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    just cant seem to get my shit together


      After crash reading the past 2 months of Rainbow Dragon posts i have decided to try the Power Up program. Possibly paired with 30 Days of Running. My daughter signed up at a gym so I can go with her 2/3 times a week and so far I have concentrated that on strength training. (the whole 2 times lol)

      I stopped the BETR program I was on. Fell off the wagon, explained to my coach that I was dealing with some depression issues and I never heard from him again. Isn't that awesome? The guy that was being paid to be there for me dumped me like last weeks leftovers. That does wonders for your mental health when you are already struggling daily. But, hey, whatever...I'm still fighting, and I got a free digital scale out of it.

      I managed to run 2 miles in 24 min yesterday. Was a beautiful winter day for a run, and I haven't ran outside in some time so I was thoroughly impressed with my distance as well as time. So far on the treadmill I have only been able to do a mile.


        Congrats on your 2 mile run yesterday, Trbrat! That sounds like a great idea to go to the gym with your daughter. Having a workout buddy can really help you to keep going during times when your motivation is flagging.

        I'm sorry the BETR program didn't work out for you. I hope you can find a way to not read too much into that issue with your coach not getting back to you. I'm not familiar with the program. But a disappearing online coach like that sounds like either a technical glitch, or just bad time management or tracking on the part of someone at the coach's end. In either case, it is most certainly not a reflection of you in any way, shape, or form. So, sure: drop the program if it wasn't working for you, but don't imagine its failings are about you. They are not.

        I liked the Power Up program. It's tough, but effective. The workouts are blessedly short, so you don't need to psych yourself up for too much torture at once.


          Feb 4, 2020

 - Day 2: 1 mile run in 13 min (give or take depending on if I believe my fitbit or my treadmill) 30 min total on tread with warm up and cooldown. My run was a struggle today, probably due to me trying to amp up my speed a tad.

 - Day 1. Rainbow Dragon you were right! OMG so much harder than I thought it would be, that hurt my hips and my thighs were trying to cramp! It just shows how much I need it. Also, done a couple hours after running which probably didn't help.


            Feb 5

   Day 3: Did a 15 min run on my treadmill at 4.3 pace.

            I dialed back my pace from the day before. I waIked 5 mins to warm up and another 5 to cool down for 25 min total on the tread. I am thinking I ran a mile, if anyone knows how to calculate that...fill me in. I can't really find anything about how to calculate that the way I want it. Closest I could find was someone guesstimated that 13.57min at 4.3 pace would be a mile. If that's true then a ran a tad over a mile.

   Day 2: Powering up my arms was easier than doing my legs lol.

            Todays power up will be calve raises, shouldn't be a big deal, and the leg swings, we shall see. But, the raised leg hold...that will be really hard for me. Thank goodness it's only 30 seconds, just the longest of my life...but its fine.


              Your treadmill reports your pace but not your mileage? If you know your distance per unit of time, and you know your time, you can easily calculate your distance with the following formula:


              T = time
              D = distance
              P = pace

              P = D / T
              D = P x T

              in this case:

              T = 15 minutes = .25 hours (15 minutes / 60 minutes/hour = .25 hours)
              P = 4.3 miles / hour (I'm assuming these are the units you're measuring)
              D = 4.3 miles / hour x .25 hours = 1.075 miles


                Rainbow Dragon thanks! It does measure distance, but I am warming up and cooling down with walking so, unless i shut it down and restart it when i start my run, i don't know my distance for my run alone. Side note: I also don't trust my memory to look and keep track of when i started running lol


                  Feb 6.

         Day 3: Just as I suspected, the leg raise holds were tough, I cant get my leg up very high right now.
                  Now, todays side leg extensions are going to absolutely suck as my hips are where I have a lot of difficulty

         Day 4: Ran 20 minutes at 4.3. Total time with warm up and cool down was 31 min, total miles was 2


                    Feb 7 - 9

                    Day 5:
                    I only ran 5 minutes today, but I pushed my speed - 5.8 pace for 2 min, 4.8 pace for 1 min, 4.3 pace for 2 min. Of course warm up and cool down so i think it was 20 mins total.
                    Day 6: Now, this day I pushed for distance. I ran for 25 min at 4.3 pace (i think) run distance 1.75
                    Day 7: I didn't run this day. I went roller skating. I am still counting it as a run because, lemme tell ya, I haven't done it in a looong time and man was i feeling it. Fitbit tracker says i was active 63 minutes but I feel it was longer, we were there 3 hours and i was on the floor the majority of the time.

                    Day 4:
                    As I expected the side leg raises were tough
                    Day 5: After skating i "pushed" these out. Ugh...I had to do the hold with arms extended though. I really need to work on my upper body strength

                    Todays workout should prove interesting as the DOMS sets in from skating...running and squats, hell yeah!


                      Those kneeling chaturanga holds were the hardest thing for me in the entire Power Up program. I never made it through a full 60 second hold but had to break those up into 2 x 30 seconds with a 30 second break in the middle. (I don't think the kneeling modification helped me any, truth be told. Maybe it's only because I'm more accustomed to doing full push-ups and full chaturangas, but I just don't get the same engagement from my legs and core if my knees are down. So sure, I'm holding up less weight if I do them kneeling, but I feel as if that weight is 100% on my arms and shoulders, whereas my legs and abs definitely help out in a full chaturanga.)


                        In the Power Up program I was not able to do all the training days as scheduled, it did not happen often but it happened and in fact I look at that program still a little bad


                          Feb 10

                 Day 8:
                          Ran for 20 min at 4.4 pace (1.46m). (32 min total on treadmill)

                 Day 6: OH MY, those squat pulses and hold...oooowwwwiee! Thankfully I am not very sore from my skating excursion, my knees just ache. The side bridges were hard and i had to take breaks...sheesh

                          Todays Power Up...leg raises and knee ins? Seriously my legs are already dead lol

                          Work out streak...8 days


                            Feb 11

                   Day 9:
                            Ran for 20 mins at 4.5 pace (1.50m). (35 min total)

                   Days 7 & 8: The Leg raises were not as bad as I thought they would be, but tough enough. Went ahead and added in Day 8 as well as it was arms. Its amazing how something so simple really burns lol.

                            I am really is hard to keep this streak going. I can help but wonder if I am doing to much, if my muscles have enough recovery time, am i helping or hurting myself?

                            Hello, my name is Dawn, and I am a Chronic Overthinker


                              Feb 12 - pushed through another day >>>Streak - 10 days<<<<

                     Day 10: Busy day for me so my run was only 5 mins...3min at 5.0 pace and 2min at 4.2.

                              Total minutes spent on the treadmill: 20

                              Did not do power up today


                                ah, jeez...looking at some programs and here I am with 3 lined up I want to do....Zero Hero, Baseline, and 30 days of Yoga...All 3 look right up my alley