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    Norma (and I) completed her 80th Birthday Workout!
    My Dad got his pacemaker.
    And I got an appointment to receive my first Covid-19 vaccination tomorrow!

    I still have no idea when my father will be able to receive his vaccination. Our public health unit still does not have a mobile vaccination clinic set up. But I found out just now that they did vaccinations for eligible patients yesterday in the hospital in which my father is currently an inpatient and the freaking hospital did not think to put my father on the list because his chart says he is only 79 years old. (He'll be 80 on Saturday. And the Health Unit changed the rule yesterday to say that anyone born in 1941 or earlier can be vaccinated now. And he was already on the priority list before that anyhow on account of being an adult recipient of chronic home healthcare.)

    The rules now on who is eligible to be vaccinated are so freaking complicated. And they change literally every day. So basically the problem is that nobody knows what is going on.
    I never received a response to the email I sent to our health unit over a week ago. But yesterday I found out from my neighbour (the one with the 90 year old husband who had a stroke) that she was offered a vaccination on account of being his caregiver. (She turned it down. ) So I called the vaccination booking line this morning. And sure enough, I am eligible. So that will be taken care of at least. But there is still no plan for how to vaccinate the most vulnerable person.

    (But at least the health unit is aware now that getting a vaccine into my father's arm is something they need to be working on. So there's that at least.)

    In happier news: I did 20 full push-ups in one unbroken set as part of my mother's birthday workout!
    (My arms were literally shaking on the last couple of reps, but I got them done.)


      Yay for the good news on vaccinations!
      And well done on the push ups!


        Norma & congratulations on completing the 80 exercises!


          Well, some good news finally! Hopefully the rest will work itself out! (I mean, it has to, right?!)

          Wow! Great job on the pushups!

          I plan on doing The Pits part of the workout to celebrate your Moms 80th! Happy Birthday Norma!


            Congrats on the push-ups! And happy birthday Norma!


              It's wonderful to hear some good news! I hope your father recovers well from his surgery. That's great that you'll get vaccinated, fingers crossed that he will get his soon too.

              And happy birthday Norma! Your birthday workout is an impressive feat!


                Excellent news! Hope to hear your father is getting his soon, as well.
                Great news on the push ups too!!
                And, Norma, congrats on your 80th birthday and it’s associated workout!! You doing fantastic!!


                  Happy Birthday, Norma!

                  I'm so glad you were able to get a vaccination apportionment, Rainbow Dragon! I hope your father can get his soon! Healing vibes for him as he is recovering from his surgery

                  Finally, congrats on your 20 Push-Ups!


                    Congratulations on your push-ups, Happy Birthday Norma and yay for the vaccination appointment!


                      Thank you everyone for the congratulations and birthday wishes.
                      I enjoyed my birthday workout. Thank you to everyone who did part of it with me.
                      I had my first Covid vaccine this morning, and I feel fine.


                        Norma for the vaccination!


                          Belated Happy Birthday, Norma! Penblwydd hapus!

                          And good news on your vaccine. x


                            Happy birthday and glad to read you're reacting well to the vaccine; Norma .


                              Thank you:


                              I got my first Pfizer jab on Wednesday! It was touch and go there for a while. After the clinic gave me my appointment on Tuesday, but before the time of the jab on Wednesday, our PHU updated their website once again, this time to add a line explicitly stating that essential caregivers of adult recipients of chronic home healthcare are NOT eligible to be vaccinated at this time. I showed up for my appointment anyhow. The person doing the screening looked at me askance when I told her my reason for being there, but my name was on her list, so she sent me through to get the shot. It looks like I benefited from the fact that the rules on who is and is not allowed to be vaccinated are so freaking complicated and ever-changing in my jurisdiction that even the people whose job is to book the appointments cannot keep up with them.

                              On Wednesday afternoon the rules changed yet again. Now anyone born in 1946 or earlier can be vaccinated here as well as anyone who is a "moderate priority healthcare worker". Moderate priority healthcare workers are defined as healthcare workers who provide services "remotely or virtually" or who work in a "non patient facing area" of a healthcare facility. So now anyone who receives a paycheck to work in the healthcare industry--even if they work in a private office and don't ever need to share breathing space with other humans--is eligible to be vaccinated, but unpaid frontline healthcare workers such as myself are still not supposed to be on the list.

                              Anyhow... I got my shot. They cannot take it back. So now I just need to concentrate on getting my father vaccinated. He is definitely eligible. Everyone agrees he's eligible at this point. The problem is the mass vaccination clinic is still the only place a non-indigenous person who lives in his own home can be vaccinated, and from what I saw on Wednesday, it would be extremely difficult to get my father through there. He's coming home from the hospital this afternoon, though. If he's well enough to be up in his wheelchair this weekend I will see how well he is able to handle the beast and then make a decision on Monday as to whether or not to try to take him to the clinic. (I can push his electric wheelchair on smooth, level ground. But the thing is large and heavy and does not corner well. The vaccination clinic was running well when I was there, but I had to check in with no less than 10 different stations between entering the building and leaving it again half an hour later via a circuitous route which involved multiple sharp turns in narrow passageways, and I had to answer multiple questions put to me by a screener sitting behind a plexiglass barrier in an environment where it was much easier to hear the screener sitting at the desk behind me talking to a different client than it was the screener who was sitting in front of me, talking to me. But these are issues for Monday at the earliest. And I'm working with a one-day-at-a-time MO at the moment.)

                              For anyone who is curious: My first jab of the Pfizer vaccine was such a non-event, if this had been a clinical trial I would have been 100% convinced I was in the control group. I do not like needles. Even watching someone else being poked makes me tense up and grit my teeth. So I looked away when the paramedic swabbed my arm. He was so good though that I barely even felt the prick. Afterward I had to sit in a waiting area for 15 minutes where I read an information circular (which was already out of date) and an ebook I had taken with me. Then I drove home, had lunch, worked out with my mother, walked my dogs--went about the rest of my day as usual. For the first 8 hours I had zero post-vaccination symptoms. Then, around hour eight I noticed that if I lifted my right arm above my head I felt a vague discomfort in the muscle where I'd received the injection. I'd done 110 push-ups that afternoon, however, plus some dumbbell work, in my workout with my mother. The discomfort was so slight, I had to lift both arms above my head to compare the sensation and determine that there was indeed a difference between my right and left arms and I wasn't just experiencing mild DOMS from all of that afternoon's push-ups. By the next morning the sensation was still there, but it was barely noticeable and still only when I lifted my arm above my head. I couldn't say when the sensation disappeared entirely (since I did not spend the entire day walking around with my arms above my head) but it's definitely gone now. Even knowing that the arm which experienced the discomfort was the one that got the jab, I would still consider post workout DOMS as a possible explanation for the sensation if not for the fact that my mother's only post-vaccination symptom was exactly the same as mine.


                                So glad to read you have had the jab! Hugs and hopes for clarity regarding your father on Monday.