enjoying working out, and i look forward to it each day

                                ~There have been a couple of days in the past week where my reaction to stress/anxiety has been to want to work out rather than pig out! This is a big deal for me, and i hope it continues.

                                ~I like the way i feel, both physically & emotionally.

                                ~I love hanging out at the Hive with all you awesome Bees! It is truly an introvert's paradise for me, and you guys are the best!