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    OMG that is so terrible RD!! I am glad that they were finally able to get someone there, but the fact that the hospital released him without making sure that there would be a home nurse available to provide or show how to care for him ....unthinkable> i have been through similar situations and I know how terribly frustrating it can be when you have to rely on other people who aren't concerned with dropping the ball.


      Oh, my garsh, Rainbow Dragon, that is terrible discharge planning. I have heard examples from others of how Canada Health is not *all* everyone here in the States thinks it is. This is certainly confirmation of that!
      What a cluster fuck your entire week has been. Kudos to your mom for being persistent in her calls to get help sent out to the house, regardless of their operating hours. And kudos to you for, just living with it, and all the things you do for your parents! You’re amazing!

      I hear ya on the xmas thing. Totally. Totally. Hang in there, and feel free to vent here. Hugs to you.


        That's incredible. If family members can take care of some stuff like oral medications or an IM / SC shot (I learned to give myself heparin shots when discharged rather abruptly from hospital last year, but heck, that one is OK) ; but changing an IV bag in a sterile, sercure manner? Not something you improvise! And his needle needs to be changed regularly too (depends on the local healthcare recommentations, but when I was hospitalised this year, they put a new IV line every 3 to 4 days roughly. The joy of multiple ecchymoses on both arms and wrists...).


          That really is horrible, RD, I'm sorry you're going through this clusterfuck! Hugs to you, hang in there!


            I'm sorry, I'm feeling with you (I don't know if that's correct English, it's something we say in Dutch..). Wish you all a lot of strength with all that crappy hospital manners... I hope the care is covered now




                  Ugh, we like to complain that Hungarian hospital service sucks with everyone having a story similar to yours... to see that it happens in Canada too ruins a bit my vision of your country (even though obviously nothing would work perfectly in any part of the world).


                    Thank you Trbrat75 DorothyMH PetiteSheWolf Anek NancyTree AnnieW Sundance Mianevem

                    DorothyMH Mianevem Canada's system is not perfect, that's for sure. (For one thing, we still do not have national pharmacare.) It's also not consistent across the country. Federal legislation mandates that we all have publicly-funded healthcare coverage. But delivery of services is managed by the provinces.

                    Our current provincial government in Ontario decided last year to dismantle the "Local Health Integration Network" system which had been set up by the previous government and replace it with a new system of "Ontario Health Teams". Laughably, the government claimed that this new system would create:

                    "a connected health care system to improve the patient and caregiver experience and strengthen local services. These changes will make it easier for you to navigate the system. Providers will work together to take the guesswork out of transitions, where we know patients often feel lost and unsupported."
                    Never under the LHIN system or any of the systems which preceded it has anyone in my family ever had an experience so disconnected, difficult to navigate, unsupported or completely FUBAR as my father's most recent transition from hospital to outpatient care.

                    NancyTree in modern English we normally say "I feel for you," but Shakespeare used "feel with" to express the same sentiment.


                      And the shit show continues.

                      This morning my mother went to give my father his IV drugs. Turns out these drugs are not administered via a drip bag/gravity. They are in a bag with some kind of integrated infusion pump system. My mother has to prime the pump and attach this thing to the IV catheter. Then the drugs are pumped in over the course of ~ 30 minutes. Then my mother flushes the assembly with saline, the empty drug bag gets discarded, and the catheter closed off and just taped to my father's arm until it's time for his next dose. This has to happen 3 times per day.

                      This morning my mother set up the infusion as usual. Then she went back to check on it after the 30 minutes were up. She found that most of the drug was still in the bag. She gave it a bit longer, but there was no change. By this point, my father's morning attendant (PSW) had arrived. Two of the things she does for him are to get him dressed and transferred into his wheelchair--things we needed to happen this morning because mid-morning I had to take him for a check up with our family physician, and I cannot get him out of the house unless he's in his wheelchair. So the PSW had to get my father dressed and transferred while the drug bag was still attached to him, and I took him to our physician's clinic like that.

                      Apparently there are no staff at our physician's clinic who deal with IVs. Our doc saw my father, checked on all of his various issues, then brought him back out to me with the still half full medicine bag still attached. At that point he still thought my father was receiving visits from a home care nurse twice daily and that someone would visit us soon after our arrival home to deal with the IV issue. I told him we had not seen a nurse since Monday morning. The whole "twice daily" protocol seemed to have morphed into "twice in total, then we forget about you." The doctor gave me some more information re: follow up appointments and home care for other issues and told me to call his clinic back if the home nurse did not show.

                      2PM came and went. Still no home care nurse. The 7:30 AM antibiotic was still in its bag, attached to my father's arm (useless now, because said drug needs to be kept refrigerated). He was due for another dose at 3:30 PM. My mother called our doctor's clinic. Someone from the clinic called the home care service and chewed them out (again--they had already called that morning to tell them we needed a visit immediately after my father's appointment at the clinic). This time the clinic managed somehow to convince the home care service that they really needed to send someone. Said someone finally arrived ~ 3:30 PM.

