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    Tues 4/25--------------------------Working both jobs-------------------------

    At Work 3 Sets of 75 Jumping Jacks

    Iron Born Day 5 w/ 16lb weights - - a bit of a struggle, especially with the push-ups, even doing them on my knees

    Total Abs Day 8 - lvl 1, although I think I am starting to get confused on reps again so i did 10 each leg and a total of 20 back rotations -

    Flexibility Week - - - - I liked this one, but due to it being late I was only able to complete 1 set

    Today will have even more time restraints as I work later, I hope to at least keep both of my month programs going....but as I just looked at Total abs and it is 140 Flutter kicks throughout the day...idk if that will happen lol...maybe I will try day 10 planks instead...we shall see....planks with biceps and back day may not end well...

    Can someone tell me wth a farmers walk is? Is it literally just walking with very heavy weights?
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      Yes, you pick two heavy weights and carry them around, a bit like coming home from grocery shopping full packed.
      Use really heavy weights, or else you will have to walk a lot.

      Here is a thread where the same question got asked, but I remember J3ster had a good video for it, maybe he can post it here again?


        Thanks Artemi I may have to borrow my neighbors 40 lb weights lol


          Weds 4/26 --------------------------Working Both Jobs------------------------------------

          Iron Born Day 6 16lbs/21lbs each arm for Farmers Walk, Wish I had heavier, but they were still about as heavy as being loading down with groceries!

          Total Abs Day 9 Lvl I - did in a chair this time, 80/60...I was clinging to the arms of the chair! This was a struggle and I could feel my muscles tensing after I stopped

          Do to coming home late no time for Flexibility W/O today

          Thanks to Iron Born I am sore all over lol!


            Thurs 4/27

            At work 25 Squats 20 Lunges

            Was tired from lack of sleep the night before so I went home and took a nap

            Leg Day on Iron Born....I decided to skip that and do my walk/run up my hell hill for my leg workout, as I don't think my knees were going to let me do the squats and lunges with weight today, I struggled with the squats and lunges with no weights, but I was trying to go deeper. I believe on future leg days I will swap for the hill

            Walk/Run 5 miles in 1H:10M...felt pretty good about that as my just tad over 4 miles has been running the same time


              4/28 - 4/30

              Upset because I forgot about the turning Kick challenge...I was going to attempt it

              Weekend Workout consisted of rearranging my daughters bedroom, taking out excess furniture etc...which means I have some extra space for working out again. Sunday was yard work...weed pulling and using a weed eater and general cleaning. Not real work outs, but a workout none the less. Friday is a blur...drs appts, store...lots of driving...I don't even remember if I worked out, but Im sure I managed will be back to where I left off on Iron Born and Total Abs


                Monday 5/1

                Iron Born day 8 - Abs Day - planks -
                The up down planks I did on my knees except the last set, side planks I had to have my hand on the floor for support

                May Challenge Day 1 -


                  Tues 5/2----------------Worked both jobs-------------------------

                  At work
                  50-50 Jumpin Jacks...couldn't do as head and um..other areas kinda hurt today

                  May Challenge Day 2 -

                  Iron Born Day 9 -

                  1 minute Jump trips! But I was wore out and not dressed appropriately so that is all I did


                    Weds 5/3----------------------Worked Both Jobs-----------------------------

                    Job 1) 50 Pulse squats
                    Job 2) Climbing...into and out of a cardboard compactor twice to unjam it. Jumping...on boxes and large displays, and folding and tearing and more jumping
                    (Taking notice to the fact that this time when I climbed in I felt stronger and more sure of my ability to hold my weight to climb in!).

                    Day 3 May Abs and Core challenge -

                    Day 10 Iron Born - Easy Peasy....shoulder shrugs make my shoulders really tight, I managed to do the renegade rows with my 16 Lb weights. It was tough, but a lot of that had to deal with the fact that my weights are rounded(barbell type) and I have to keep them steady.

                    So, overall feel pretty good on what I accomplished


                      Thurs 5/4 - Sun 5/7

                      Thur - - Leg Day. It was raining so I couldn't go tackle my hill that I am supposed to be swapping it with. I did what I could. I got through the first 12 reps of the squats, but when I started the 2nd set the pain came(sharp pain in right knee). I was able to do all of the calf raises and single leg dead lifts, but not the lunges.

                      Fri - - Abs Day

                      Sat - - Shoulders, Chest and Triceps, I think I did the first set of 12 P/U the reg way, the rest I did on my knees

                      Sun - - Back and Biceps

             - I skipped day 4, did 5 & 6 and skipped 7...I will play catch up, but lower back hurts to bad to do any kind of leg lifting right now

                      WOD - Sunday - - Nice, it hurt a little and I know its not supposed to, but my shoulder didn't like a couple of the moves. The lunge lock especially


                        Almost half way through Iron Born and wondering what program to follow up with...Athenas Playbook? Cardio Trim? 30 Days of Change? 30 Days of HIIT?...there were others - so many...


                          Luckily you still have some time to decide They are very different programs, so maybe start not with the question what program to do next but what you want to better next (endurance, weight, muscle)?


                            twinkletoes I think I have narrowed it down to Athenas Playbook and Combat HIIT. I know I need to work on my endurance for my upcoming obstacle race, and I like the combat aspects of both programs. I see you did Athenas Playbook. How did you like it?


                              I absolutely loved it. It had a bit of everything, cardio, strength, combat and even some Yoga poses. The funny part is that most days were really short and I thought "well that wasn't much" but ended up being super sore anyway


                                Originally posted by twinkletoes View Post
                                I absolutely loved it. It had a bit of everything, cardio, strength, combat and even some Yoga poses. The funny part is that most days were really short and I thought "well that wasn't much" but ended up being super sore anyway
                                That sounds awesome as I am short on time some days which is why I had to cut out the Total Abs Program I was doing along with Iron Born. Then I can add on workouts, or Pandora on days I have more time