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    Originally posted by Loba5472 View Post
    Dmv... Ugh....
    yep, one of the few truly loathsome places...internationally...right?


      Originally posted by Beat_Samurai View Post

      yep, one of the few truly loathsome places...internationally...right?
      Oh yes. It's a terrible, awful place...


        Originally posted by Loba5472 View Post

        Oh yes. It's a terrible, awful place...

        Love this movie!
        and that particular scene too! especially since it hits the nail squarely on the head!



          Rampage - Level III - I like this one!

          Chin-ups in one go(parallel grip): 30



            Wildcard - Level III - good burn

            Pull-ups in one go:28


              Okay, time to get back to it.

              As I have mentioned before, since I did a pretty long stint of strength orientated training, figured it's time to get back into the burn zone, with some cardio.

              Thus: Cardio Trim.
              As always a program can't be complete for me, without some extra sauce, and for that we will also be tackling the Upper Body+ challenge!

              After thinking about it for a while, I also decided to take another chance, and do "training/a challenge" of a different muscle altogether. I shall be writing a fictional piece along side every day of training,
              inspired by the regime of Cardio Trim, for the day. To be honest, my expectations aren't to high for this, but as the saying goes: "if you never try, you never know".

              So here we go:


              Part 1: (bonus go)

              "WARNING, WARNING, Foreign containment breach detected....WARNING, WARNING, containment breach detected..." an automated voice announces over the intercom system.
              I struggle to get my eyes open. Still feeling groggy from having been knocked back by the force of the blast.
              I see various members scurrying all over the observation wing. Absolute mayhem.

              As I struggle to my feet I notice to my right the mangled remains of chief scientist, Dr. Cobar. Followed by the sound of ripping flesh and crushing bone.
              As I look up to where the sound is originating from, it is with horror and cold realization that I see the silhouette of what could be described as a morphed visage of a man and a crustacean like creature, feasting on the remains of what appears to be one of the lab assistants.

              A cold paralyzing chill rips through my body and for a fraction of a second it refuses to move.
              "Run, damn you!" my mind screams at me, and I finally snap out of my trance of fear.
              As I begin to turn to make my escape, the creature appears to have locked its gaze on me.
              "No way, I'm not gonna be your lunch today." I think to myself, as I will my body into a run for my life, with the creature giving chase.
              I have to run and jump and evade debris, as I have never before.

              Part 2: ( all trophies)

              I seem to have evaded the creature for the time being. Having slipped along one of the narrow passages between the observation wing, and the maintenance wing.
              As I take a moment to catch my breath, I take in my surroundings and notice that I am in one of the technician quarters.
              Looking around for anything that could be of use, I come across a capsule containing a HMEVA suit.
              These are mainly used by the technicians and engineers when they have to either head down to engineering or deal with hazardous materials.

              Given the current situation and the suit specifications, I deduce that this would serve me quite well. Rather take my chances having at least something between me and being that thing's lunch.
              It's a bit of an awkward fit, so it takes some getting used to moving in this thing, but strange, I'm feeling better already, knowing that I got this.



              Upper Body+ - Day 1. 2. 3

              Pull-ups in one go: 29


                Story time, I like this


                  Originally posted by twinkletoes View Post
                  Story time, I like this
                  Thanks twinkletoes ,
                  I've never done something like this, so how this will turn out? we shall have to see


                    Day 2:

                    Part 1: ( bonus go)

                    My movements in the suit seem to have become quite better now.
                    I think I had best get moving, need to find other survivors, contact someone, get some help...
                    I carefully get moving along the hallways, making sure not to make too much noise, especially when scurrying passed intersections ...
                    I can't help but feel uneasy being out in the open like this...
                    I keep hearing noises here and there, not knowing if it's from the creature or perhaps other survivors. Have to keep moving.

                    As I make my way around another corner of the maintenance wing hallways, I hear a crashing sound a little distance behind me.
                    As I slowly turn around to see the source of the noise, I'm yet again greeted by the terror inducing visage of the creature...although...if I'm not mistaken it's appearance seems different.
                    Regardless of that, I know I can't stick around here. Time to move, before it gets too close!

                    Part 2: Level III( > 20 push-ups)

                    As I am making my fearful escape from the creature, I manage to crawl into one of the maintenance shafts in this wing. It's somewhat of a tight squeeze, and I'm forced to stay low, while moving forward.
                    It doesn't look like it spotted me crawling in here though. I breathe a sigh of relief and make my way further along the duct.

