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    Tuesday, January 5 - Rainbow's Consecutive Days of Fitness Day 258

    running: 3K in 16:19 - in town

    Workout with my mother: Day 292

    Posture x 3
    Fireheart - Day 10
    Knee Saver (with dragon adds + mods)
    Sore Feet x 2
    Wrist Pain
    Hand Tendons x 2

    Total time for w/o w. mother: 57:00

    Total workout time: 73 minutes

    Other stuff:

    3 km hiking

    Only Homemade Food - ​​ - Total Days: 371/371
    No Video Games - ​ - Total Consecutive Days: 390
    No Seated English Television - - Total Consecutive Days: 309
    Daily Drawing -
    Daily French Study - - Total Consective Days: 57
    GOBOT (6:30) - - 1/3
    GBOT (11:00) - - 3/3


      I don't know whether I'm coming or going this week.

      Took my father to see our family physician on Monday. (Grateful he made it through the long weekend without needing to go to emergency.) The doc drew marker lines on my father's leg. These were to mark the current extent of the infection, so we can monitor if it is spreading. But they reminded my father of his own father, who lost a leg to gangrene in his 70s. So now my Dad has that on his mind.

      After the visit to our GP, a phlebotomist came around to our house to draw blood (for bloodwork our GP had ordered).

      Yesterday (Tuesday), we all went up to Chatham to take my father to the hospital for an ultrasound. (There's no parking near the hospital entrance, and my father cannot navigate the hospital complex by himself. So I went as the driver and to load/unload my father from our van, and my mother went to escort him inside the hospital building. This enabled me to drop my parents off right outside the entrance and then drive away to park (on a nearby sidestreet, because the hospital parking lot costs money and really, that place has already had enough money out of us with all of my father's hospitalizations last month!) instead of needing to park and unload my father in a busy hospital parking lot and then lead him across said parking lot in the cold, across uneven terrain, with my father's vision as bad as it is these days, and the danger of other vehicle drivers in a crowded area not seeing a guy in a wheelchair.

      Yesterday afternoon, I was having a nap (I'd woken up far too early that morning), when my mother woke me up, all in a panic. Our doctor's office had called wanting to know if we could take my father back up to Chatham to see a cardiologist for 8AM the next morning. We cannot do this, because it's a half hour drive to get to Chatham, and my father's morning attendant doesn't even arrive at our house until 8AM. She needs to get my father washed and dressed and transferred to his wheelchair before I can take him anywhere. So 8AM appointments anywhere are out of the question. But my mother is of a generation that still treats medical professionals as gods. So she was freaking out because: "You have to take the appointment that's offered with a specialist! You can't just go when you want!" I told my mother that we can tell anyone, no matter what their profession, that we have lives outside of any meetings with that one person, and that we absolutely can refuse any meeting with anyone proposed for a time that does not work for us. As you can imagine, my opinion on the matter was not well-received. But our doctor's nurse (who was still on the phone at this point) offered to call the specialist back to try to arrange a different appointment time. This she did. So five minutes later we had an appointment for my father with the cardiologist for 10:45 AM today.

      Thankfully the meeting with the cardiologist is at his clinic, which is at a separate location from the hospital campus. So I can take my father there by myself. This is important because our refrigerator broke down again, and the repair person was already scheduled to come around on Wednesday to look at it. (Had I mentioned that previously? Our refrigerator broke down again this past weekend, not even a month after the last time we had it serviced!) So today I'm driving my father up to Chatham again, while my mother stays home to receive the refrigerator guy (and hopefully somehow keep our two large and extremely-excitable-when-visitors-arrive dogs away from the guy--who does not like dogs--without my assistance).

      The ultrasound and the bloodwork our GP had ordered last Thursday (the last business day of the year). The blood was drawn on Monday (first business day of this year) and the ultrasound done on Tuesday (second business day of this year). Our GP did not mention anything about an EKG to me last Thursday. Which means that is something he requested after seeing my father on Monday of this week. And it's being done today. While I am very grateful that a.) my father's care is now being coordinated by our family physician, who is far more on top of things than the hospital ever was, and b.) my father is able to get all the help and tests he needs so quickly, this situation is still very stressful because a.) I quite literally don't know whether I'm coming or going with all of the appointments I'm having to shuttle my father around to, most of which are being dumped on us at the last minute, and b.) ultrasounds and EKGs do not get arranged so quickly under non-dire circumstances.

      So: GP on Monday. Ultrasound Tuesday. EKG Wednesday. Another visit to the GP on Thursday. I am very grateful at this point that we are experiencing a mild winter in my cell of the Hive this year, because, due to Covid-19, I get to spend all of these appointments waiting outside in a freezing cold van instead of inside a heated waiting room. Also: last night I had to unload our refrigerator once again and put everything into totes and coolers in our garage. So it's useful that our garage is at a pretty decent refrigerator temperature right now and not the deep freeze temperature it often would be in January.

