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    Mon 3/20

    130/200/150 High knees(Pandora Travels) - 1:20 elbow plank - 12/4/4 -Modified, elevated

    WOD - Standing Abs with EC

    Upperbody Builder Workout with EC used 8lb weights...I need to invest in heaver weights, these are the heaviest I have.

    120 Knife Hand Strikes(Pandora-380 left to do)

    Walked brisk pace 2 miles on dreadmill for about 35 mins, did various degrees of hills from 4-6.

    The scale still does not move for me, but I am trying to build muscle so....I need to check my measurements again

    Day 64 on my w/o streak


      Hello, (hello, hello) there anybody in there.... just nod if you can hear there anyone home...

      Tues 3/21 - worked both jobs, got home late

      200 High Knees- I admit to slacking on my work workouts today

      Hit the dreaded tread - did 4.5 miles - RAN 4 MILES AGAIN! Walked 1/4 mile warm up and cool down in about 65-66 mins fastest mile was mile 2 at 12:10...I know I can do better :/

      Mile speeds 1 3.5 /4.2, mile 2 - 4.2/6.9, mile 3 - 3.9 /4.3, mile 4 4.0/4.5 last half 4.3/2.8 - 3 min high knees-after running 4 miles...not an easy task, but done!

      Skipped 50 push up challenge as it was late and I was whooped


        Just found out I accidently deleted all my measurement I have nothing to compare with my new measurements


          Weds 3/22

          200 Marching Steps

          ------------------Worked Both Jobs...Stayed Late at Second Job----------------------

          So that being said, I did manage to get about 50 mins of walking in

 - 14/6/4 - modified

          I couldn't imagine doing a 1:40 plank tonight after doing pushups ( I thought about it but my back said no) so skipped endurance

          According to my pharmacy scale I have gained more muscle and lost more fat but BMI went up...ugh
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            Thurs 3/22

            DD W/EC 100/75/75 jumping jacks

            Jogged for about a half mile outside, got cut short so hit the tread and did 10 grade hill intervals at a walking pace for 2 miles

            Upperbody Forge with 8lb weights

            Tried The Empress workout, not sure what the issue was but my knees were hurting during the lunge steps and my hands really hurt trying to do the plank rotations so I only did 1 set


   - 1:40 plank...I sucked, could only hold for a min then had to go down to my knees...guess I will try again today

            Wanted to feel like I kicked ass today but instead I feel wimpy...ugh


              3/24-3/26...lets just say it wasn't a very productive weekend but


              At Work-

              100/100 High Knees
              200/100/130 Knife Hand strikes

              At Home-

              Played ball with my puppies for about a half an hour...used this opportunity to do some agility training type keep away, running away, sprint left/right, spinning, doubling back etc. Amazingly I did not trip and fall on my ass!( I am not very agile to say the least lol)and they were nice and wore out by the time we were done!


              I bounced a lot...not sure why, but I like holding onto a chair and just jumping up and down lol...its fun hoo-ho-ho-hoooo!!!(tiggers love to bouce!)
              Went for about a half hour walk with my husband in the beautiful spring-like weather- I am having some issues with lower back pain...I don't know if the soreness is catching up to me or if I have hurt it somehow
              Played with my dogs again for about 15 mins, hurt to throw the ball though.


              Shopping = lots o back pain---not enough moving and to much standing hurts like hell
              Rainy Day so did more bouncing, front kicks and step taps(?) to stay active

              I have decided Aprils plan will be to do 30 days of Abs and 30 Days of HIIT Advanced to work on my core and hopefully build strength in my back. I am a little worried about doing an advanced program, but I will give my best!


                Monday 3/27

                Wished I had done my day a little differently...I could've gotten in my run

                At work - 100/40 Overhead Punches (for Pandora Job, only 660 left to go lol)

       - WOD Done Lvl III with EC

       - DD done with EC....very wobbly, I really need to work on my balance!

       Lvl III with EC ...this started out really hurting my back but as I went on it felt better, the scorpion was awkward and I am not sure if I did it right and the superman is harder than it looks

       - With my 8 lb weights, I think I will go today and look for heavier weights



                  Tues 3/28

                  At work

                  110/100/100/100/50 overhead punches(Pandora)
                  50/50/50 Jumping Jacks
                  100High Knees

                  At home

                  Ran 1 mile in 11:42, better but I know I can do it faster. Ran first half at 5.0 MPH at a 2 grade incline, slowly sped up the second half until I reached 6.2 MPH on a 1 grade. Walked a bit to recover, good song came on Macklemores "Can't hold us" I love the beat, good for me to run too so I ran another quarter - half mile or so at 4.7 pace.

                  I have some numbness and tingling from my hip to my toes when I run sometimes, today it was just my right leg. Seems to happen when I am first getting started but generally subsides after a few minutes.

                  Did 2 and a quarter miles total walking/running

                  I have got to figure out some sort of routine so I can make sure I am doing my body good and not making it some sort of stomping ground for injuries....
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                    Weds 3/29

                    It finally happened....I did not work out today, not even at work. Just shy of 75 days straight of exercising. Reason? Just tired. Worked both jobs today and I guess just lack of getting any kind of good nights sleep in a while is finally taking its toll.(really sucks being a light sleeper). But today is going to be a beautiful day...I see a long run in the very near future!! I will do some fighting for the community challenge as well!! Its going to be a good day!


                      Two jobs with next to no sleep sounds more than just a little exhausting. Hopefully you can catch up on that later, too


                        Thurs 3/30

                        Well...I passed out instead of working out....guess I needed to hit the reset button. I feel better today...good thing cause its girls night out!!

                        I did do 95 Jumping Jacks at work though the good intention was there lol

                        twinkletoes it can be very exhausting!



                          Well my exercise this weekend consisted of dancing into the wee hours of the morning Fri night. Cleaning a lot on Saturday(tis time for spring cleaning after all!) Sunday topped off with more cleaning and taking dogs for a long walk. We walked about 3.5 miles in about 1h25m which had a bit of a jog up a very steep hill and fighting with my big dog as she was trying to get a possum that was staring her down on the road!


                            Monday 4/3

                            Worked 7:30a to 10:00p so

                            100/100/190 High Knees
                            100/100 Overhead Punch(Pandora)

                            Not to say I didn't get a good work out in on my second job which required a lot of heavy lifting/moving of cases and stocking


                              Tues 4/4 Worked both jobs- More lifting and stocking

                              Traveling through Pandora
                              200/200 High Knees

                              That is all, but I feel it in my calves.

                              Today, however...


                                4/ is now Mon 4/10 in the AM and I have completely fallen off the wagon. I have at least tried to keep up some sort of activity, but I havent done much to challenge myself. I tried running Friday, but my ride came a lot earlier than I expected him to, so I didn't even get in 2 miles, and I don't think I ran a mile of that. I felt perplexed when my ride showed up so early, but I was cramping pretty bad so I guess it was just as well. I am hoping that it was just dehydration that may have stemmed from giving blood the day before because I normally don't cramp that bad. I tried the Zombies run app for the first time and I really liked it besides the fact there was a lot of quiet time and my music just stopped playing when it was interrupted by the zombies app. If I wanted to run in silence I wouldn't have my headphones, I need a good distraction.

                                So far today I have done 50 squats (in one go! I was shocked my knees allowed it!)and about 150 high knees, or running in place as my knees didn't go very high(don't want to mess my hair up at work lol)and its still early. I will try my run again this afternoon.

                                I have to find my motivation! I wish I could quit my second job, I am just drained