A Hero's Journey (lv 2) - a shot at the stars

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    A Hero's Journey (lv 2) - a shot at the stars

    Day 1: So this is it. Shooting for the stars. My backpack is packed and I'm ready to start the Journey into the unknown. My travel-companion the next 60 days will be The Lord of the Rings.

    So far I have read it four or five times and it only gets better and better. I will use it as a motivator and as a help to visualize the WOD.

    I'm really excited to start the journey and to find out where it takes me and what I will experience on the way.

    Day 2: Stranger at the cross-roads - get involved.

    Day 3: The Armoury. One of my favorite characters has become Legolas:
    "Only Legolas still stepped as lightly as ever, his feet hardly seeming to press the grass, leaving no footprints as he passed..."

    So I chose heavy sword (reps 5/3/3) and bow and arrow. I subsituted running with 45 minutes of spinning. While spinning I imagined to be riding in the land of Rohan:
    "A few of the riders appeared to be bowmen, skilled at shooting from a running horse"

    Day 4: Under the stars of Lothlórien.

    Day 5: Journey through the woods of Fangorn

    Day 6: Blocked Path and weapons training: Heavy Sword (reps 6/5/4) - spinning 60 min.

    Day 7: The Oracle.
    "You are a liar, Saruman, and a corrupter of men's hearts. You hold out a hand to me, and I perceive only a finger of the claw of Mordor."

    Day 8: Power Stretching
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    Hi all

    So far it's been an adventurous journey. I have had some busy days lately so I have travelled for 3-4 days and then taking some rest days. I have also spiced up the journey with some work-outs for the biceps and the abs.

    Here are an excerpt from my diary.

    We managed to cross the Bridge of Khazad-dûm seconds before it collapsed. Unfortunately we lost Gandalf the Grey as he fought off the Balroc. It was a devastating loss but somehow I sense it is not the last we have seen to Gandalf...

    We were caught in a blizzard trying to cross Caradhras. I was wounded in the attempt - it was bad but not that bad.

    Refuge and new bonds at the city of Edoras.

    We got cornered at Amon Hen but we managed to fight off the Orcs.

    At Hornburg we fought like dragons to fight for the innocent and protect the weak.

    Fortunately the weapons training has been a great help...

    And so the sun goes down.

    I'm looking forward to the days that come even though I'm a bit scared of the challenges ahead hearing rumours from other travellers at the inn "The Glorious Hive".


      Day 17: A high-intensity WOD. First I did weapons training. I substituted running with 60 minutes of spinning. Then I did Day 17.

      Double Trouble was a real killer. I was ready to give in after 2 sets but I managed to trick the mind to continue and do all 7 sets.

      This was me after the WOD


      Here are an excerpt from my diary.

      Day 17: Back at Hornburg. The orcs attacked us in droves. They tried a new tactic. Two waves in a row. We just managed to catch our breath between the first and the second wave. It was a close call but they retired after seven attacks and resumed their siege.


        Day 18: We chased the Orcs who took captive of Merry and Pippin. We climbed long slopes and ran through the sweet grass of Rohan. Every 20 yards we stopped to find the trail of the orc-host. (bonus quest).


          Saturday: Rest and recovery

          Day 19: Back at Amon Hen. Ambushed! We managed to fight off the Orcs but they managed to take captive of Merry and Pippin! We gonna chase them...


            On May 17th I started doing the total abs (TA) programme in combination with my Hero's Journey (HJ) and on May 18th I became hooked on Daily Dares (DD)

            Day 20 (HJ) + Day 2 (TA) + DD 400 squats
            We arrived at last to Fangorn Forest. We could not find any trace of Merry and Pippin. I do hope they managed to escape!

            Day 21 (HJ) + Day 3 (TA) + DD 5 minute arm hold
            Reunion with Gandalf in Fangorn Forest. The quest continues. To Edoras!

            Day 22 (HJ) + Day 4 (TA) + DD: Jumping jacks
            At Edoras. We had to prove ourselves worthy of the allegiance of others.

            Day 23 (HJ) + Day 5 (TA) + DD: 50 jumping lunges under 30 sec
            Wormtongue. We tried to catch him before he got away.

            HJ: Day off + Day 6 (TA) + DD: 100 push-ups and smiling

            Day 24 (HJ) + TA: Day off + DD: 1000 calves
            Rest and recovery at Edoras.


              Back on the road again... After a month with sickness, recovery and a lot of work all of which ruined my routines I'm ready to hit the road again.

              Or was it just me getting lost in Lothlórien...

              Day 25-29 (HJ v1) was completed in late May.

              Friday, July 3: DD: 100 jumping jacks - Day 9 (TA) - started doing a running program made by Henrik Jørgensen https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henrik...nsen_(athlete) The program resembles 8 weeks to 5k. The difference is that my program is 16 weeks to 5k. I have decided to start slowly to adapt to my new running shoes (natural running shoes). Normally I run 5-10 km but I've decided to take it easy with my new shoes to make the transition as smooth as possible. I also did 500m of open water swimming.

              Saturday, July 4: DD: 60 seconds one arm plank. 500m of open water swimming. Day 30 (HJ v1).

