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      I'm so sorry for your loss.


        I'm so sorry for your loss



            So sorry for your loss


              I'm sorry for your loss Rainbow.


                Thank you:


                  Workout summary report for last week (May 2-8):

                  Consecutive days of fitness for Laura: 375-381
                  Consecutive days of fitness for Norma: 409-415

                  running: 20.5 km total, all in town, including a 10K run in 54:41 -- this is over 9 and a half minutes slower than my PR, but is apparently the fastest 10K I have completed since I acquired my Garmin watch.

                  workouts with my mother: 3:51:45 total time for the week -- the first full week of our new schedule. I think it went well. My mother did not get bored with the workouts or gripe (too much) about them being too long, and I still had enough energy left afterwards to get my running done at least, but we still definitely worked hard enough to make some gains.

                  other strength training: 5 minutes - a little crow, a little planking, a few half handstand push-ups

                  hiking: 37.9 km - still a little low (my minimum target for a week is 40K), but not terrible considering the weather we have had

                  SUP: none yet, due to the continuing too cold weather

                  yoga/dance: nothing here and no excuse -- I just spent my time on other things, which I will explain below

                  Only Homemade Food: days 488 - 494
                  Daily French Study: days 175 - 181
                  GOBOT: 5/7
                  GBOT: 4 or 5/7

                  So I hit some of my targets for the week. But not all of them.
                  I am okay with this.
                  sleep_twitch lured me down a deep rabbit hole (which she warned me at the time of making the invitation was a deep hole). I accepted her invitation, knowing it would be a slippery slope for me, because I thought the benefits would outweigh any potential risk. And they do. Last week involved a steep learning curve, both to learn Twitchy's game and to learn the software we play it on. As a result, I spent more time on gaming (and preparing for gaming) than I had intended. This left me without enough time to fit yoga into my schedule. But I still got everything done that needed to be done, and I still hit most of my discretionary targets. So I am happy. I am not going to penalize myself for the misses, and I have decided to discontinue the penalty system going forward. Opportunities for social interactions are more important to me than yoga or sleeping during specific hours of the night. So as long as the gaming doesn't interfere with things I actually need to do (which so far it has not), I'm not going to worry about it. Also: I hope to teach sleep_twitch and 'rin to love Scythe and Wingspan as much as they love Commander. Neither Scythe nor Wingspan requires any solo preparation work to play, which for me is a big bonus. (The prep work for Commander is interesting to me--but it's done alone. And the entire point to accepting Twitchy's invitation to game with them was for the social interaction.)

                  Since I am gaming online now, I have decided to stop tracking "no video games". We're playing tabletop games in a VR sim--not the arcade style single-player games I have banned from my life because I had a tendency to play them obsessively. Still, the temptation to excess is definitely still there. (Both Wingspan and Scythe have a solo play mode, which I have played in each game to teach myself the interface, and Commander has the aforementioned solo prep work which can easily become a much greater time sink than playing the game itself.) I need to acknowledge the risk and manage it. Pretending TTS games don't count as video games because they are a different style of game doesn't help me to do that. So I won't be tracking this metric anymore. (Though I still won't be playing the arcade style games.)

                  More later. (I have not forgotten that I promised you more bird photos.)


                    I'm so sorry about your friend


                      Thank you Gandhalfit


                        Condoleances, for you and her kids...


                          Global Big day in my community was cold and windy and overcast all day long this year. I played Commander with sleep_twitch and her husband until 8:40 AM. My plan had been to grab a quick bite to eat and head out to Rondeau afterward. But it was still so cold and grey outside. I ate a full breakfast. I completed my French lesson. Took the dogs out in the yard. Did few other miscellaneous things. It was afternoon by the time I finally headed out to the park.

                          There were weirdly few people about for a Saturday in May. (We're under travel restrictions in Ontario at the moment. Parks are open. But everyone is asked to only visit parks which are local to them. My part of the province is low population density. So there aren't that many people who are local to Rondeau.) There were lots of birds. But they were not easy to see due to the light conditions. I spent about three hours in the north end of the park, wandering around the camping area. It's not open for camping at the moment, but one can still walk there. Being a very open campground, it's mostly a good place to look for large birds flying overhead, and small birds that favour grasses and shrubs close to the ground, such as sparrows and thrushes. I saw lots of these, but not a lot of warblers.

                          I almost didn't go on any of the warbler-rich trails. Most of my ability to ID a wood warbler depends upon being able to see what colours it is. And with the sky as grey as it was, I could not see any colour at all when I looked up. Not all warblers frequent the canopy, however. We have several species that prefer swampy areas low to the ground. There is one tiny little trail in the park which is great habitat for these birds. It's very narrow though, and usually crowded and flooded this time of year. Last year I don't think I did the "Log Pond" trail at all in May due to not wanting to be so close to other people during a pandemic. But the park was so quiet (human wise) on Saturday, and I had a mask in my pocket if I needed it. I decided to at least walk down to the trail head to see what it was like.

                          There were two or three cars parked at the trail head when I got there, but no humans about that I could see. So I set off along the trail and soon verified that I did indeed have the place to myself. I walked to the end of the short trail and sat down on a stump to wait. I was only there a minute before I was rewarded with a visit from this little guy:

                          Click image for larger version

Name:	golden1-640.jpg
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                          Click image for larger version

Name:	golden2-640.jpg
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                          Click image for larger version

Name:	golden3-640.jpg
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                          Sadly I was unable to get a great shot due to all the branches in the way, but these are good enough for a "record shot" as we birders say. I was very happy because this bird was a "lifer" for me: my first Golden-winged Warbler (Vermivora chrysoptera)!

                          I'd gone to the park on this day wearing only a thin sweater and light jacket, hopeful that the weather would soon warm up. Too hopeful, it turned out. I was cold all afternoon, jacked my back from hunching the whole time to try to stay warm, and made my hands thoroughly numb walking around gloveless all afternoon so I could use my camera. But it was totally worth it for this one bird alone!


                            Merci PetiteSheWolf .


                              Yay for having a shot of the golden-winged warbler! 😊


                                Very nice