      I also had an appointment for a teeth cleaning this afternoon. That has also been all over the place. The dentist's office called on Monday, while I was freezing in our GP's parking lot, waiting for my father. They offered my mother an appointment to get her teeth cleaned for Tuesday, which she accepted, forgetting that she needed to come with us up to Chatham that day. So when I got home and she told me this, I had to point out her mistake. She called the clinic back, and they offered her a 6PM appointment instead. My mother did not want to go at such a time (apparently dental hygienists do not make the list of medical professionals whose scheduling requests are sacrosanct), so I said I would take the 6PM appointment (which I thought was for 6PM yesterday). When the clinic called me yesterday afternoon, I thought they were calling to go over their Covid-19 screening and procedures with me for that day. But yesterday's call was only to ask if I could be there for 5:40 PM instead of 6:00. 5:40 PM on Wednesday (today). My mother had gotten the day of the original appointment time wrong. Good thing the clinic called to reschedule it! Anyhow... this morning I finally got a chance to check the latest Covid numbers for my area. Our active infection rate shot up by over 40% over the weekend. I had my teeth cleaned during the summer and was very impressed with all the Covid-19 safety precautions the clinic had in place at that time. I felt safe having my teeth cleaned. But we also had very few active cases of Covid in the region at that time. With the rapid increase in cases we're seeing here now, and my father's current health problems, and the fact that I'm needing to spend so much time with him in a small, enclosed space (not to mention multiple times a day leaning over him to get him dressed/undressed for the outdoors, strapped into/unstrapped from our van, etc.), I just cannot take any risks right now. So I called the dentist's office back this morning to cancel both my and my mother's appointments. My teeth collect plaque at an alarming rate. Delaying a teeth cleaning is going to make the scaling experience so much worse for me 2 or 3 months from now (or whenever I'm finally able to get it done), but we've undoubtedly not seen the last of holiday gathering Covid spread yet. I just couldn't take the risk. (Teeth and gums: please forgive me. I promise to floss every day until I can get you back in to see a hygienist.)


        Oh my, I'm sorry you're going through this! Good decision on the dentist, and I hope all the results of your father's tests come out good!


          In my above post I forgot to mention that all of this running around with my father has meant that I am behind on making my Rainbow Day greetings for you all. They are still coming. I am grateful to have this one happy project in the midst of all of the stress of the rest of my life right now. But most of you will receive your cards late.


            Oh MYY, so much going on! I remember doing the running arounds for our roommate when he had cancer, but that pales in comparison!


              It’s tough, all that scheduling shit and running around like a headless chicken for your aging parents. You’re doing an amazing job, from this viewpoint, Rainbow Dragon. I don’t believe in heaven or brownie buttons, but there has to be a special reward for taking care of one’s aging parents the best you can....


                Rainbow Day cards can be as late as you like, that's a lot to be keeping up with! I hope the outcome of all these appointments is good for your father.


                  Please stay safe, American friends. I am so sad for your country right now. But I remain hopeful that the will of the majority of Americans--who are good, law abiding people--will prevail in the end.


                    That's a tough situation for your family right now - sending positive vibes and strength!


                      Just catching up on all your news, RD, so belated solidarity to you and your family. x

                      As ever, your attitude is inspiring to me. Take care, and good wishes for 2021 too.


                        As an “American friend” I can say, yesterday was a nail biter. But, in the end, the congress came through. It’s not over, but I did sleep last night. Husb did not. He’s more concerned about the next two weeks, if there is not a drastic action taken with the 25th Ammendment....


                          DorothyMH I went to bed once Congress was back in session and it became clear they were going to be able to get their work done. Yesterday's crisis put to rest, but more danger still to come, certainly. Invoking the 25th Amendment would be emotionally satisfying for many of us. But I don't know how feasible it is. And at the end of the day, I expect the action Facebook took today was more important. (Twitter and other social media outlets need to follow suit, of course.)


                            My boss sent me a silly joke: Now suddenly Mexico wants to pay for the wall. And Canada wants one too!

                            Yesterday the Dutch children’s news (2 broadcasts a day, the 19:00 one is 20 minutes, so they have room to explain stuff thoroughly) had an item on the whole situation, making a comparison to the Dutch situation (“Imagine Mark Rutte (now PM) and his party losing the election and Mark Rutte fans storming the Binnenhof and wrecking the offices and Tweede Kamer”). It’s completely beyond the understanding of 12 year old kids why adults would do such weird things. It’s completely beyond mine too.


                              AnnieW, mob mentality: even grown ups do awful stuff when they are with others. They lose their sense of morality and fear of consequences when there’s a huge group “of the same mind.” I don’t think much actual “thinking” was occurring, however....😖😤