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    Nicely done, Laura!!


      Thank you DorothyMH


        Wow, nice balance! And you do it while talking and moving! I need to focus 100% while doing a balance, and when I'm distracted, like by the cat coming, I loose it.
        I like the video, very clear in instructions, I don't need to look at the video to know what's the next step.


          Thank you NancyTree . I value your feedback.

          It is certainly true what you say about balancing. When I first decided to teach BodyFlow (BodyBalance) way back in the day, the standing balances were what I was most nervous about teaching because they do require the most focus on what you are doing yourself in order to execute them well. But when you are teaching you need to be looking at your students (which is killer if they are wobbling all over the place, which usually at least some of them will be) and assessing how to help them, while also remembering your choreography and cueing it. For BF teacher training everyone had to learn and teach one track to the rest of the training group. I was assigned to teach the standing balances track. So standing balances were the first yoga poses I ever taught. I think it helped me to get experience teaching the most challenging part of the practice so early on. This video was a little easier in comparison, as I only had to look at the camera, which was not moving!


            June 12-18 Goals Check-In:

            Click image for larger version  Name:	full-study.gif Views:	33 Size:	17.3 KB ID:	858059
            Click image for larger version

Name:	june18-fit.gif
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ID:	858678

            GOBOT: 7 days
            GBOT: 6 days

            All consistency goals were met.

            Streak Stats as of end of day June 18:

            Daily Workout: 787 days
            Daily French: 585 days
            Daily Workout for Norma : 822 days

            A little bit of yoga this week, mostly due to filming my final practicum for my YTT. It's tough to fit everything in. But I still think I can do better here.

            I still haven't finished the beta read. I still need to get it done. But I'm still not counting it as work time for any of my target areas.

            Writing hours was a bit of a cheat this week because I included 2 hours of personal journalling. I was verbally beaten up badly this week, including by a person who I had thought was my ally. Learning that you cannot trust someone who you had believed for many years was in your corner is a tough pill to swallow, but an important one. My headspace on Saturday made it impossible for me to concentrate on my fiction writing. But I did some necessary soul searching and came out the other side in a more truthful place, with a clearer sense of what is important to me and a stronger resolve to pursue it. That was important work which will serve me well going forward. So it counts. I'm diving back into the fiction today, however. I'm participating in a "Summer of Fiction Writing" event with an online writing community I'm a part of and will be concentrating on writing short stories for the event. (SOFW 2022 officially begins on Tuesday, but I'm not waiting to get started.)

            June 19-25 Goals:

            writing: 10 hours per week (on my own stuff!)
            artwork: 5 hours per week (includes instruction and practice)
            French: 3 hours per week (Fluenz or other active use of my French skills--not just watching Netflix)
            health/fitness study: 2 hours per week

            workout: 5 hours per week MINIMUM (moderate to intense physical activity)
            yoga flow/dance: 3 hours per week (includes yoga fusion such as mixing yoga flows with strength drills. does not include restorative yoga)
            running: 20 km/week
            meditation: 60 minutes per week

            No changes from the previous week.

            My consistency goals for the week are also remaining the same:

            GBOT: minimum 5 days
            GOBOT: minimum 5 days
            French study: 5 or 6 days
            writing: 5 or 6 days
            artwork: 5 or 6 days
            running: 5 or 6 days


              Well done for coming through your challenge, RD.


                It sucks when some betrays your trust.


                  Thank you Colin

                  Thank you CODawn

                  The betrayal does suck, for sure. The fact that the words spoken were drowning in Mariana Trench level of hypocrisy makes it easy to discount them. But the loss of the ally is a genuine threat to my well-being and to the well-being of someone who I care about. This is something I have to live with now. Writing and publishing as much as I can as quickly as I can will help to mitigate the threat to me. So that is what I am focussing on now. (I don't know how to mitigate the threat to my friend, however. At the moment the best I can do is try to avoid things coming to a head until I can gain greater insight into how to protect my friend's interests.)



                      Thank you Manuela


                        My current anthem:


                          Survived gum surgery this afternoon.
                          No pain so far. (Anaesthetic hasn't 100% worn off yet though.)


                            Yikes for gum surgery, sending you healing vibes, and Mademoiselle Luna sends healing purrs.


                              Oh, you poor thing. Max vibes to you


                                Thank you PetiteSheWolf & Mademoiselle Luna.

                                All is good so far. No pain at the donor site at all. Graft site was pretty uncomfortable by 10PM last night (7 hours post-op), but I had already gone to bed by that point. I probably would have taken the ibuprofen the surgeon gave me at that point if I had left it by my bed. But I hadn't, and the pain wasn't bad enough to warrant getting out of bed to go get it. So I just went to sleep.

                                Woke up this morning feeling fine.
                                Quand je me suis réveillée ce matin je me suis sentie bien.

                                There is still sensation at the graft site. But it's not painful. Feels more like I just flossed my teeth. (Which I'm not allowed to do in that area for a week. )
                                Also, the area is packed with some kind of putty-like protective covering. Feels rather like I'm walking around with a wad of chewing gum stuck on my gums, which is an odd sensation but not painful.

                                The soft food diet (which I'm hoping is also only for one week) will likely be the worst part of the whole ordeal for me.