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Trbrats training log...Ready to Get Rugged

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    Trbrats training log...Ready to Get Rugged

    Time to get serious about training! I have officially signed up to do the 'Rugged Maniac' in Sept this year...So good news, plenty of time to train! Bad news...well, I don't really have any, but I suppose knowing I have a long way to go to feel ready for the challenges I will face come Sept. could be considered a downside at the least.

    I am kind of competitive and I don't like feeling so limited in what I can do. I have been strength training and attempting to build up my endurance and stamina. On a good day I actually can run(jog) a 5k...if there is a big, steep, long downhill piece involved, which as it happens where I run, there is . I can run 2 miles on a treadmill, I may be able to push further, but on a treadmill it is much harder for me to 'lose myself' and get out of my head and stop worrying about the numbers on the screen. (Reaallyy!!! Its only been 5 Mins!!)

    I have access to a scale that tracks weight, BMI, Visceral fat, muscle, and fat %. I wish I had thought more about using it starting in January so I would know better where I started and where I am now. Just in the couple of weeks I have been using it there are good changes across the board and that has me stoked!
    Support and input is always welcome! I train alone, so I am the only person holding myself accountable.

    Feel free to ask questions, I will answer them to the best of my ability lol

    Thanks Bees!

    Oooh the Rugged Maniac looks fun. Do you have any specific things you are going to add to your workouts to prepare for it? Like, how much running versus upper body stuff. It looks like it's more obstacles than running.

    There's one coming up in my area in May, now I kind of want to do it. I don't have any friends out here who would want to do it, I don't think.

    Anyway, what a fun goal for your training! Good luck.


      Thanks!! madeline , I am winging it right now lol. I know I will need to work on balance and build up grip strength. For now I am just working on bettering my endurance and speed for running. I vary my cardio from day to day, I may see how far I can go one day, then do inclines the next, then the next day do intervals. I have looked at some of the strength training workouts on here and may fit a few of those in throughout the week along with continuing my journey through Pandora. I take a yoga class once a week so hopefully that to will help. I thought about starting the Cardio Trim or Cardio Trim Run, but I am worried about taking on to much and will probably try them in a month or 2. I work 2 jobs so some days I don't have a lot of time.

      As far as the course, there is a fair amount of running between the obstacles and where ours is going to be has massive hills(its a ski resort)so that will be a big challenge, the only hills I like are the ones that go down lol! I have done a similar course, but way easier! They are fun, if you don't mind getting down and dirty! Its better with a friend, but you could always make new ones there!


        Totals for 3/1 worked both jobs so it was a light day...

        200 Backfists
        270 High Knees
        25 P/U (10/5/10 elevated)
        26 mins on Treadmill - 1.5 miles brisk walk


          My Dad came in for the weekend so my workouts took a hit( I hadn't seen him in over a year!)

          Thur 3/2 - I tried too hard for my fastest mile and did it in 11:10, which was a little disappointing. I started out a little too strong ran at 5.8 pace for over 1/2 mile but I was dying and had to slow waayyy down, tried to speed back up to get under 11 min got up to 6.6 pace, but just missed my mark . Spent about 15-20 mins on tread( I think)

          Fri 3/3 - Lets just say scrubbing the house was my workout that day!

          Sat 3/4 - My days are a little mixed up, but I think I did about 3 1/2 miles in 52 mins on the treadmill
          walked .5m in 10 min, jogged/ran 2 1/2 m at paces 4.8 - 5.5 -3.8 - 4.2...I think that's the furthest I have ever ran on the dreadmill, walked .5 m to cool down.

          Sun 3/5 - Light day but if I recall I did 80 modified burpees (not all at once) and spent 15 mins on tread brisk walk.

          Mon 3/6 - Power Squat W/O, 50 jumping jacks, chapters 7 & 8 in Pandora LVL II(my arms almost fell off, I am sure of it. I have arrived at the mines in chapter 9.) and 53 mins on dreadmill did around 3.5 miles total only jogged/ran for a little over a mile, mile time was 11:50. After walking a bit I tried to push my self the last 1/4 mile to sprint before cool down, I couldn't quite keep up the pace for the hole quarter though. I was going at a 7+ pace to start.

          (I have got to keep better notes lol)


            March 7 Part I - First half of day (at job 1)

            30 - High knees 25-Jumping jacks
            100-High knees - Fast
            100-High Knees -Fast

            Part II -

            Spent a couple hours in the cooler at job 2 rearranging and stocking...lots of heavy lifting and twisting, climbing a ladder, balancing etc. Definitely a work out.

            Did chapter 9 in Pandora Lvl II with 1 min rest...Did 1st 5 push ups the right way, had to modify the rest(on knees, I have really got to work on that!)
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              March 8 (worked both jobs)

              100 Marching Steps X 4
              DD w/ EC 2 Min dip hold
              1 mile walk around complex
              Practiced some Taekwondo(been several years since I've tried)


                March 9

                Went running with friends at a park...

                First mile 10:50....course was hilly, but not too bad a time I suppose...did 3 miles in about 34 mins...although I am not sure how as I had to walk some of it...will need to double check my times. But over all feel pretty good about it. Just need to work on my endurance!


