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    10 - Day 1:

    A bit repetitive, I was surprised I pulled 8-9 sets out of that

    Xpress Tone - Day 1:
    Uh, ok...I thought this wouldnt take up too much time, but with reps to fatigue...bicep curls I can go for a bit, and 5 sets?!
    Curls to fatigue - with 8 lb weight
    1) 100 ....
    so i got my 15lb weights cause ain't nobody got time to do that many reps

    Side bends done with 15 lb weights

    Triceps Extensions to fatigue w/ 8lb weight
    1) 15 each arm
    2) 15
    3) 12
    4) 12
    5) 15

    Twists done with 8 lb weights

    Easy Core - Day 3

    Lots of side bends and twists in my work out today!

    Walked puppers a couple times


      Sounds like a good plan! When I did Express Tone I found the time commitment to be highly variable, so prepare yourself for some days that take 30 minutes or maybe more, depending on how long "to fatigue" takes you on some exercises.



        Skipped programs to run Click image for larger version  Name:	205576797_10208750005024457_6920084983344577024_n.jpg Views:	0 Size:	603.7 KB ID:	798322

        I ran 2.04 miles in 25 minutes. It's been too hot to run so I haven't gone since the 3rd of June. Lost a little distance/speed but was happy to still have 2 miles in 25. After that I recovered for a minute or 2 and then did 15 sets of 30/45 intervals. I was pretty well spent after that.

        Walked doggos before and after my run. Took the pic above when I was walking them <3

        Now today i have some DOMS going on from the weights...eesh that will make todays workout fun...and short XD

        My cat brought a live mole into the house first thing this morning, oof... now he is loose in my house


          Glad you got out for a run and it wasn't too hot!



            10 - Day 2 -
            Not sure how many sets I ended up doing...Lunges hurt my knees so I did those pretty slow, I did 5 or 6 sets I think

            Xpress Tone - Day 2 - EEESSHH - More lunges and squats! Used 8lb weights. Lunges to fatigue 16/12/10/12/12, Goblet squats to fatigue 10/10/10/10/10. I hope i did those correctly. Single leg deadlifts...very wobbly

            Easy Core - Day 4: 30 side bends done with no break

            Walked my puppers before and after workout - another nice day!


              Click image for larger version  Name:	20210624_054113.jpg Views:	0 Size:	275.1 KB ID:	798599Click image for larger version  Name:	20210624_053431.jpg Views:	0 Size:	260.8 KB ID:	798600This little gal(?) has had quite the ordeal and I am a little confused as to how she ended up in my closet. I am not 100% on what exactly this is, as the moles that have been brought in before looked quite different, and I know it's not a mouse...kind of resembles a groundhog​, but it would have to be a baby and I don't think their tails look like that. Anyways, It is my belief that the cat brought this critter in yesterday morning. It got away and went and hid behind the fridge. It was not seen the rest of the day. 9:30 or so last night i look over and it is suddenly laying on the floor a few feet away from me and the dogs were sniffing at it. It was not moving and I believed it to be dead. I thought Zarah had picked it up, because when I looked back, it was gone. I told her to put it down but she slinked out to the back deck and I really couldn't tell if she had it or if it had just run off.(her actions said 'I got a thing and you aren't getting it'). So I thought it was gone. At 2:30 this morning I heard that familiar squeak, in my bedroom...I shot upright, and the dogs were on point. I got up to see if I could catch it, but it seemed it had either gone under my dresser, or had ran to the closet(the cat was trying to get in there at the time and the dogs were still looking under the dresser). I decided to go back to bed and hoped I wouldn't be woken up again. This morning I got up and went to get dressed and it was just sitting in the closet. It didn't try and run or squeak at me or nothing. She was so chill! She never tried to run or squirm away, poor thing mustve been exhausted. I sat her in a safe place until I finished getting ready then took her out front and sent her on her way with my best wishes.


                HAAAA definitely not a mole!! Nor a groundhog, It's a gopher!


                  Jeezus, cats! Mine used to bring mice in to play at night, let them loose in the house and then the dogs would have to find them.


                    Oh wow! Glad she got back outside, I hope she is okay.


