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    YAY! Thanks Rainbow Dragon i finally got it to work!!


      Im done...i am so upset. Yesterday I pulled the ligament in my calf again

      I guess I did too much...a little bit of hiking on my back steep hill, I was only taking pictures so i didn't venture to far and it was stop and go and slow moving. Then, later, I had to retrieve my dogs as they were aggravating my neighbors dog, and in my haste i stepped up on a steep incline, using a rock to keep from slipping and *POP* that was snapped again. I immediately fell to the ground grabbing my leg and cussing. Upon that, the dogs decided they had better listen to me and came running back . (we are working on getting a fence up) I immediately went to wrap, elevate, and ice it. Thankfully it does not seem to be as bad as the first time. Im struggling as it is and this does not help.

      Anyways >>>>>> streak 36 <<<<<<

      Walking the dogs daily is the main exercise. Throw in cleaning off the back deck, and some serious vacuuming/sweeping and that is the extent of what I remember from this long weekend


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          Oh no!!!
          Get well soon!!!


            Oh no! I'm sorry you're having to deal with this again.
            Hoping for a speedy (and more thorough) recovery this time.


              Shoot!! Bummer for your calf. Hope for quick recovery this time


                April 21 - 27 >>>>>> Streak 43 <<<<<<

                Took the week off, not much to do at work right now, but I am still considered "essential". Staying home did not help my mental health though, as I pretty much stayed in bed all week. I had stuff I needed to do, but i just didn't. But, I did walk everyday. I made myself get out for a little while each day and walk my dogs. My daughter got me out of the house one day and we went to a park and hiked. Yesterday me and my son walked about 3 or so miles. I took my camera with me. I'm glad I did, I got some pictures of a Baltimore Oriole. They are so pretty and they can be hard to spot, or get good pictures of as they like to stay high in the trees and hide in the leaves. I am hoping the photos turned out, i haven't really had a chance to review them yet.

                My leg is definitely not as bad as the first time. It doesn't hurt unless i move the wrong way. Unfortunately my little Scrappy girl decided to stand on my knee while i was laying in bed, and she must've stood on it just right, because it has hurt every since, and the pain shoots up to my hip.

                This is my daughters senior year, and I am struggling with the feelings of that. Not seeing her graduate, missing her senior prom, her senior trip to NY got cancelled. All the other fun little things that happen your senior year, all those experiences have been ripped from her, from us. I wish I knew something special I could do for her. F*ck this damn disease

                I hope everyone at the hive is safe and well


                  April 28 >>>>>> 44<<<<<<

                  Walking the dogs
                  - Decided to start Vitality. Day 1 - LVL 3, 1 min rest.


                    (re)set your goals and rock it!


                      Thanks for all the well wishes guys I really do appreciate it


                        April 29 >>>>>> 45 <<<<<<

                        Walking dogs

                        : LVL 2 - 1 min rest for first 3 sets, 2 min for next 2. this proves I really need to make sure I stick with this program...this was pretty tough to keep doing, I thought I could do lvl 3, but nope, my arms were dead after lvl 1 but i pushed through 2 more sets with the longer rest period.

                        I also am challenging myself to drink more water. I am horrible at drinking enough of anything, much less water. I am hoping that this will help as much as they say it will with energy and brain fog. I have a 30oz Yeti. I looked up some info yesterday and I should be drinking about 100 ounces a day. Ha! I maaayybee drink 30oz or so, and a soft drink. So i challenge myself to drink at least 90 ounces. I should empty that bad boy 3 times a day...this will be tough for me, i have tried before.... Last night at bedtime I was trying to down the last of my water, but it upsets my stomach if I drink to fast.

                        Water Challenge:
                        90+oz - days 1/1: I drank a bit over my allotment, which is great! (I had a soft drink too but i am not counting that...someday I will have the will power to turn away that fizzy goodness...but not yet)


                          April 30 - May 4 >>>>>> 50 <<<<<<

                          Walking dogs
                 Have not stayed up with this like I wanted. No excuse really, just bad time management and scatterbrained

                          Fri: Lots of walking -
                          Took the dogs to a creek to let them play, then the kids and i went to a park and walked around

                          Cleaning/Rearranging the garage - HEAVY LIFTING of cabinets and moving work benches and such...I am still sore!

                          Walking the dogs, honestly Sunday is a blur. I cant really remember what else i did at this point.

                          Walking the dogs, went to the park and walked with my daughter

                          Water Challenge: 4/6 days - The biggest struggle is when I am not at work, i drink a lot less. So Friday and Saturday I did good but Sunday and Monday while I did drink more water than i normally would, it wasn't as much as i should be drinking.


                            May 5th >>>>>> 51 <<<<<<

                            Didn't walk the dogs, it was raining

                   - lvl III - 30sec rest

                            I really should've done something else, but I didn't.

                            Water Challenge: close, but i think i missed my mark today, I wasn't tracking as closely as I should 4/7


                              Anyone do intermittent fasting? Thoughts or suggestions on starting?


                                16/8 plus fasting day on mondays for more than 1,5 years... What do you want to know?