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    Day 3: Legs

    Hmm...this seemed to be more of an active rest day, to be honest.

    50 Burpees A Day: Day 19

    Super Saiyan Challenge: Day 3

    Chin-ups in one go(parallel grip): 25



      Day 4: Abs

      My body is riddled with DOMS once again...and here I thought Gravity Chamber 2.0 was quite “generous” with that.
      Four days in and Strength Protocol is a totally different case!

      Good abs session though.

      50 Burpees A Day: Day 20

      Super Saiyan Challenge: Day 4

      Pull-ups in one go: 21 ( had to power through the ache)



        Recovery road…
        I had been taken out of commission on Monday late morning by a intestinal virus..
        Which pretty much rendered me useless for the last few days.
        Had been feeling a lot more like myself since last night.
        So figured it was time to get back into this. Not too strenuous though.

        The Comeback - Level III

        Hoping to continue with Strength Of The Bear tomorrow.


          Oh bummer. I hope you'll feel fully recovered soon


            Originally posted by twinkletoes View Post
            Oh bummer. I hope you'll feel fully recovered soon
            Thanks twinkletoes ,
            Doing a whole lot better thanks!

            Almost 100%



              Day 5: Shoulders, Chest, Triceps


              Damn that illness!

              I can’t remember when last a session was this much of struggle.
              There's definitely been strength losses.
              I suppose we’re gonna have tough it out and push through this, to get close to and hopefully surpass where I had been before I got down with the sickness.

              Until Failure:
              - Raised Leg Push-ups: 50, 15, 10
              - Raised Pike Push-ups: 20, 15, 10
              - Tricep Dips: 40, 25, 20

              -Super Saiyan Challenge: Day 5

              I tried to catch up with Burpees, but felt that I might be over reaching, so keeping that along with my pull-up/chin-up tax for tomorrow.
              Damn sickness…


                Day 6: Back & Biceps

                Was this difficult? Yes, yes it was, up & down planks is always an energy sapper!
                Them prone reverse fly be really deceptive!
                Damn, at the 3rd set my back was on fire!

                Bar Addon: Chin-ups: 26, 17, 12

                No challenges today. Too little time.

                4K dog walk



                  Day 7: Legs

                  Leg day is leg day… but always remember:


                  50 Burpees a day: Day 21, 22, 23
                  - had to make move to make up for the days lost. I temporarily might’ve have died!


                  Pull-ups in one go: 22


                    Day 8: Abs

                    Windshield wipers had me puffing a bit.

                    50 Burpees a day: Day 24. 25
                    - Still trying to make up for the lost days.

                    Chin-ups in one go(parallel grip): 25


                      Day 9: Shoulders, Chest & Triceps

                      3 point push-up(until failure): 25, 12, 12

                      First time encounter with 3 point push-up, have to say it really takes it out of you.
                      Still feeling some soreness/stiffness from leg day.

                      50 Burpees A Day: Day 26, 27

                      Pull-ups in one go: 23


                        Day 10: Back & Biceps

                        Seems my body was better prepared for the reverse angels today...or could it be strength gains in that department already?

                        Bar Addon: Pull-ups: 24, 10, 7
                        - the shorter rest period had an effect here.

                        50 Burpees A Day: Day 28, 29
                        Finally up to date, one day away from the end.


                          Day 11: Legs

                          Cossack squats: another first encounter. Quite heavy on the knees though.

                          50 Burpees A Day: Day 30

                          Chin-ups in one go: 26


                            Day 12: Abs

                            First time doing a hollow hold...strange, it even put my neck to work.
                            Another unexpected thing was with the elbow plank; you’d expect your shoulders to start burning after a while, but it appears it started in my legs. Shoulders were hardly affected at all.

                            Pull-ups in one go: 23

                            Feels weird not having to do burpees…

                            Day 13: Shoulders, Chest & Triceps

                            Until failure:
                            -Power Push-ups: 30,12,7
                            - Tricep Cross Extentions: 11,8,8

                   about a session to reveal to you just how weak you are…
                            L-sit was a failure...only managed 8 seconds...

                            Super Saiyan Challenge: Day 6, 7
                            - Have to catch up with these too.

                            Chin-ups in one go(parallel grip): 25


                              Day 14: Back & Biceps

                              My shoulders actually felt like they got quite hammered with this session.

                              Bar Addon: Chin-ups: 28, 15, 10

                              Super Saiyan Challenge: Day 8


                                Day 15: Legs

                                An alright leg day I suppose,
                                With the Shrimp Squats, it would appear that my balance is better on my left leg, than my right.

                                Super Saiyan Challenge: Day 9, 10

                                Pull-ups in one go: 25 - mini milestone!!