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    Thurs 5/26 - RWC Did lvl II -5 sets. Modified Pushups.

    I love this challenge because it pushes my boundaries and I see what I really can do. Granted I was wobbly, I was pleasantly surprised I was able to do 5 sets. I loved the combo moves, even though I have no kind of all lol


      Memorial Day Weekend - 5/27 - 5/29 - Completed Ironborn!! Pushed myself to failure on my reps these last 2 days. I really wanted to make it count!

      The rest of my 3 day weekend consisted of fishing, more fishing, cards, movies, a motorcycle ride and some yard work, which was dangerous as I made aware I was in striking distance of a Black Widow Spider!

      I think I will practice for the Fighters Coordination Challenge

      Next up is Athenas Playbook! Starting on the 1st!


        Happy badge day! Have fun with Athena's Playbook!


          Thank you twinkletoes !!


            Tues 5/30 working working working

            At day job

            200/100/300/100 calf raises - bounces o.O
            25/20/30 squats - it was so hot in the bathroom at work I found it hard to keep going, didn't want to sweat in my work clothes!

            At Job 2

            Practiced the Fighter Coordination Challenge, fun but I have some trouble...I am not very coordinated lol

            I am having a lot of pain in my left shoulder so I didn't do anything else....oh except for watch my pup having puppies @ 2 in the morning!


              Congrats for the new "Ironborn" badge


                Hope your shoulder isn't seriously injured and you feel better soon!


                  Thank you twinkletoes, I am hoping it will be better before I start Athenas playbook! I attached a pic of the puppers but they are a little hard to make out.
                  Thanks Cabriel !!


                    Awwww, these small puppies. Are there 3 of them?


                      Originally posted by twinkletoes View Post
                      Awwww, these small puppies. Are there 3 of them?
                      she had 6 all together, but in this pic there were only 3 or 4. When I get better pics I will share them, they are so adorable!


                        5/31 -----YAWN-----sooo tired...

                        At work - 50/50/50 Alternating front kicks...Good exercise! Why didn't I think of that sooner?!

                        Practice, practice, practice! Fighters Coordination Challenge

                        Today (6/1) I start Athenas Playbook! I also like the looks of the June Challenge, so I shall tag that on! Maybe I can stay on track this month!! Thank goodness the first falls on a day I don't work both jobs...I really need to buckle down and stop slacking...


                          Thursday 6/1 - Athenas Playbook, June Challenge and Daily Dare

                          At Work 50/50 Side Kicks -25 per leg
                          100/100 High Knees
                          Oh looked easy enough.....but, no...not so much

                 Ugh...Bucking Furpees I managed lvl II, but I am sure they weren't resembling burpees anymore by the end of it! Thank goodness they weren't the full on ones!

                 - with EC!!

                 - with EC Easy Peasy

                          Also practiced for FCC, although I don't think I will be able to post a video


                            Fri, Sat, Sun 6/2 - 6/4 -- **********possible Pandora spoiler*******

                            At work 50/50 Alternating back kicks




                   * Sunday - Problem with this is I am unable to hold a plank for 2 mins much less go through variations while doing it! Needed a couple seconds to regroup after first minute, then continued

                   days 2,3,4 with EC * Fri, Sat, Sun - wasn't sure if I could do 100 climbers in one go but I did! The hops were uncomfortable for my heel(possible spur I suppose) but I managed 50 on each leg

                   *Sunday - Finally had the time to revisit Pandora as my day 4 of Athenas Playbook was very short. Chapters 19A and 20 complete! 19A was nifty as I had the mountain men bonus, so only had to complete 4 sets, but I still did the 1 minute rest instead of the 2 I was allowed. Chapter 20, OMG lvl II so 200 half jacks(no biggie) 200 lunge step ups (my poor knees!, and after doing the 40 split lunges!) and 200 side leg raises! . All in all it wasn't too horrible, but I am feeling my thighs today!

                            Also threw in the Fighters Coordination Challenge, I had practiced it quite a bit so it was fast, but maybe not best form!

                            I guess you could say I did some farmers walking and figured out I should've used the cinderblocks for this workout in ironborn! I brought them from the garage to the front porch 2 at a time and Whew! I only brought out 4, but man! I know what I am using to build up my hand strength!


                              Look at you doing 200 Lunge Step-ups Great Sunday workout!


                                Originally posted by twinkletoes View Post
                                Look at you doing 200 Lunge Step-ups Great Sunday workout!
                                I know! When I looked at the reps/sets, I had to do a double take! I wasn't sure my poor ol' knees could take it! I felt pretty accomplished when I finished!