                      6/24 - 6/27


                      10 - Day 3:
                      Jeezus I hate these "simple" looking workouts, I had to take mini breaks to shake out my arms with this one

                      Xpress Tone - Day 3: Crap, I dont remember my reps to fatigue(i wrote them down, but they are at home). I was very sore when I got started so it didnt take me long to tire, used 8lb weights

                      Easy Core - Day 5: 10 side bends, 4 twists - I think i did 4 sets instead of 3

                      Walked pooches, watered


                      Spent hours working on cleaning the garage up. No workout needed after that. I literally spent the whole day out there and barely made a dent. Big garages are great, until they become a catch all. OOF We have cabinets we can put up for storage, but a lot of crap has to be tossed or rearranged so we can get them up. My pups spent the day outside with me and we went on a couple of walks. My bestest boy, Stubby, stayed by my side all day while Zarah laid in the grass and watched from afar. I can't tell ya'll how much i love my boy and love, love, love the fact he always has to be by my side.


                      I took a bit of a break as I was very sore from working out and working in the garage, walked my babies and took them running around with me.

                      Sunday:I almost didnt get my workout in today. Played Minecraft with my son, cooked food for a cookout(why is it when my husband gets a great idea to cookout for a friends bday I am the one that gets stuck with doing most of the preparing/baking/cooking/cleaning and all he does is grill the meat? UGH) But later in the evening I made myself get up and get my workout done, of course I walked my dogs a few times as well.

                      10 - Day 4: Gahh!! I had to take little mini breaks through this whole thing! I have no damn core strength at all

                      Xpress Tone - Day 4: Eh, was a bit hard, but doable

                      Easy Core - Day 6: 40 side bends, at once


                        Originally posted by basecamp View Post
                        Oh wow! Glad she got back outside, I hope she is okay.
                        I hope she's ok too

                        Later that evening My son and I had to chase a chipmunk around my bathroom until we could catch it to get it out! What a day! I have videos of this little guy parkouring(?) around my bathroom, it was quite entertaining! Finally he jumped into my cat food bag and i was able to safely get him out.


                          Just spent my morning at work working with/training a new Officer and what a background he has come from. I am not the jabberjaw nosy type, but in simple conversation I learned enough about this gentleman to be at awe of his perseverance. As some of you know, I work in a Correctional Institution. I normally am in the Business Office, but we are short staffed so I have to work a security post every once in a while, not my cup of tea, but it's not a very demanding position, the front desk. That is basically verifying and searching everyone that comes in/leaves the building. One officer is known to complain every time he leaves and comes in the building, just complaining about what his work assignment is and what not. This particular officer left and I told my trainee about how he complains every time he comes in or goes out. So we start talking about how draining it can be to be that way and how we just try and make the best of things thrown at us(though, admittedly, i still struggle with this, but I try). Then he tells me he was supposed to serve life in prison. Considering where I work, and I know we don't hire ex cons..I had to ask if he wouldn't mind elaborating. This man, who is my age, has gone through so much! He proceeds to tell me that he is from Iraq and when he was 10 he was sentenced to life in prison. At 8 his parents and brother were all hung, they had received the death sentence for fighting against the government. He continued to fight against the government and at 10 he was caught and sentenced to life in prison. I am blown away. I have lived such a sheltered life. He served 8 years in prison there, but when the war started the US freed him and brought him back to the States. He lived as a refugee. He came here knowing no English and says it was very hard and scary at the time. But he learned, and the more he learned the more he wanted to learn. He ended up going to college. His English is very good, I was surprised that he wasn't raised here. I also learned that he had a sister who was killed in a bombing and that he has no family left, other than the family he has started here. He now has 2 daughters and says that he is writing a book for them so they know their families background and they know to appreciate what they have(that's not verbatim). I also learned he was shot twice in the chest with an AK47. What a resilient man. He says he is living the American dream, and though life was not kind to him and he has a lot he could be negative about, he chooses happiness and making each day better than the last. He chooses to be grateful for what he has now, and not resentful. I would love to sit with him and learn more as I feel extremely naïve to the on goings of the world around me. I mean yes, you see it on TV, but it can be easy to forget that this is reality. Read a book, it's hard to really grasp the reality. To hear from someone who has lived it first hand is far more enlightening (to me). I sit here still thinking about it, and hoping this man doesnt have to deal with very many narrow-minded people who are all about hate just because of the color of the skin, or where you're from. It's so sad.


                            Just realized that i have made it to over 100 days again! 112 consecutive days!


                              Congratulations on 112 days!


                                Congrats on 112 days