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    I have not set any specific goals for this week (after doing nothing last week) other than to just do something every day. Next week is March already!
    At the end of the week we are traveling to Colorado Springs for vacation! Most of Saturday will be spent driving, but we should get to our rental house by early evening so i can at least take a walk around the neighbourhood. I plan/hope to do a lot of walking and some hiking while there and maybe some yoga. We are staying at an AirBnB with wi-fi, so i may get some Darebee stuff done as well.

    CODawn, Whirly, daejamurrachan, (not sure what part of the state you ladies are from) and anybody else from Colorado or who knows the area, I would welcome suggestions of what not to miss (or what to avoid).


      I live up north but I've been to Garden of the Gods and it's amazing!


        Yes! I visited Garden of the Gods years ago and it was amazing! We also went to the top of Pikes Peak and that was beautiful, but i dont know how close that would be to you


          My mom lives in Colorado Springs, so I know the area pretty well! Garden of the Gods is definitely a must-see, and for hiking I would also recommend North Cheyenne Canyon Park (including Helen Hunt Falls) or Cheyenne Mountain State Park. The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is also great! Manitou Springs and Old Colorado City are close and have nice "main street" areas with shops and restaurants, although with Covid I know that sort of thing might be less appealing. I'll let you know if I think of other ideas!


            Thank you so much CODawn, Trbrat75, and Whirly! I really appreciate it!

            TUESDAY 23 FEBRUARY 2021

            Workout of the Day: Tempered Steel level III +EC
            Challenge: Punches & Squats days 23 & 24
            Workout #42: Binary not counted in total time
            Workout #43: Refresh
            Workout #44: Breathing not counted in total time
            Workout #45: Couch Potato +EC
            Workout #46: Surgebinder level III +EC

            TOTAL TIME: 63 minutes


              WEDNESDAY 24 FEBRUARY 2021
              It is hard to believe that a week ago we were on our sixth day of subfreezing temps with ice and 6+ inches of snow on the ground! Today? We topped out at 84.

              Workout of the Day: I Can & I Will level III +EC
              Challenge: Punches & Squats days 25 & 26
              Workout #47: Re-Gen level III +EC
              Daily Dare +EC (257/210)
              Workout #48: Tai Chi except that it was too difficult for me to figure out, so i looked for a video:

              TOTAL TIME: 49 minutes


                Wow, that's some temperature fluctuation! Well done getting back into your routine after all the disruption.


                  Tai chi is very hard to draw I think! Maybe you'll be able to find a class at some point - that was the most rewarding way for me.

                  And very glad to hear you're safe and well. I have seen some awful stories from Texas this last week.


                    84! We got up to the 60's here


                      THURSDAY 25 FEBRUARY 2021

                      Workout #49: 2-Minute Warmup
                      Workout #50: Fighter's Warmup
                      >substituted March Steps for Hops in both warmups
                      Daily Dare +EC (258/211)
                      Workout of the Day/Workout #51: Sitting Fix
                      Workout #52: This One Is for Me +EC
                      >modified Deadlift & Twist to Deadlifts as described by Rainbow Dragon in this post, holding lightly with one hand to maintain balance, no twist
                      >also subbed Step-ups for Reverse Lunges today and in last two days' workouts

                      Time: 24 minutes

                      Workout #53: Health Potion level III +EC
                      >This felt like it took f o r e v e r !
                      Challenge: Punches & Squats days 27 & 28

                      Time: 40 minutes

                      TOTAL TIME: 64 minutes


                        look at you go


                          CarbonaraTamara, Colin, and Trbrat75, thanks!

                          The 84 is much more normal than the 20s of last week! Texas weather (at least where we are ~Austin area~ and further south) is subtropical. Our prevailing winds come primarily from the southeast off of the Gulf of Mexico, therefore warm and humid. When the a cold front from the north and west is strong enough it will push far enough south to impact our weather as happened earlier this month. The following quote is from
                          Winter in Austin is typically characterized by relatively mild temperatures and a general lack of precipitation. During winter, the area is alternately influenced by a continental air mass regime, with winds from the north and west and drier air, and by a modified maritime air mass regime, with south and southeast winds and moist air from the Gulf of Mexico. Mild weather prevails during most of the winter.
                          I say we have 3 seasons here: summer, which lasts about 6 months; not-summer, which is the majority of the rest of the year; interrupted occasionally by winter, generally about 2 weeks worth, but not always consecutive days!

                          Sorry, I am kind of a weather geek; this stuff fascinates me!

                          Colin, i do hope to take a tai chi class someday!


                            That Austin weather pattern is interesting, for sure. Texas is SO big that it’s shocking how different it can be all over the state....
                            I’m glad you made it thru that nastiness


                              Thank you, DorothyMH!

                              Originally posted by Trbrat75 View Post
                              look at you go
                              I had some extra time yesterday to exercise, but I fear i may have gone too far! My knee was really hurting last night. I switched from wearing a simple compression sleeve to a wrap with more support, and that is helping. It's my clutch leg, and since i have an 850 mile drive this weekend i really don't want to make it any worse! So, i am taking it easy and focusing on upper body workouts today and tomorrow.

                              FRIDAY 26 FEBRUARY 2021

                              Workout #54: Classic Warmup
                              >Calf Raises and March Steps subbed for on-the-spot and side-to-side Hops
                              Workout #55: Energizer
                              >Step Jacks subbed for Half Jacks
                              Workout #56: Posture
                              Workout #57: Vortex level III +EC
                              Challenge: Punches & Squats days 29 & 30
                              >Interestingly, squats do not seem to bother my knees, but i have been carefully doing them "slow & shallow", focusing on glutes, core, and pelvic floor.

                              TOTAL TIME: 35 minutes


                                Congratulations on your challenge!