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    Day 5

    Motivation and drive was somewhat on the low side today, so the whole session felt more laboured than it should’ve...guess it’s just one of those days...push through…

    Workout of the day

    The Acrobat - Level II

    I underestimated the time it would take to do this workout, so ended up having to cut it at level II.
    So late!

    50 Burpees a day: Day 10

    Pull-ups in one go: 22


    Day 6

    The “demotivation clown” was still lurking around today’s training session.
    Made it feel like such a drag, but managed to push through.
    Strange, the DOMS seems to have become a whole lot less.

    Workout of the day

    Boxer Abs - Level III

    Level up from only making level II previously during Boxing Week!

    50 Burpees a day: Day 11

    Chin-ups in one go(classic): 25


      Day 7

      “Demotivation clown” wasn’t as prominent today.
      Strange though, for some odd reason the barbell felt somewhat heavier today.
      Strength gains with push-ups seems to still be going good!

      Workout of the day:

      Leg Shred

      Was feeling some DOMS in my legs already actually...most probably from The Acrobat, two days ago…

      50 Burpees a day: Day 12

      Pull-ups in one go: 22


        You're doing great! And Cheering Squad beats Demotivation Clown!


          Originally posted by twinkletoes View Post
          You're doing great! And Cheering Squad beats Demotivation Clown!
          Thanks twinkletoes ,
          Cheering Squad is killing it


            twinkletoes is right-- you're doing great! ..and remember,

            you got this!



              Day 8

              Hurting today...feeling like I’ve been chewed up and spat out...body riddled with DOMS.
              The weight lifting was quite laboured aswell...arms seizing hurts…
              Have to push through…
              It’s strange, the previous couple of days have been manageable, but today was a different beast.

              Workout of the day

              Washboard Abs - Level III

              50 Burpees A Day: Day 13

              Chin-ups in one go(parallel grip): 26

              Thanks noname ,
              yeah, in spite of the session being quite gruelling, I am feeling better today!

              ps: The new Samurai Jack, totally kicked ass!



                Day 9

                DOMS still had me quite knackered today.
                Also there is still that anomaly where it feels like the weights on the barbell are heavier than what they were, when I started...
                Although...I have to add, the breaks between sets are a whole lot shorter than in the beginning...probably the answer to that.

                Workout of the day

                No Tomorrow - Level III

                Damn, this was tough, my legs were protesting pretty much during the entire session.
                Only realized how sore my hamstrings were, when I started doing the knee highs.
                Leg Shred no doubt the culprit there.

                50 Burpees A Day: Day 14

                Pull-ups in one go: 22


                  Day 10

                  DOMS were a whole lot less today, so the push-ups went by without too much struggle actually.
                  The weightlifting had me puffing a little though.
                  It’s still strange to me that that actually got more difficult during the last few days.

                  Workout of the day

                  Super Saiyan - Level III


                  The actual plan was to knock this out at super saiyan level, but I underestimated the time it would take!
                  So could only squeeze in a Level III. Even with no to little breaks between sets!
                  Feeling quite knackered.

                  50 Burpees a day: Day 15

                  Chin-ups in one go(alternating/mixed grip): 10 - This had my body go: “WTF are we doing! “

         that's it for the 10 days...epilogue to follow.


                    Gravity Chamber 2.0 - Epilogue:

                    Have to say this one was actually quite tough.
                    My body felt like it had been through the wars most of the time.
                    Nearly a constant state of DOMS during the course of the experiment.

                    Things that stood out:

                    - The increase in strength was indeed quite startling.
                    Checking back on when neilarey and TheRaven did it, it would appear my experience correlates with theirs as well.

                    - I also experienced an increase in appetite. Even with extra whey protein shakes, I had daily in between meals, an hour or 2 later, my stomach would be rumbling!

                    - The visual changes I was quite surprised by too! I didn’t think that would be such a, in my opinion, drastic change. “Them gravity gainz!”

                    Click image for larger version

Name:	gravity_chamber 2.0_before-after.jpg
Views:	181
Size:	136.3 KB
ID:	328927

                    End stats:

                    Weight: 74kg

                    Bodyfat: 11.9%

                    Stats wise, it seems the only thing that changed was my weight, dropping 1Kg. Hardly anything to write home about. So not too bothered with that.
                    Bodyfat seems to fluctuate between 11% en 12%. Plateau much ?

                    In conclusion; in spite of the fact that bodyfat percentage didn’t drop as I would’ve hoped, (I guess I was being optimistic.Will have to maybe make a eating habit change…)
                    I would rack this one up as a success.

                    Next ?



                      Something in between...

                      50 Burpees A Day: Day 16

                      Pull-ups in one go: 24


                        That's a lot more definition after only 10 days.

                        Originally posted by Beat_Samurai View Post
                        Next ?
                        Indeed, what's next?


                          Originally posted by twinkletoes View Post
                          That's a lot more definition after only 10 days.

                          Indeed, what's next?
                          Yes, twinkletoes , I was quite surprised myself with those gains! really didn't expect there to be that big of a difference

                          Could it be due to the intensity of the 10 days or something ?
                          but I'm not complaining though

                          As for whats next...?
                          While I was in the process of [Combat] HIIT, I had been eyeing Strength Protocol ! ( I expect more DOMS )


                            break time is over, onto the next one! The stint in Gravity Chamber 2.0 proved quite fruitful and motivating,
                            so like I mentioned before, been eyeing Strength Protocol. So that's just what we'll do!

                            So from hence forth...

                            Strength Of The Bear:

                            this title might just show my age

                            I also figured as a little extra sauce, I shall supplement it with the Super Saiyan Challenge.
                            Oh, and still continuing with the rest of the 50 Burpees A Day Challenge
                            Chasing those gainz maaaaaan!


                            Day 1: Shoulders, Chest, Triceps

                            All until failure:
                            - Push-ups: 80, 30,17
                            - Diamond Push-ups: 20,14,12
                            - Tricep Extensions: 16,12,11
                            - Tricep Dips: 50, 30, 30

                            Damn, I’m so gonna feel the DOMS in my arms tomorrow or more likely the day after

                            50 Burpees A Day: Day 17

                            Super Saiyan Challenge: Day 1

                            Chin-ups in one go(classic): 28


                              Originally posted by Beat_Samurai View Post
                              [...] so like I mentioned before, been eyeing Strength Protocol. So that's just what we'll do!
                              Good luck man, you got this!


                                Day 2: Biceps & Back

                                Feeling telltale signs of DOMS grabbing at my arms. Tomorrow will no doubt be a “good” day!

                                Never thought downward dog-upward dog could serve for such a workout!
                                Really felt the burn between my shoulder blades. Don't even get me started on those reverse angels!

                                Strange though...I must confess, I didn't feel my biceps work as much with this one...
                                Then again, it's still early days, so will see how this will progress

                                Bar Addon - Pull-ups until failure(3 sets): 22, 14, 10

                                50 Burpees A Day: Day 18

                                Super Saiyan Challenge: Day 2

                                5K doggie run

                                Thanks noname , I see you're still kicking ass with Power Cardio! Heading into the last stretch!