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    June 28, 2020

    - Negative Pull-up Challenge: Day 28
    - Legs of Steel Challenge: Day 28
    - Yoga Abs Challenge: Day 28


      June 29, 2020

      - Negative Pull-up Challenge: Day 29
      - Legs of Steel Challenge: Day 29
      - Yoga Abs Challenge: Day 29


        June 30, 2020

        - Runner's World HM Beginner Training Plans: Week 8 - Day 56 | 8 miles (12.9 km) - 1:59:19
        - Negative Pull-up Challenge: Day 30
        - Legs of Steel Challenge: Day 30
        - Yoga Abs Challenge: Day 30

        Phew, another month comes to end. I'm actually a few days behind my running training and gotta cramp things up to catch up with the plan.

        I had a blast with Negative Pull-up Challenge and can see myself improving a lot this time Doing on the hang on a pair of rings are actually more comfortable than doing it on the bar, mainly because I can adjust the rings' height and get into position easily from the ground (instead of having to step on a chair for the bar when doing negative pull-up like before). One thing to note: I was doing flex hang instead of dead hang for the first few days and decided to keep it that way for the rest of the challenge. Usually I would get into flex hang position and hang for my life while slowly descending into dead hang position. And personally I think flex hang woks better for this challenge than dead hang.

        Legs of Steel is also a nice addition to running, both in strength and mobility. I think the reps build up is okay, though I was a bit fed up by the end of the challenge and decided to not continue doing lunges for next month

        Yoga Abs is also a nice ab challenge. Deceptively easy for the first few days, and got hard quickly. I did all kind of arms and legs in the air for the last days because I could hold a proper hollow hold / V boat for the first set only.