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    Day 21: Boxer

    Level III

    Splits: Day 15 (much better today, than yesterday )

    Pull-ups in one go: 23

    3K run with the dog kids


      Day 22: Super HIIT

      Yep, this pretty much knackered me again!
      Level III

      No splits today

      Chin-ups in one go: 25

      Day 23: Power HIIT

      Level III
      No splits

      Pull-ups in one go: 24

      5K run

      Think I might have overdid it a little with the run, or stepped awkwardly somewhere,
      but there is an annoying pain coming from my ankle intermittently...really the last thing that I need right now.

      Day 24:
      Ab Work

      Level III

      No splits

      Chin-ups in one go: 26


        Take care of your ankle-- no need to overdo it. A bit of rest should do right?
        And yes, it sucks when something doesn't go exactly as planned..!
        Besides, your pull-ups and chin-ups are solid tho!


          Originally posted by noname View Post
          Take care of your ankle-- no need to overdo it. A bit of rest should do right?
          And yes, it sucks when something doesn't go exactly as planned..!
          Besides, your pull-ups and chin-ups are solid tho!

          Thanks noname,
          Yeah I've been dosing it with voltaren since Saturday, and strapped it since yesterday, so really hoping it heals up real soon >|


            Day 25: Power Combo

            This was pretty fun.
            Ankle held up pretty good, no ache or anything.

            Level III

            Splits; day 16

            Pull-ups in one go: 23


              Day 26 Speed Work

              Was slightly concerned that the ankle might act up again,especially since knee highs were involved, but fortunately it behaved.

              Level III

              No Splits time management has been quite poor as of late

              Chin-ups in one go: 25


                Day 27: Practice

                Level III

                Pull-ups in one go: 24


                  Day 28: Ab Work

                  Hmm...deceptive once again.

                  Level III

                  50 Burpees a day: Day 1 + Day 2
                  Had to catch up, since I missed out on starting on the 1st of March.

                  Chin-ups in one go: 26


                    Day 29: Power HIIT

                    Level III

                    50 Burpees a day: Day 3

                    Pull-ups in one go: 23

                    My head game just felt way off today…

                    Day 30: Super HIIT

                    I was slightly dreading this one, since the previous encounters with Super HIIT days,
                    usually knackered me quite a bit...
                    but surprisingly, this didn’t tap me as much as I thought it would.
                    Endurance gains?

                    Level III

                    50 Burpees a day: Day 4

                    Chin-ups in one go: 26

                    5K run


                    And so it’s the end of this journey through [Combat] HIIT.
                    I have to be honest...I kinda felt like this didn’t do as much for me as I had hoped.
                    Looking back, I feel I should most definitely have managed my time better, and perhaps aimed to hammer in more than one a day, which would most certainly have given me much better results.

                    My stats remain unchanged from when I started this program.

                    on the plus side: New badge!!!



                    a little preparation for what I got planned next...

                    50 Burpees a day: Day 5

                    Pull-ups in one go: 22


                      Congrats on the new badge!!!


                        Also a "Congrats to your New badge!" from way up north


                          Okay, onto the next one.

                          Time for another change I reckon, after [Combat] HIIT, my body needs a bit of a shock to get past this plateau,

                          I had been thinking of it during the last few days of [Combat] HIIT, and did a bit of lurking around the Playground section of the Hive, and came across that 300 Bicep Curls+300 Push-ups a day for 10 days
                          experiment from a while back.
                          So I thought to get into that, however my protocol will be slightly different since I don't have dumbells, but I do have a barbell, so instead of 300 alternating curls, I shall do 150.
                          The current weight for the barbell is 16KG.
                          Depending on how things will go, this may or may not change.

                          This experiment will serve as a supplement to daily workouts I have chosen for the next 10 days, from the workout section.

                          It will also be interesting to see if any of my stats will change:

                          Current Stats:

                          Weight: 74Kg

                          Bodyfat: 12%

                          Musclemass: 46%

                          So here we go:

                          GRAVITY CHAMBER 2.0

                          (image source)


                          Day 1

                          The curls felt a whole lot more manageable than what I had expected, however, I’m not going to get to comfortable with this, since it’s only day 1, so we shall see what happens in the days to come.
                          The push-ups was a slightly different story. Round about set #6, it felt quite awkward at the beginning of each set; my arms had trouble responding to my brain’s commands for them to perform the push-up, but after the 3rd or 4th rep, they got going again.

                          Work out of the Day:

                          The Enforcer - Level II
                          Only managed a level II on this one, I underestimated the time it takes to complete this workout.
                          Also, I had not realized it was a Level IV workout

                          50 Burpees a day: Day 6

                          Chin-ups in one go (parallel grip): 22 ( arms feeling the effects)


                            Day 2

                            A little bit of DOMS started to creep in today, the push-ups were becoming quite laboured.
                            The same as the previous day...
                            Round about set #5;
                            The first few reps my arms struggled to respond, but after that they move again.

                            Work out of the Day

                            Vanguard - Level III

                            This was a pretty good leg workout.
                            Plus working the VO2 Max!

                            50 Burpees a day: Day 7

                            Pull-ups in one go: 20 ( yep, arms were seizing up)



                              Day 3

                              DOMS is definitely starting to grab hold now, still manageable, but it’s making itself known.
                              On a flip side, there appears to be some strength and endurance gains already!
                              The seizing up part during the push-ups only started setting in at around set #8. Quite surprised!

                              Workout of the day

                              Survey Corps - Level III

                              Out running and jumping titans today!


                              50 Burpees a day: day 8

                              Chin-ups in one go(classic): 25



                                Day 4

                                Felt better today actually, the DOMS not as prominent as it was the day before, and strength gains surprised me yet again.
                                The breaks between sets were a lot shorter too.

                                Workout of the day

                                Cardio Beast - Level III

                                Phew, this one really took the VO2 Max to town, guess thats what you get for taking shorter breaks.
                                During the first set, my legs had trouble responding to the brain’s command to do the jump tucks!

                                50 Burpees a day: day 9

                                Chin-ups in one go( wide grip): 20