              It felt great to have resumed my quest :bunny8:


                Sunday, July 5: Today I started doing the pull-up lv 1 challenge and the 50 push-up challenge. My PR for pull-ups is 6-4-3 and 25 push-ups (to failure). I would like to improve my PR for these exercises so to complete these challenges is my goal for this years summer vacation Also I'm still a bit sore in my left wrist and I think the push-up challenge will gradually strengthen my wrist without making things worse.

                DD: 2 min water hold
                Day 10 (TA) - Supernova - this one was challenging because of yesterdays plank exercises.
                Day 31 (HJ v1) - Minas Tirith Burns
                Day 1 (Pull-up ch) - did it in one set
                Day 1 (Push-up ch) - did it in one set
                Day 2 Running program (3 sets - 3 min running/2 min walking)
                500m of open water swimming

                It may seem of much but it is actually just 90 min of exercise spread out throughout the day. Which is possible as I'm on summer vacation :cool:


                  Monday, July 6:

                  DD: Butt kicks
                  Day 11 (TA) - Ab circuit
                  Day 32 (HJ v1) - Aftermath. It was pretty difficult to do forward bends as I'm not flexible enough to touch the floor with my arms... I have to train for this one.
                  Day 2 (Pull-up ch) - 10 sit-ups
                  Day 2 (Push-up ch) - did it in two sets (6-4)
                  Day 3 Running program (10 squats - 10 calve raises)
                  400 strokes of open water swimming

                  A great day of work-out :bunny10:


                    Tuesday, July 7:

                    DD: 2*60 sec push-up
                    Day 12 (TA) - Stretching
                    Day 33 (HJ v1) - Journey to the Mountain
                    Day 3 (Pull-up ch) - (2/1/1) dit it in one set
                    Day 3 (Push-up ch) - 10sec push-up plank (3 sets)
                    Day 4 Running program (3 sets - 5 min running/2 min walking). It's going really well. My achilles tendon has not troubled me.
                    400 strokes of open water swimming. The water was cold today

                    4* out of 5* (Not the same mentally Whoa! feeling as yesterday)


                      Wednesday, July 8:

                      DD: 40 rotations 360°
                      Day 13 (TA) - Dynamic Planks
                      Day 34 (HJ v1) - The Climb (600 climbers). Three rounds throughout the day of 4 sets of 50 reps
                      Day 4 (Pull-up ch) - 10 sit-ups
                      Day 4 (Push-up ch) - 8/4/2 (did it in one set)
                      Day 6* Running program - 10 squats and 10 calf raises
                      350 strokes of open water swimming. An afternoon swim. The weather was a bit rough (windy and cloudy). A nice challenge

                      *I have synchronized the numbering of days with the running program.

                      4* out of 5*


                        Thursday, July 9:

                        DD: 2 Minute Tricep Dip Hold (2 sets of 2 min)
                        Day 14 (TA) - Reach for it
                        Day 35 (HJ v1) - The Trials. First Trial (20/15/10 push-ups). Second Trial (3 sets of 150 squats) - Third Trial (3 sets of 20 sit-ups)
                        Day 5 (Pull-up ch) - 2/2/1 (did it in two sets - 4/1)
                        Day 5 (Push-up ch) - 10/4/4 (did it in two sets - 14-4)
                        Day 7* Running program - (3 sets - 3 min running/2 min walking)
                        No open water swimming today. The weather was too bad to take the family on the beach

                        4* out of 5* (Mainly because of the stormy weather)


                          Friday, July 10:

                          DD: 50 Plank Rotations
                          Day 15 (TA) - Flutter Kicks - 300 reps - 3 sets of 100 reps
                          Day 36 (HJ v1) - Peace on top of the mountain
                          Day 6 (Pull-up ch) - 15 sit-ups - 3 sets
                          Day 6 (Push-up ch) - 10/6/4 (did it in two sets - 16-4)
                          Day 8* 20 squats and 20 calf raises
                          No open water swimming today. The weather was still stormy.

                          4* out of 5* (Mainly because of the stormy weather)


                            Saturday, July 11:

                            DD: 100 squats with a book on top of my head
                            Day 16 (TA) - Stretching
                            Day 37 (HJ v1) - Lesson # 1 Strength
                            Day 7 (Pull-up ch) - 2/2/2 (did it in two sets - 4/2)
                            Day 7 (Push-up ch) - 1 min push-up plank
                            Day 9* Running program - (3 sets - 5 min running/2 min walking)
                            400 strokes of open water swimming today
                            Power 20 with 10kg dumbbells

                            5* out of 5* (The motivation was in top and the weather has cleared up) :bunny2:


                              Sunday, July 12:

                              DD: 2 Minute Star Plank Hold
                              Day 17 (TA) - Ab Circuit
                              (HJ v1) - Rest day
                              Day 8 (Pull-up ch) - 15 sit-ups. 3 sets
                              Day 8 (Push-up ch) - 12-4-4. (Did it in two sets - 16-4)
                              Day 10* Running program - 20 squats and 20 calf raises
                              500 strokes of open water swimming

                              4* out of 5* (I felt a bit fatigued. As a result I took a rest day on my HJ)