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    Thank you AnnieW

    CaptainCanuck there's definitely a lot of politics involved. If Ford wasn't trying so desperately hard to make the federal Liberals look bad, maybe he'd have enough focus on his own job to get it done a bit better. Once we're talking vaccinating the general population, I think it will make sense to prioritize Toronto and Peel ahead of smaller places like where I live, because there is so much more community transmission in the big cities. But we need to take care of front line healthcare everywhere first, because an outbreak could happen anywhere. Stay safe up there!

    Thank you Colin

    sleep_twitch I agree. Our federal government developed preliminary guidance on who needed to be vaccinated first back in November. Our provincial Ministry of Health developed a vaccine distribution plan based on that soon afterward. Our local Health Unit created a survey which they published in the back half of February, asking organizations which provision healthcare services to describe the work of their employees, so the Health Unit could determine who would be vaccinated first. We have enough vaccine here now that we could have vaccinated 100% of our patient-facing healthcare workers by now. The only reason we have not done so is because the freaking Health Unit is wasting so much time trying to decide who should go first. This isn't rocket science. If you're a healthcare worker whose job requires you to physically touch patients, you should have been vaccinated by now. Period.

    The attending physicians and the nurses on my father's hospital ward have received their first doses now. So that is good news at least. Personal Support Workers here still have not.
    My mother called the clinic hotline as soon as it opened this morning. They called her back at 6PM this evening and gave her an appointment for Wednesday morning (the day after her 80th birthday). I'm relieved she was able to get a mid-morning appointment, because neither my mother nor I feel safe driving on country roads around here after dark. A friend was telling me yesterday about clients of hers who are in their 80s who got an appointment for 7:30 PM. These people live even further away from the clinic than we do, in a community down on the lakeshore. It took them an hour and a half to get through the clinic. They then had to drive home at 9:00 at night, on country roads (where there's likely to be animals, including deer, cyclists with no lights, sometimes pedestrians also with no lights, and oncoming vehicles which fail to dim their high beams) and they encountered heavy fog to boot. So they had an absolutely horrific drive home, more than an hour long, because our Health Unit in its infinite wisdom decided seniors living in remote communities in our geographically large and spread out region would all have to go to one centralized clinic to get vaccinated.

    There's still no word on when my father will be able to be vaccinated. He'll be 80 on the 13th of March (if he lives that long). But I do not see him being well enough to use the mass clinic. And there's still no plan from our Health Unit on how to get the vaccine out to people who cannot go to the clinic. "Adult recipients of chronic home healthcare" has actually been dropped from the list of people who are eligible to be vaccinated in phase 1 here now! (Not in the federal or provincial guidance. My father is still considered a priority there. But at the local level, where boots-on-the-ground vaccine distribution is occurring, they appear to have completely forgotten that my father exists.) Caregivers like myself have never been on the priority list locally. (I am prioritized in the provincial framework. But our local health unit has thus far refused to acknowledge this.) The Health Unit, unsurprisingly, has still not responded to my email.

    Meanwhile, the Health Unit published an update on their website today stating that anyone aged 16+ in the community who identifies as First Nations, Inuit, or Metis, and all members of their households, can be vaccinated as early as next Wednesday. Anyone at all, regardless of their occupation, health status or age (provided they're at least 16). If I could convince a First Nations person in my region to let me move in with them for a month, I could be vaccinated on the same day as my 80-year-old mother--and before my far more medically fragile father and his other in-home caregivers. (Yesterday's update on the Health Unit's website was a note to healthcare workers who have still not been vaccinated begging them to be patient and claiming the Health Unit is doing everything they can to get to them ASAP.)

    I am so freaking tired of the politics of this situation.

    But hey: my mother got an appointment. And my father's current doctor and nurses got their first jabs. So there is some progress at least.


      Thank you TheLibrarian


        Getting caught up...

        Belated Congratulations on the Power Pull Challenge and Full Circuit!

        Sending more hugs and good wishes to you and your parents.
        I'm so sorry and angry that you are having to deal with such a messed up healthcare system and vaccine rollout


          Thank you Whirly


            Okay. I am now more than a week behind on checking in with you all and almost a full week behind even on updating my own workout log. I'm trying to get caught up. But I want to say here to everyone who is struggling right now: I think you are all AMAZING and STRONG! I may not be able to comment on your individual threads with anything more than a hug emoji because it takes me a long time to decide on words that would express what I want to say to you more clearly, and I'm falling behind on a lot of things right now and am trying to keep that situation in check. But I am thinking of you and wishing for all of us better days ahead.

            Thank you to all of you who support my journey here in the Hive and share your own stories with me. I value your presence in our community.
            I am still here. Still working out every day. As is Norma .

            My father is still in the hospital. He is continuing to improve re: the UTI, but his heart is getting weaker. He has been on supplemental oxygen via nasal cannula since at least Wednesday. (My mother is not entirely sure if he had the cannula on Tuesday or not.) Initially the hospital wanted to hold off on installing a pacemaker until my father was stronger to better tolerate the surgery. But now the thinking seems to have evolved to suggest that his weakening heart is a bigger concern than any lingering effects of the infection. Yesterday the attending physician told my mother she was going to requisition the surgery, but she does not have final say on when or if it would happen. And everyone involved seems fairly confident that my father's puréed diet will be a permanent thing now. I am unable to tease out how much of my grief over this is grief for my father's loss of one of the few remaining things in life that gave him pleasure (eating good food) or grief for my own loss because cooking meals my father enjoyed was the only thing I had left I could do to improve his quality of life, and now it looks like my job is going to become spoon-feeding him pablum.

            I just spoke with one of my father's PSWs on the phone. She thinks they (the PSWs) will be able to call to setup appointments to be vaccinated starting on Monday. So there's some more good news on that front.



                You're doing so well RD, hold on!




                      Big hugs to you and your family for everything your father's going through and the vaccination difficulties. I know it won't be the same, but if your father's new diet allows for soups then that could be a good opportunity for trying out new recipes that would hopefully be enjoyable for both of you. It's hard to have that sense of loss and I hope you have the support you need as well as your father.


                        This is the workout Norma and I will be doing for her 80th birthday on Tuesday, March 9:

                        Anyone want to join us?


                          Looks interesting, I have my own thing but might be down for part of it.


                            Thank you:

                            I hope nice thick soups will be a possibility, Zastria . I don't have the details yet on what's going to be involved.

                            My mother has been feeding my father his lunch since the hospital got him set up with this new diet. She reports that this process takes over an hour (for a pretty small amount of food), and this is just for the spoon-feeding part. The hospital staff are doing all the food preparation. My father is now not allowed to use a straw to drink. (This has reportedly actually been written on his chart, that he's not allowed to have straws.) All of his beverages are thickened in some way and fed to him on a teaspoon. And he needs to take a break after every couple of mouthfuls to clear his throat. He also has an IV for fluids, since he's not able to swallow enough liquid to keep himself hydrated without the IV.

                            I think I'm at the point now where I need to stop thinking about what things will be like when he comes back home. Because I really don't know, but what I'm imagining is stressing me out.

                            The hospital has decided he can have the pacemaker. So I guess that's good. They're hoping to do the surgery on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.


                              Hugs for your father's feeding, and surgery.


                                Thank you PetiteSheWolf !