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    So Blogilates has been going well, but I've been SUPER SORE lately. Anybody have any tips for dealing with all that craziness? Haha

    Wednesday, June 7th
    Age of Pandora Chp. 44
    Blogilates Beginner Day 3
    Flexibility Day 3

    Thursday, June 8th
    Age of Pandora Chp. 45
    Blogilates Beginner Day 4
    Flexibility Day 4

    Friday, June 9th
    Age of Pandora Chp. 46
    Blogilates Beginner Day 5
    Flexibility Day 5
    Daily Dare

    Saturday, June 10th
    Age of Pandora Chp. 47 and 48
    Blogilates Beginner Day 6
    Flexibility Day 6


      I guess the problem might be that the rest days of the Blogilates calender and the light (active rest) days of AoP dont coincide, so you might often be training the same muscle groups on consecutive days and you're body never gets the time to recover. Here is a good article that might give you some ideas.


        Ahhh that makes sense. And thanks for the article, it was helpful!


          I felt pretty motivated today! I slept in, then started my laundry and busted out my workout. It was a Blogilates rest day, so my muscles didn't have to do double duty today

          Today's workout (Sunday, June 11th):
          Age of Pandora, Chp. 49 ( A )
          Blogilates Rest Day
          Flexibility Day 7

          This week, I'm also going to focus on staying hydrated. I don't think I drink enough water for someone who lives in the desert


            Congratulations on finishing Flexibility week! Don't forget to claim your badge!


              Not gonna lie, today was a struggle. But everything is done lol.
              Monday, June 12th
              Age of Pandora, Chp. 50
              Blogilates Beginner Day 8
              Flexibility Day 8
              I'm also trying to thoroughly stretch after my workout now. We'll see how it goes


                Oh your doing the Flexibility Challenge not Flexibility week, I'm such a dumbo Forget my last post


                  twinkletoes I'm sure it happens all the time haha. But thank you for the encouragement anyways, you're the best!


                    Tuesday, June 13th:
                    Age of Pandora Chp. 51
                    Flexibility Day 9
                    Blogilates Day 9

                    Wednesday, June 14th:
                    Age of Pandora Chp. 52
                    Flexibility Day 10
                    Blogilates Day 10

                    Thursday, June 15th
                    Age of Pandora Chp. 53
                    Flexibility Day 11
                    Blogilates Day 11


                      Okay guys . . . I will not tell a lie. I def slacked off and missed some days on the 30 day Flexibility challenge. I don't know if I should just wait until the new month to start over, or start over now, or just pick up where I left off. Any thoughts?
                      I didn't slack off on my other stuff though, so here are my workouts

                      Friday, June 16th:
                      Age of Pandora Chp. 54
                      Blogilates Day 12

                      Saturday, June 17th
                      Age of Pandora Chp. 55 and 56
                      Blogilates Day 13

                      Sunday, June 18th
                      Age of Pandora Chp. 57
                      Blogilates Day 14 (Rest Day)
                      Daily Dare (Bridges)


                        The challenge shouldn't be too hard to pick up where you left of after 3 days. Maybe just go back a day or two. The real question is: why did you slack off on that particular challenge? Because if it's a time matter you could also wait a few more days untill you finish Age of Pandora and start over.


                          Thanks for the advice, twinkletoes! This week it has been hard to keep up with everything because I've been working overtime most of the week, so it was a struggle haha. But I finally finished Age of Pandora! I think I will wait until the new month to restart the flexibility challenge, since work won't be dying down for at least a couple of weeks. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

                          Monday, June 19th:
                          Age of Pandora, chp. 58
                          Blogilates day 15

                          Tuesday, June 20th:
                          Blogilates Day 16

                          Wednesday, June 21st:
                          Blogilates Day 17

                          Thursday, June 22nd:
                          Blogilates Day 18

                          Friday, June 23rd
                          Age of Pandora, chp. 59
                          Blogilates Day 19

                          Saturday, June 24th
                          Age of Pandora, chp 60 ( B ) !!!!!!!! (Super intense ending!)
                          Blogilates Day 20


                            Congratulations on finishing Age of Pandora!
                            Don't forget to claim your badge and have a great weekend!


                              So . . . This week has been super busy at work again, so Blogilates has been it for me haha.

                              Sunday, June 25th
                              Blogilates rest day
                              Boxer Flexibility

                              Monday, June 26th
                              Blogilates day 21

                              Tuesday, June 27th
                              Blogilates day 22

                              Wednesday, June 28th
                              Blogilates day 23


                                Okay guys, here's the thing . . . I definitely have not done serious exercise since my last post. With my long hours at work and lack of motivation lately, all I've gotten in are some walks here and there. HOWEVER, I am back on the move today. I've decided to restart the Blogilates beginner calendar, and do the Darebee Fighter training plan (both starting tomorrow). That way, I'm not doubling up on workouts every single day. Thanks for sticking with me, guys! Also, what do you guys do when you aren't feeling motivated? How do you keep you motivation?
                                Have a great week!

                                Sunday, July 9th:
                                Blogilates Cardio Warmup
                                Blogilates Hip-hop cardio beat
                                Blogilates Cardio Ballet Challenge