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    Originally posted by Joe76 View Post
    16/8 plus fasting day on mondays for more than 1,5 years... What do you want to know?
    I am considering giving it a try, Im just curious about peoples experience with it and if anyone has any tips on getting started. Why do you only fast on Mondays?


      Oh no... strictly 16/8 fasting from tuesday to saturday (meals between noon and 8 o'clock). Mostly make an exception on sunday (having breakfast with my wife). Complete fasting day on monday (drinking water/tea/coffee, no sugar, max. two glasses of juice).

      Choose the times of eating/fasting that it fits to your life.

      I feel great...


        [QUOTE=Joe76;n688128]Oh no... strictly 16/8 fasting from tuesday to saturday (meals between noon and 8 o'clock). Mostly make an exception on sunday (having breakfast with my wife). Complete fasting day on monday /QUOTE]

        ah, ok...i see. Was it difficult to transition to IF?


          "Just" try to make it a habit. Avoid exceptions...
          Compared to a completed fasting day it is relatively easy.
          For sure there will be hunger at the beginning but your body will adapt.
          Right now I'm down to two meals a day (... plus some chocolate / peanut butter / cookies)

          Mostly no hunger but drinking (water) is important!


            Originally posted by Trbrat75 View Post
            Anyone do intermittent fasting? Thoughts or suggestions on starting?
            I try to hit 14h fast, but I do not take it seriously, some days I have to shorten, some days I can extend... play around, to see what fits your schedule.

            I eat dinner around 6pm and breakfast is at 8 or 9am, when I am at home. and at 10am at work.


              May 6 >>>>>> 52 <<<<<<

              Walking during lunch hour - walked a little over a mile during my break. It felt so good to get away from my desk!

              *Sigh* I had high hopes of doing Vitality and possibly starting 30 days of yoga, but I got lazy (AKA- Got wrapped up in a video game) sooo...yeah, not much else went on for me other than taking the dogs out for a brief walk.

              BUT it has been about 13 hrs since my last meal (we ate late last night) and I have only had water. I had not planned on starting this today, but I gorged myself on pizza late last night so I figure my fat ass can wait a little longer before I eat today. It hasn't been horrible, but I am hungry. Luckily I have enough distraction at work right now to ignore it(mostly). Usually if I am at work by this time I have already eaten a banana for a snack, possibly have had hot chocolate with marshmallows(depending on weather) and have eaten whatever breakfast(normally an egg biscuit or a bowl of Special K w/ Protein cereal). Wish me luck, i will need it lol

              Water Challenge: 5/8 days
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                Good luck! 🤣


                  May 7 - 11 >>>>>> 57 <<<<<<

         - done thurs
         - lvl III, done thurs
         - lvl III, done Friday

                  Walked all days

                  I/F - 3/5 days - Sat morn @ 330a I woke up with a migraine, i had to take medicine and cant do that on an empty stomach (i tried) so broke fast early. On Mothers day my son brought me breakfast in bed and u just cant say no to that!
                  Water Challenge - 7/13 - Been hit or miss on the long weekends
                  Last edited by Trbrat75; May 13, 2020, 11:32 AM. Reason: had wrong date down


                    May 12 >>>>>>58<<<<<<<

           - lvl III 1 minute rest

           - nice to wind down with this!

                    spent time outside with the dogs, walking and playing

                    I/F - 4/6 - ugh! Somedays its hard to make it through, but it is starting to make me more accountable in the evenings.
                    Water Challenge - 8/14 - Drank plenty over my goal today! And No SOFTDRINKS!


                      May 13 - 18 >>>>>>64


                        glitched while posting my extended weekend work out, so it posted I guess what it had last auto saved...figures lol. May 13 - 18 >>>>>>64


                          sigh...i give up I will try posting later


                            Ok, I cannot like posts, I cant delete notifications and my fully typed posts only posts the first sentence or anyone else having this issue or is it just me??? I also cant access my smileys or advance editor I know they are doing a patch, but just wonder if anyone else is experiencing problems like i am...


                              I am actually surprised it posted everything i typed that time lol


                                Everything is recorded