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    Sunday, 26 November, 2017

    DD + EC
    DD + EC
    DD + EC
    wasn't sure if I would be able to earn the ec on this, but I surprised myself! Took a 1-minute rest, then did another 15-second hold and counted it for push-up challenge as well.
    ▪50 Push-Ups Challenge: day 7
    WOD: Run You Clever Boy; and Remember; level 1
    because DOCTOR WHO!!!! although I had to modify quite a bit: march steps for high knees, and for all of the 2× exercises i did incline push-ups in the first 2 sets and all squats on the 3rd set.
    ▪1-Minute Yoga Challenge: day 26


      Monday, 27 November, 2017

      ▪50 Push-Ups Challenge: day 8
      incline, done on 4th step
      ▪1-Minute Yoga Challenge: day 27 attempted, but could not hold for more than 15-seconds 2×
      *attempted again tonight on my knees as I had seen some others had done, and I managed 50 seconds and 15 seconds, so I am counting it done.

      ▪Foundation: day 9; level III
      after the push-ups and the attempted plank push-up hold, all of the arm-lifting during this workout did not feel good in my shoulders! During set 2 i was certain that i would have to settle for level I, but i pushed myself and managed all 7 sets! Then i did:
      Shoulders Stretch ahhhhh...


        The Plan for the last 6 weeks of the year:

        ¤ 1-Minute Yoga Challenge
        continue daily
        finish on 30 November
        ¤ Fit Christmas
        begin on 1 December
        3× per week: Friday - Sunday
        finish on Christmas Eve
        ¤ Foundation
        continue 4× per week: Monday - Thursday
        finish by New Year's Eve

        ¤ 50 Push-Ups Challenge
        continue daily for now
        Inevitably, this will become too difficult for me, and i am not sure what I will do when I reach that point.

        ¤ Daily Dares
        as able
        14 more for badge upgrade (86/100+ec)

        ¤ ?Upcoming Fitstivities:
        - Advent Calendar (early release on the 30th of November to give you a head start)
        - Christmas Tree decoration a 10-day event
        - Snowfight! 6-Day Event
        waiting to see what these involve, since I am unfamiliar with them
        ¤ ?No Sugar Challenge?
        considering doing this beginning 7 December (the day after Saint Nicholas, which is always a celebration day at our house) and ending 21 December


          I like the no sugar idea between your celebrations


            Thanks for the encouragement, 'rin.


              Tuesday, 28 November, 2017

              DD + EC
              ▪50 Push-Ups Challenge: day 9
              incline, done on 4th step
              ▪1-Minute Yoga Challenge: day 28
              had to prop foot to keep balance; 1-min per side
              Foundation: day 10; level III
              substituted wall tricep extensions for tricep dips


                Wednesday, 29 November, 2017

                Woke up around 230 this morning feeling achy, sluggish, and weak. Couldn't get comfortable in my bed, so I went downstairs to the couch. Sipped on some ginger tea, and slept restlessly for the next few hours. Got up around 7, still feeling off, kind of feverish, but no fever. Ate some yogurt, which helped a little. Didn't really feel up to exercise, but decided to start my workout and see how it would go:

                ▪50 Push-Ups Challenge: day 10
                incline, done on 4th step
                Shocked that I was able to do this rather easily as my triceps were definitely sore from yesterday!

                Foundation nope!
                Decided to swap day 11(cardio) for day 12(stretching), but still only managed half of the first set.
                Will try to do it later in the day.

                ▪1-Minute Yoga Challenge: day 29

                Finished up with some easy stretching workouts, holding each pose/stretch for 30 seconds rather than just 20:
                Origami Yoga
                Office Yoga
                Reset Stretch

                I am feeling somewhat better now; going to drink plenty of water and eat plenty of protein, and hope that helps.


                  Hope you feel better soon! Don't over do it!


                    Get well soon!


                      I hope that you'll feel better soon !


                        get better soon!


                          Thank you, Trbrat75, CODawn, Louve rose, and PetiteSheWolf! I do feel better.


                            Thursday, 30 November, 2017

                            ▪50 Push-Ups Challenge: day 11
                            ▪1-Minute Yoga Challenge: day 30
                            did not know if i would be able to hold that pose for the full minute, but I did!

                            Foundation: I felt better today, though still not 100%, but I wanted to do 2 days to make up for missing yesterday. I decided to do all three of the flutter kick days:
                            •day 13; level III done in 2 sets
                            •day 22; level III done in 3 sets
                            •day 29; level III done in 3 sets


                              Yay, yoga challenge!


                                Yay finishing the yoga challenge! I found that last pose pretty hard... Go you!