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    Originally posted by K e l l y View Post
    I like that little tan and black puppy
    She's adorable for sure!! She was the first one to have a future home and I have had others want her as well.

    Someone send me a link or explain to me the snowball fight please, I can't find the directions :/ I just saw them a couple weeks ago!


      The rules are explained here. Trbrat75 Come and join the fun!


        Originally posted by mogster View Post
        The rules are explained here. Trbrat75 Come and join the fun!
        HA, thanks! I finally found it on my own so watch out!!


          I have been buried in snowballs, and I hate burpees(I did do...1, it was awful). I was looking forward to participating but had no idea that they would add up so quickly(and Im not even that popular! lmao!) I just don't have the time or energy for all that right now.

          I haven't even felt like logging much recently, but I am getting workouts in, maybe not daily but most days. Mostly walking on the treadmill with varying degrees of incline and speeds. Last night my child was whooped from puppies keeping her up and staying up late the night before to finish a paper so she was out early which meant no tread for me as its in her room.

          So instead I did:
 - switching from 4 lb weights to 1 lb weight depending on the exercise


            Don't stress about the snowfight! People might actually be happy if they can throw their snowballs to a fw persons that don't "retaliate"
            I do hope though, you're doing great and don't have to much stress going on with the new puppies and all. Hugs!


              No worries on the snowball fight, Trbrat75 . There is lots of snow flying around for people who do want to play. I hope you are doing okay and taking care of yourself. This is a crazy time of year for everyone. I can only imagine what it must be like for you with 2 jobs and all the people and puppies on your plate.


                You do what is best for you!


                  Thanks my lovely bees

                  Thank goodness I have made it through this week! Just get through this day and then I am off for 10 days!( oh whispers behind me of a half day today!!)

                  Ahem anyways, back to business...I have included puppy photos to get ya'lls weekend off to a happy start.

                  Working both jobs: 12K+ steps

                  Dec 21, 8:50PM Treadmill 2,702 1.23 miles 25:01
                  Just trying to get in some cardio, started with grade 10 incline for warm up(5min), went up to grade 15(10min)brisk walk, then back down to grade 5 for 7 minutes, ran the last 2 minutes or so @ 5mph then paced around my house to cool down lol.

                  Happy Friday!


                    Even though I am still suffering from a cold, I got out of the house and played in the snow. We finally got enough to have some fun in! I had a few OMG I'm gonna die moments, but all was fine in the end and we all came out unscathed. It's the first thing that has resembled exercise for me in weeks! It felt good, but I tired quickly and my stomach got upset. I look forward to maybe getting out again today. I got some more shots I would like to try and get if I can figure out how to get where I need to be to get them...this time I will at least let someone know where I am at, and maybe have someone looking after me lol.

                    In other news Saturday I had the scare of my life as my son, who is stationed in Hawaii, video called us to tell us that ballistic missiles were about to hit Hawaii and for everyone to find shelter as he and his family were hiding in their bathroom at home, waiting...I can not even begin to tell you how that felt. I have not even been able to hold my 2 grandchildren yet, and there was the possibility that I never would. We are supposed to see them this year. Thank God it was a mistake, though I would love to punch someone in the face for putting everyone through that. It took 38 minutes for them to get the notice out that it was a false alarm.

                    Hope everyone had a good weekend


                      How scary for your son's family (and you) and all the people in Hawaii! So glad it was a false alarm though.

                      Those pics of your pup in that ravine look dangerous. Please be careful!

                      Hope you are feeling better soon.


                        Had another amazing hiking trip to get some great shots in the ravine behind my I'm obsessed and would kind of like to call off work tonight so I can do it again while I still can! The next chance I get won't be until Friday and I am afraid that the warm-up coming will kill my ability to get down there. It was very challenging, and I loved it. Funny though, once I was out of the woods and the adrenaline had wore off I could barely make it up the rest of the steep little hill to my house lol. My legs were toast.

                        According to my fit bit this trip lasted about an hour and the previous trip was about 40mins give or take(probably give cause I know how these fit bits are lol)

                        Thank you Rainbow Dragon ,
                        > My son and his family were pretty scared and I felt so helpless. The thoughts in my head...I could start crying again just thinking about it so I won't go there. At least the kids are to young to understand what was going on.

                        > I did my best to be careful, but it was pretty slick and damn branches and even stumps kept breaking on me! This trip I grabbed a sturdy stick and it helped a lot.

                        > I think making myself get out was the best thing I could do, I'm feeling better. Not to mention how awesome I felt while I was doing it!


                          What a scary experience for all of you. I'm glad you're feeling better despite all that, though. The pictures are wonderful!


                            1/17/18 - Worked both jobs: 10K+ steps for the day

                            Yup, I went to work instead of going hiking, ugh.

                            25 minutes on the treadmill @ 3.5 mph with grade 5 incline.

                            Thanks twinkletoes

                            Thinking on getting back into yoga to ease back into a routine

                            aaannnndd...I seem to have lost my train of thought...*sigh*


                              Heres a couple puppy pics to get you through your day lol


                                So cute!