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    Ohhh mi gosh whatta beauty. Wishing her well!


      Congratulations on your 15 day streak, Dawn!
      (That Power Up program is tough!)


        Originally posted by Rainbow Dragon View Post
        Congratulations on your 15 day streak, Dawn!
        (That Power Up program is tough!)
        Thank you!!

        It is doesn't look that hard, but man it really works you!


          I remember feeling โ€œwtf?!? Add on?!?! This is enough all by itself!!!โ€ So. Yeah. Youโ€™re right..๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ


            Congrats on 15 days streak


              Mar 3: >>>>>> Streak 16 <<<<<<

     Day 20 - I ran 5k! Average pace was about 12 min a mile.
     Day 21 - Nice lil workout after a long run.

              *Total time and distance for my run was 4.21 miles @1:05. After PU workout was done did some basic stretching


                Home is not completed without a dog's blanket...
                Congratulations on 15 days!!!


                  Thank you Joe76!!

                  I could not imagine not having at least one dog in my home...ok, so having less than 2 would be really weird for me


                    Mar 4 >>>>>> Streak - 17 <<<<<<

           Day 21 -
                    Kind of a light day, did a couple 1 minute sprints...but I was pushing my limits for sure

                    25 mins total


                      Click image for larger version

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ID:	663176 Pup of the Day: Dawson! Dawsonwas a stray with a broken front leg, but you couldn't tell that now! This spunky boy is a hound mix and they are not sure of his age. He's a total ham and very photogenic(makes my job easier!!) He is brand new to the program and has a lot of manners to learn!!


                        Because I love dogs and I love's a few of my fav pics from yesterdays training
                        Click image for larger version

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ID:	663206 Pogo and Sonic look like they are sharing a 'Titanic' "don't let go Jack!" moment(although if you look close pogo is sticking her tongue out at him XD). You can see Jacksons amputated tail, then him sitting tall and handsome. Tria looks like a little bat!! If you look close in the last pic you can see that the trainer is about to be pranked! Turns out Bil jac (dog training treat) looks a lot like a turd when you roll it up .


                          mar 5 >>>>>> streak 18 <<<<<<

                 Day 22 -
                 happened. So technically i did not run, so I wont count it. It was a beautiful day, I went to the park, walked the 1/4 mile loop for a warm up and as soon as I started to run POP! and an explosion of pain. I pulled, strained, tore...whatever you wanna call it, my calf muscle.. I did it good...oh my. It is swollen and I am devastated. I did not do the right thing initially as I tried to "walk it off" like a leg cramp. Nope, I almost hit the ground a couple of times with the spasms that I would get. By the time I got to my car I had probably a good 30 mins of walking in.(some before the injury and some after, which was much slower). When I got home I walked around some more with my dogs. Then went in to start the R.I.C.E.

                          Any suggestions would be appreciated, i want to keep doing something


                            When I happened to get hurt I continued to do light stretching and light exercises waiting for it to improve, apart from rest, patience and keeping a little on the move it cannot be done, keep in mind that this is only my opinion and personal experience


                              Ohhh my sorry to hear of that.

                              ...maybe while you are on couch/recliner with the leg elevated, do punches vertical and horizontal, do that hand squeeze power grip movements, ummm, items that keep shoulders and arms engaged a bit? :::more opinion only, not a doctor here:::

                              Hoping you will be well soon.


                                Thank you Fremen and WSMC27, any thoughts or suggestions are welcome and i understand that they are just opinions and not medical advise