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    Mon 5/8

    At work 65/101/100 Jumping Jacks

    And that about does it. Shopping, dinner time and family movie night killed the rest of my night


      Tues 5/

      At work - 40/22(?)squats(forgot to write them down) - May Challenge - I did days 8 & 9 to catch up - Leg Day -Instead of using weights I doubled the reps. I had to wear my knee brace and not go as deep starting out. Did calve(calf(?)that's a baby raises with weights - Abs...Planks ahh...but I can tell there is a difference, I am able to hold longer now, but they are still hard.

      Getting frustrated though as I checked my fat, BMI, and muscle and all are going the opposite way they should does my muscle mass go down when I am lifting 16lb weights almost everyday? I don't understand it. I can understand the other numbers as my cardio has been put on the back burner for now and I only do it once a week or so. Am I not doing enough? Am I doing something wrong? I can tell I am getting stronger, I am able to do more than I could before. I just don't understand...


        Weds 5/10------------------work both jobs-----------------------

        At work - 150/150 High Knees...some heavy lifting and moving of stuff at job 2 - some of these overheads are getting tough!

        Started Mays day 10 challenge but my son called to video chat and that went out the door, but you'll hear no complaints from me!

        I also got signed up for a 5K this weekend at the zoo! Excited
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          Originally posted by Trbrat75 View Post
          I also got signed up for a 5K this weekend at the zoo! Excited
          At the zoo? That sounds like fun Good luck!


            Thurs 5/11

            Thanks twinkletoes! I haven't been to the zoo in a long time and I am so looking forward to it!!!

            At work 2 min wall sit and 50-100 Marching Steps (lost count)

   - Farmers walk-I brought in a ton of groceries, so I counted that because I always load up as much as I can possibly carry and my weights don't make it challenging enough

   - Did days 4 and 10 - I will get back on track here eventually lol

            Looking at the May Challenge, I notice that the last day is V-Ups I don't think I can even do 1, much less 20!! But I guess we shall see, maybe I will surprise myself


              Fri-Sun 5/12 - 5/14 ........-----------What a Weekend-----------........

              Fri at work 50 High Knees + 50 Jumping Jacks

              That is all I did Friday. It was leg day on Ironborn and with my 5k the next day I decided not to do it.

              Sat - Throo the Zoo 5k. It was tough with the hills, I haven't really ran in a while and I was feeling it. My finish time was 36:10, afterwards my family met up with me and we then walked through the zoo. Then lunch, and grocery shopping...than a nap(I was exhausted!). Then up again to go to friends house for bonfire, with hotdogs, chips and smores, badminton, and drinks.

              Sun - My workout Sunday consisted of moving the firewood off of my porch over to the side of the garage...a lot of wood, a lot of walking, squatting, tossing. Nice steak dinner for mothers day then a walk/hike after dinner.


                Monday 5/15

                At work - 150/175/100 High knees

                At Home today was a total flop. Daughter had a spring choir concert to do.

                But today I have done 125 JJ in one go so far! My calves were as hard as a rock afterwards, but I was like 'wow, I cant believe I pushed passed 100!' I could've kept going, but I didn't want to push too hard and get a cramp and have someone walk in on me lying on the bathroom floor at work lol.. The changes are small, but there are changes. I am getting stronger!!


                  Originally posted by Trbrat75 View Post
                  The changes are small, but there are changes. I am getting stronger!!
                  Indeed you are! Congrats on your progress!


                    Thank you twinkletoes

                    Tues 5/16

                    Another busy day with another concert to take my daughter to for band. And I think I may be coming down with a cold :/ that being said I did do 500 Jumping Jacks at work 125/150/100/125 But after concert I came home and hit the sack.

                    Weds 5/17

                    Called into work to get some rest, but worked in Ironborn throughout the day(I still rested, even took naps in-between a couple of the workouts)

           - now I know I wasn't performing in top form, but those V-ups...whew! My back disagreed with these at first, but I managed to complete although they were sloppy lol

           - sad to say I had to do the push-ups on my knees, and still struggled on the last set

           - barely squeaked out the renegade rows, but I did them the correct way... but the bicep curls I did all with no break in between sets


                      Thurs 5/18

                      At Work - Marching Steps + squats 130+13, 60+30, 100+25, 100

             - Leg Day and surprisingly I was able to do all the exercises with my 8lb weights with no pain!!

                      I am going to try and get in the routine of doing push-ups every morning first thing, as I am still struggling with them. So this morning I barely squeezed out 10 regular Push-ups, which I know is better than where I started a few months ago


                        Fri 5/19

                        At work - 200/150/150 high knees

                        At home Abs Day Iron Born day 24....planks...I was dying but I made it! No modifications either! Also completed daily dare marching step twists... Whew it was harder than it looked!

                        Also went for a short walk and then did about 30 mins on the tread, just walking on incline


                          Sat and Sunday 5/20 - 5/21

                          This weekend was a bust...I thought foolishly I would have more time to workout, but I squeezed in

                 on Saturday and

                 for the Random Workout Challenge, I have not done a lot of HIIT and that was hard, but fun!


                            Monday 5/22
                   days 7 and 12 (I know, I am all over the place and way behind )

                   - yup..sore from this one

                   - eh - it still seems a little too easy


                              Tues 5/23

                     - Leg Day, managed it with my 8lb weights with minimal knee arguments, although I really need to work on my balance. I think I have been doing the single leg dead lifts wrong until tonight. I think I held the weight on the opposite side of the leg that was lifted instead of the same side like I did last night. It made it a lot harder trying to balance, which I am betting is the point. Lesson learned


                                Weds 5/24

                       - Abs Day - Raised legs and Side Jackknives I did 4 sets of 20


                                So I don't forget, I knocked out 10 P/U first thing this morning...I have not been holding up my promise to myself to do them every morning :/