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For Real This Time . . . (Training Log)

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    It happens, but you came back.

    For me, usually my bad conscience due to missed workouts is bigger than any demotivation I could have. So in those cases when I don't do the program workout I was supposed to, I end up doing some restorative workouts or a short Yoga session at least. And it 'helps' that my neck starts hurting if I don't work out regularly.


      Thanks, twinkletoes! I should try doing some restorative stuff instead of just not working out. I think that would make me feel less guilty.

      Monday, July 10th
      Blogilates Beginner Day 1
      ​​​​​​​Boxer Arms

      Tuesday, July 11th
      ​​​​​​​Blogilates Beginner Day 2

      Wednesday, July 12th
      Blogilates Beginner Day 3
      Goku Workout


        Thursday, July 13th
        Blogilates Beginner Day 4
        Super Charge Workout


          Still going strong! BUT, I did have to force myself to do my Darebee workout today

          Friday, July 14th
          Blogilates Beginner Day 5

          Saturday, July 15th
          Blogilates Beginner Day 6
          Brawler Workout


            So Yesterday (Sunday) was a rest day for both Blogilates and the Fighter Training Plan, so I just did some casual training.Things are going well and I'm feeling good!

            Sunday, July 16th
            100 punches
            50 crunches

            Monday, July 17th
            Blogilates Day 8
            Raid Workout


              Originally posted by yourefunnykatie View Post
              Things are going well and I'm feeling good!
              That's great to hear!


                Tuesday, July 18th
                Blogilates Day 9

                Wednesday, July 19th
                Blogilates Day 10
                Fury Master Workout


                  So I'm super pumped because today (Friday) I was able to get up and workout before work! It's the first time in A WHILE haha.
                  Have a great weekend, guys!

                  Thursday, July 20th
                  Blogilates Day 11
                  Pendragon Workout

                  Friday, July 21st
                  Blogilates Day 12


                    Had a nice relaxing weekend, hope you guys did, too! I have a busy schedule at work this week, so I'm pumping myself up to get up and work out in the morning. Let's do it!

                    Saturday, July 22nd
                    Blogilates Day 13
                    Sucker Punch Workout

                    Sunday, July 23rd
                    Rest / Casual Training Day: Fighter's warmup and Refresh Workouts


                      How do you like working out in the morning?


                        Okay, guys. Sorry for the lack of posts. It's been busy. So I finished the Blogilates calendar last Sunday (8/6). I was super pumped! And for the past week I've just been doing 2 Blogilates videos a day. I promise I will go back to logging my workouts by day; I'm just being lazy hahaha.

                        twinkletoes I like working out in the morning because I don't have to worry about squeezing it in at night; but I don't like waking up early


                          Congratulations on finishing the Blogilates calender!
                          You'll get used to waking up early. In time. Maybe


                            Okay, here's my workouts for the past week! yay! Have a great week!

                            Monday, 8/14
                            Blogilates Inner Thighs

                            Tuesday, 8/15

                            Blogilates Abs and Legs

                            Wednesday, 8/16
                            Boxer Arms Workout

                            Thursday, 8/17
                            Sky Ripper Workout

                            Friday, 8/18

                            Blogilates Hip Hop Cardio Beat

                            Saturday, 8/19
                            Knee Saver Workout and walking

                            Sunday, 8/20
                            Blogilates Cardio Ballet Challenge


                              Sorry, guys! I know I'm super behind. I had been playing around with the Bullet Journal off and on for the past year, and a few weeks ago I decided to commit to it. Now I've been recording workouts in there, which makes it easy for me to say, "Hey, I'll post it later". Well, later is here! I hope everyone is having a good week!

                              Monday, 8/21
                              Power Squat Workout

                              Tuesday, 8/22
                              Blogilates legs exercises

                              Wednesday, 8/23
                              My own song workout (6 songs)

                              Thursday, 8/24
                              Butt Lift Workout

                              Friday, 8/25
                              Cardio Rehab

                              Saturday, 8/26
                              Blogilates Beginner Total Body Workout

                              Sunday, 8/27
                              Beginner Abs

                              Monday, 8/28
                              Blogilates Cardio Ballet, 50 squats, 100 punches

                              Tuesday, 8/29
                              Knee Tuner

                              Wednesday, 8/30
                              Upperbody Mobility Workout


                                Thursday, 8/31
                                Blogilates Cardio Fast Burn and Turbo Lower Abs

                                Friday, 9/1
                                Blogilates Cardio Ballet

                                Saturday, 9/2
                                SkyRipper Workout

                                Sunday, 9/3
                                Numbers Cardio

                                Monday, 9/4
                                Cardio Rehab

                                Tuesday, 9/5
                                Ab Attack

                                Wednesday, 9/6
                                Power Burner

                                Thursday, 9/7

                                Friday, 9/8
                                The Boomerang

                                Saturday, 9/9
                                Sucker Punch

                                Sunday, 9/10
                                Posture Perfect

                                Monday, 9/11
                                Blogilates Fat Burn - Total Body Focus
                                Micro Shred Workout