                    I eventually make it to a hatch where I can get out of here. Making sure the coast is clear first, I finally exit the maintenance shaft. As I'm exiting the crawl space, and stand up, I'm faced with what could be described as something akin to a spider's web, but a whole lot thicker and almost flaky to the touch.

                    As I'm inspecting the strange web blocking my path to the next room, I suddenly hear the movement in the shaft.
                    "That sounds way to fast to be human...The creature!"
                    Spurred on by fear, I start pulling and tearing and hitting at the web, so as to get through and as far away from that thing as possible.
                    All the while the horrid sound from the crawl space is getting closer and closer.



                    Upper Body+ - day 4,5,6

                    5 minute meditation

                    Chin-ups in one go(parallel grip): 33


                      Ooh I like this!


                        Day 3:

                        Part 1: (all trophies)

                        I seem to be making head way, frantic as it may be, through the web blocking my path, and means of escape from the creature bearing down on me, from the the maintenance shaft below.
                        My heart races realizing this, yet before I could progress any further in my task, I feel the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and I know that I've been cornered.
                        It doesn't seem to have emerged completely from the crawl space, and instead it attempts to grab me by the ankles, with it's tentacle like limbs, to pull me into the abyss of it's presence.
                        I'm forced to jump out of the path of it's grasp as it relentlessly tries to get to me.

                        Part 2: (all trophies)

                        During my evasion in this confined space, something catches my eye up ahead, passed the web.
                        Glowing a dark shade of orange, it appears to be on of the heating element rings, for the water system in this wing.
                        During this time, my attention on the creature lapses and it manages to grab hold of my ankle and I crash down on the floor.
                        I bump my head on the remainder of the web that was in front of me, and it crumbles to pieces, with my fall.
                        Spurred on by adrenaline, I activate the heat shield function, of my HMEVA suit and pull the heating element ring from the piping, to employ it as a impromptu knuckle buster on the creature,
                        that's wrapped around my leg.
                        A shriek of either pain or surprise, erupts from it as the heat ring makes contact with it's flesh, and it lets go of my leg.
                        Just as I'm about to scramble away, it grabs hold of me again and we struggle on the floor again.
                        I manage to wriggle my way free again from it's grasp and as I finally make it to my feet, I hear a voice shout. "Hey you, look out!".
                        A sudden pain and then the world goes dark.



                        Upper Body+ - day 7,8,9

                        Pull-ups in one go: 30


                          Great job on the pull-ups!


                            Originally posted by twinkletoes View Post
                            Great job on the pull-ups!
                            Thanks twinkletoes , it's nice to know and see that one's strength increases like this


                              Day 4: (all trophies)


                              I gasp for air, as it feels like I've been woken up from a very deep sleep.
                              My lungs hurt as I take in forceful deep breathes.
                              My vision is still blurry and I wonder if I have just woken from a dream.
                              " You alright? We almost lost you there for a sorry about that." I hear a woman's voice say.
                              My vision slowly begins to focus and I find that I'm lying on the floor, with a woman sitting next to me.
                              "We had to use a modified e-grenade on that thing...unfortunately we only spotted you, when it was way too late. So sorry..." She apologizes.

                              "What?...what thing, are you talking about?" I ask, still trying to get my self orientated

                              "...the one that was pulling on your leg when we got here."

                              "Wait...are you telling me that really happened? " I ask with shock.

                              " yes, that really happened. This isn't a dream...although,if it is, I really hope it ends soon." She says as she is standing up.

                              " I'm Sam " She introduces herself and offers me her hand to help me stand up.

                              I accept her offer. As she helps me up, I introduce myself too.
                              As I'm finally back on my feet, I notice someone standing by the entrance of the little storage room where I had that encounter with the creature.

                              "Oh, that's Jude." Sam says, while tilting her head in his direction.
                              He looks our way, and we exchange nods.
                              I also notice the maintenance hatch I used to get in here, and where that thing followed me from, seems to have be barricaded up.

                              "C'mon, we've got to move, it's definitely not safe to hang around here." Sam says, as we make our way to the door of the storage room.
                              I figure I might as well tag along with them. Would most probably better my chances of getting the hell out of this place.



                              Upper Body+ - day 10,11,12

                              7 minute meditation

                              Chin-ups in one go: 33


                                I agree with twinkletoes, great job on the pullups! Also, so cool that you're writing a story as well..!