                      The nurse who came out this afternoon changed the IV catheter (which had been in since at least Sunday afternoon), administered the afternoon dose of antibiotic, and informed us that my father still had not been added to their schedule. This service apparently only has one nurse who services the Booming Metropolis. She is currently on vacation (a fact we already knew since my father had already been on this service prior to his recent hospitalizations but had only been receiving one visit per week back then). The service, instead of finding someone to cover for the regular nurse's vacation had instead decided to just not give service to anyone in our town this week.

                      This story sounds made up, doesn't it? It sounds like something that possibly might happen in a remote village of a developing country, not in southwestern Ontario, Canada. A little child in kindergarten would understand that the services provided by a home care nurse are actually essential and her patients cannot just do without them while she's on vacation for a week. How is it that the people responsible for scheduling these services seem not to understand this? For that matter, how is it that the hospital thought it was a good idea to discharge my father without first checking to make certain that the home care he would need was in place for him?

                      I don't even... there are no words... WTF?


                        WTF is right... I'm so sorry your family is having to deal with so much healthcare system dysfunction.


                          WTF indeed. I just want to yell at them. I though they took an oath...
                          Hang in there


                            In happier news: in three weeks' time (on January 13), I shall complete my 50th orbit of Sol. My area of our planet with be under a Covid-19 lockdown at that point in time, so I will not be able to have any sort of physical get together with friends to celebrate. I will, however, still be participating in my usual annual celebrations in the form of my traditional Birthday Workout and First Day Hike.

                            Birthday Workout:

                            Every year on my birthday I celebrate my continued good health with a workout which involves X reps or seconds of X different exercises, where X = the number of years since my birth. (See, for example, last year's Birthday Workout: 49 for 49.) This year, I would like to invite you, my fellow Bees, to celebrate my birthday with me by choosing the exercises I will include in my 50 for 50 workout. But there is a catch: If you choose an exercise to be included in 50 for 50, you must also do that exercise with me on January 13. (You do not need to do the entire workout. Just the exercise that you chose. I'll remind you a couple of days in advance.)

                            The rules:

                            1. January 13 is winter in my cell of the Hive. So no swimming, cycling, or roller skating. I don't own skis, snowshoes or ice skates, so those activities are out too. Weather permitting, one of the activities in 50 for 50 will be a 5km run. Everything else needs to be something I can do inside my home.

                            2. Equipment I have available to use = a yoga mat, yoga blocks, a Swiss ball, 8lb. dumbbells, walls, and the floor.

                            3. 50 for 50 is supposed to be a physical workout. Therefore, all of the exercises need to require some form of muscular effort to execute. (A 50 second crow pose would be a good 50 for 50 exercise. A 50 second shavasana would not.)

                            4. Feel free to sign up for the same exercise that someone else has already proposed if you like, including "joining" me for the 5K run if that is your jam. (If the weather turns out to be horrible on January 13 and I cannot get outside for a run on that day, I will substitute with a different exercise on the 13th and complete my run on the next day when running is possible.)

                            First Day Hike:

                            The idea of a "first day hike" is to get outside on the first day of a new year to enjoy some exercise in the great outdoors. Since I celebrate my birthday as the start of a new year, I will be participating in a First Day Hike on January 13. I do not include my hike as one of my 50 for 50 exercises as hiking is not a "workout" activity for me. Certainly the exercise requires muscular engagement and some level of physical health, but the effort involved is pretty baseline for me. My First Day Hike is more about getting outside to enjoy nature and celebrating the beautiful planet on which we all get to live.

                            As the proposal for Ontario's upcoming lockdown currently stands, our parks are scheduled to remain open this time. So I will hopefully be able to complete my First Day Hike (and my 50 for 50 run) in Rondeau Provincial Park. But there are lots of ways to enjoy being outside in nature and lots of places in which to do so. I would love it if you would help me celebrate my 50th birthday by getting outside in nature yourself on that day, in whatever natural environment is safe and accessible for you at that time, and enjoying nature via whatever activity is meaningful for and accessible to you. If you are able to take a photograph of some aspect of your nature experience and share it with me here in the Hive, I would love that too!

                            Who's in? Please post your 50 for 50 exercise proposals and/or intention to participate in my First Day Hike/Nature Experience below!


                              What a mess, this home care.

                              For your birthday program: 50 overhead clench / unclenches


                                I'm lost for words about the gross negligence of the healthcare system. Being met with closed doors and doctors and nurses involved not taking responsibility for helping your father would make me want to scream too.

                                Your Birthday Workout is such a nice tradition, and I would like to be part of it in 2021. One of my favourite exercises is burpees so it would be my proposal for an exercise.