                  Friday 3/10

                  30 Triceps Dips
                  70 Squats...Whhhaaaatttt?!?!?!? Did I really do that in one go?!
                  50 Sit-Ups
                  50-60 Russian Twists (lost count)
                  30 Reverse Crunches
                  10 Push-Ups -Modified
                  20 Lunges
                  40 Half Jacks
                  20 One Legged Dips
                  Some Marching steps...didn't really keep count though

                  Sat 3/11

                  Shopping counts as exercise, right? Trying on clothes definitely should...
                  Walked on Treadmill for about 30 mins

                  Sun 3/12

                  Walked outside with neighbor, slow pace for about 43 mins
                  (neighbor wants to lose weight, she is very heavy and out of shape..I am trying to help her get started)


                    Kick Ass Day!

                    Monday 3/13

                    130/100/100/100 Marching Steps at Work

                    Age of Pandora Chapter 10 LVL II, 1 min between sets.


                    Started ...this is not going to be easy for me...

                    Got on the treaded dreadmill and walked .5 mile for warm up theennn...

                    RAN FOR 3.25 MILES!!! kept a slow pace to go for distance and I believe it's the first time I have ever ran that far!!!! I sped up the last quarter mile(before reaching 3m) then after reaching 3, I kept going at a 5.5 mph pace for another quarter!!!! Super stoked! I walked a quarter to cool down to make it a full 4 miles (including warm up) then stretched. First mile was done in about 3 miles was done in 45 min(give or take some seconds)
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                      Tues 3/14

                      100/100/100/150 High Knees at work

             day 2-30 sec plank

             - 6/2/2 pushups....had to do elevated...used bathtub and counter

                      Age of Pandora Chapter 11....More Push-ups o.O

                      Spent about 45 mins on the dreadmill...walked about .5 for warm-up "trotted" for 2 miles and walked .5 to cool down....I normally do all of my running on a grade 1 lvl, but I upped it to a grade 2 since I was going a slower was supposed to be a light day

                      Why do my legs bother me so much the moment I start running? Ugh

                      Thinking about doing a 5k through the zoo in a couple months...hmmm...those hills...


                        Thinking about starting the 1/2 Marathon 12 week training program after reading some other threads. I am already doing more than I thought I could and am able to push more and more, breaking my mental barriers. The way I figure it I am able to start at day 29. I can tell I am getting stronger, my heart doesn't seem to be overstressed and my breathing isnt erratic(for the most part, only during transitions). Just my legs feel really stressed, and there is where my limits lie at this time. I also have to work on upper body and this program will insure I keep up with that...

                        I can't wait for it to warm up a little so I can take my training outside!

                        BADGE DAY TOMORROW!! 60 DAYS!!


                          Weds 3/15 ------ Age Of Pandora Spoiler Alert-------

                          100/100/100 High knees at work

                 - 1:30 high knees

                 - 2 - 10 sec P/U plank

                          Chapter 12 Age of Pandora---

                          Chose to save the Girl...O.M.G. lvl II

                          I.HATE.BURPEES.....I had to modify the 9th set - no jumps- but put them back in for the last set UGH


                            Thurs 3/16 --------BADGE DAY---------60 DAYS IN

                            I RAN 4 MILES...BREAKING MY RECORD EVERY WEEK!!!
                            1 MILE 12:25 3 MILES 41:00 4 MILES 56:00 It was a slow pace through most with top speed in the first mile at 5.5 and lowest speed 3.9.
                            Did 5 miles total with warm up and cool down. I don't know why my legs continue to fight me on this...they just need to accept it and move on already!

                   - 40 sec elbow plank...harder than it should've been, but I think I was wiped out from my run

                   - 8/4/2 modified...elevated, used my bathtub....slick floors may be the death of me lol

                            Decided to skip my travels in Pandora


                              My weekend is a little blurry...from boredom, but here is what I remember

                              Fri 3/17

                     - 2 min high knees

                     - 10/4/4 elevated p/u

                              Treadmill - Walked for 3.35 miles on 4 grade incline, did it in an hour

                              Sat 3/18

                              Did a lot of cleaning-over 7000 steps on my pedometer and never left the house or got on the dreaded tread

                     - 60 sec elbow plank

                     -10/6/4 elevated p/u

                              Chapter 13 Age of Pandora...alotta damn bouncing! Lvl II 2 min rest

                              Lifted weights...not sure what the exercise is called but I lay on my back with my arms holding the 8 lb weights above my head and bring them down and up for 2 sets of 25 thus working the flab on the back of my arms(wanted to do more but was interrupted)

                              Sun 3/19

                              More cleaning...tried to get on the dreadmill but alas it was not meant to be

                              Played ball with my doggies

                              Took my kids outside to try and teach my youngest(11) to skateboard...that was interesting...over all walked over 1 1/4 mile...jogged/ran a little with him to get him going on his board...that was scary

                              Chapter 14 Age of to camp per walk above then....reinforce my camp...arrghh the push ups and arm raises!

                     - 2:30 high knees

                     - 15 sec

                              Did enough High knees to get me to Agora, picked up a job, traveled on to Mira and completed 100 calf raises...stayed there for the night.