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For Real This Time . . . (Training Log)

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    For Real This Time . . . (Training Log)

    Hi, Everyone!

    Thanks for stopping by and reading my training log.

    I first found Darebee over a year ago and did workouts here and there. I joined The Hive but never checked in or followed through with any of the programs or challenges I started. I've been overweight pretty much my whole life and have been getting discouraged about exercising. However, in the last year I've started remembering how much I love moving and being active. I used to do throw shot put for track and field and, even though running during practice was hard, I loved competing and seeing what my body could do. This love is helping me take small steps back into exercise.

    I thought I would start a training log to keep track of my progress and keep me motivated. I'm currently doing Age of Pandora. Today is my 16th consecutive day of exercise! Here's what I've done so far.

    Saturday, 4/15/2017
    Mandown Workout and Daily Dare (Crunches)

    Sunday, 4/16
    Age of Pandora Chp. 1

    Monday, 4/17
    Age of Pandora Chp. 2

    Tuesday, 4/18
    Age of Pandora Chp. 3 and Knee Saver

    Wednesday, 4/19
    Age of Pandora Chp. 4

    Thursday, 4/20
    Age of Pandora Chp. 5 and Knee Saver

    Friday, 4/21
    Age of Pandora Chp. 6

    Saturday, 4/22
    Age of Pandora Chp. 7

    Sunday, 4/23
    Age of Pandora Chp. 8 and 9

    Monday, 4/24
    Age of Pandora Chp. 10

    Tuesday, 4/25
    Age of Pandora Chp. 11

    Wednesday, 4/26
    Age of Pandora Chp. 12 (B)

    Thursday, 4/27
    Age of Pandora Chp. 13 (B)

    Friday, 4/28
    Age of Pandora Chp. 14

    Saturday, 4/29
    Age of Pandora Chp. 15

    Sunday, 4/30
    Age of Pandora Chp. 16

    Thanks for reading! I will hopefully be posting every few days, but definitely at least once a week! Have a great day!

    Welcome to the Hive yourefunnykatie
    Have fun with Age of Pandora, it's a great program, and good luck on your journey!


      twinkletoes Thanks!


        Okay so . . . I've been slacking on the posts. Sorry guys! However, I HAVE been working out. I thought it would be better to do once a week instead of every day, but I ended up putting it off. I will try posting every other day and see how that goes.
        So anyways, here's the workouts for May so far. Have a great day!

        May 1st
        Age of Pandora Chp. 17
        May 2nd
        Age of Pandora Chp. 18
        May 3rd
        Age of Pandora Chp. 19 (B) and Knee Saver
        May 4th
        Age of Pandora Chp. 20 and 200 punches
        May 5th
        Age of Pandora Chp. 21 and 200 punches
        May 6th
        Age of Pandora Chp. 22 (A)
        May 7th
        Age of Pandora Chp. 23
        May 8th
        Age of Pandora Chp. 24
        May 9th
        Age of Pandora Chp. 25
        May 10th
        Age of Pandora Chp. 26
        May 11th
        Age of Pandora Chp. 27
        Age of Pandora Chp. 28
        May 13th
        Age of Pandora Chp. 29
        May 14th
        Age of Pandora Chp. 30
        Monday, May 15th
        Age of Pandora Chp. 31
        Tuesday, May 16th
        Age of Pandora Chp. 32
        Wednesday, May 17th
        Age of Pandora Chp. 33
        Thursday, May 18th
        Age of Pandora Chp. 34 and Daily Dare


          Keep going, getting exercise done consecutively is definitely a challenge for me, so well done for sticking with it for so long!


            Spikings Thank you! It's definitely been tough to stick with.


              Great job! And congratulations on your first Pandora badge!


                Originally posted by yourefunnykatie View Post
                May 14th
                Age of Pandora Chp. 30
                Congrats for the new achievement


                  twinkletoes Cabriel Thank you so much! I really appreciate the encouragement ​​​​​​​


                    Today's Workout:
                    Age of Pandora, Chp. 35
                    Daily Dare
                    Backup & Restore


                      Had a pretty productive weekend! I don't know why, but my legs have been pretty sore.

                      Saturday, May 20:
                      Age of Pandora, Chp. 36 (LVL 2!)

                      Sunday, May 21:
                      Age of Pandora, Chp. 37

                      I did level 2 on Saturday, and I've done the number of level 2 sets with level 1 reps here and there during the program. I'm trying to completely move up to level 2; let's see what happens!


                        To be honest, I was not feeling motivated at all for today's workout. It looked like it would be hard, and I had a loooong day. However, I got through it. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I was actually enjoying myself a little.

                        Monday, May 22nd:
                        Age of Pandora, Chp. 38 (A)


                          Okay, so it's been a crazy 2 weeks. My sister was in town from the 25th to the 1st, so I sadly neglected Pandora for a few days. However, when she first arrived, I was able to do some of the exercises for earning scraps. Also, she did agree to go on brisk walks with me, so there was some type of activity going on during the other days. Now we are back in action.

                          Tuesday, May 23rd
                          Age of Pandora Chp. 39

                          Wednesday, May 24th
                          Age of Pandora, Chp. 40 (squats for scraps)

                          Thursday, May25th
                          Age of Pandora, Chp. 40 (squats for scraps)

                          Friday, May 26th
                          Age of Pandora, Chp. 40 (squats for scraps)

                          Saturday, May 27th
                          Age of Pandora, Chp. 40 (climber taps for scraps)

                          Sunday, May 28th
                          Age of Pandora, Chp. 40 (kicks for scraps)

                          Monday, May 29th - Thursday, June 1st:

                          Friday, June 2nd:
                          Age of Pandora, Chp. 40 (kicks and march steps for scraps)

                          Saturday, June 3rd:
                          Age of Pandora, Chp. 40 (Backfists and jumping jacks for scraps)

                          Sunday, June 4th
                          Age of Pandora, Chp. 40 (speed bag punches for scraps)
                          Age of Pandora, Chp. 41


                            Great way to keep some activity up even when your busy and having visitors. Way to go!


                              So I know June started last Thursday, but I decided to start some 30 day challenges yesterday. I didn't want to wait another month because of a few days.So I am doing the Blogilates Beginner's 2.0 Calendar and Darebee's Flexibility Challenge.

                              These past few days felt pretty good.

                              Monday, June 5th:
                              Age of Pandora Chp. 42
                              Blogilates Beginner Day 1
                              Flexibility Day 1

                              Tuesday, June 6th:
                              Age of Pandora Chp. 43 ( A )
                              Blogilates Beginner Day 2
                              Flexibility Day 2
                              Daily Dare (elbow clicks)