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    Day 25

    Part 1
    Part 2 - level II

    "Hello, is anyone there ?" the voice asks again.

    Surprised at the sound of the voice, I quickly run to the communications console.
    "Sam? Sam is that you ?" I ask

    " R-Research? well I'll be damned. We'd thought we'd lost you.
    Have to admit, it's good to hear your voice. Where are you?" Sam asks.

    " After we got separated I linked up with another group, only two of us made it though. We're on the bridge. Where are you?" I reply

    " I'm not entirely sure to be honest...the place is such a mess, makes it hard to tell." Sam continues

    "Hold on, I think we should be able to trace their position from here..." Takeida says, as he gingerly gets up from the chair, where the doctor was tending to him.

    " Hang on a second there Sam." I say to her.

    Takeida finally makes it to the console and hits a few buttons and turns a few nobs.

    "We should be able to zone in on their position....looks like bridge sub deck-B. Wait a minute, that's..." Takeida trails off.
    " That's Huisteen's communicator. "

    "What ?" I look at Takeida confused.

    " The signal I'm getting back from them, the communicator they're using, it's Huisteen's one." he replies.

    " Huisteen?" Sam asks.

    " Is there anyone else there with you Sam?" I ask

    "It's just me and Jude...Huisteen..." there's a beat of silence
    " I see, yeah, there's a body over here, it's where we got the communicator from...I see the name on their shirt says; Huisteen. " Sam replies

    "Dammit..." Takeida curses under his breath, as he turns away from the console.

    I look at Takeida as he slowly walks away from the console. Clearly upset about Huisteen's death. Can't help but feel sad for his loss.

    I was about to say something when suddenly, Takeida turns back to console and says; " Hello Sam, this is Lieutenant Takeida speaking, please, we need your help there."

    "oh...okay...?" Sam replies surprised and unsure.

    "Huisteen there was one of my friends, she was going to reconnect a power coupling in that section, so that we can have power to the communications array here, from the bridge. It's the only way we'll be able to re-establish communications with the outside. Call in help, send out a distress signal. Please, could you help us?" the Lieutenant pleads to Sam

    There's another beat of silence.

    " Alright, what do we have to do?" Sam asks



    Kick Master - Day 19

    Chin-ups in one go: 39


      This is great!


        Originally posted by noname View Post
        This is great!
        Thanks noname , glad you like it
        It's just getting quite tough to have to churn these out everyday


          Day 26

          Part 1 - Bonus Go
          Part 2 - Level III ( All trophies )

          After Takeida explains the process that Sam and Jude have to do, he steps back clutching his arm again, groaning as he stumble into one of the console seats.

          Doctor Tsvangula steps closer to him.
          "How long ago did that happen, Lieutenant?"

          " Probably a few...I don't know, 3, 4 hours ago " he replies wincing.

          "I see..." The doctor replies.

          Rummaging through his satchel he removes what appears to be a thermometer.
          He moves over to the Lieutenant, placing the apparatus close to his ear, he measures his temperature.

          After wincing the pain away, Takeida looks at the doctor confused.
          " Is there something I should know doctor?"

          Tvangula looks at me, and then at the Lieutenant.
          " I'm not going to beat around the bush with this....I fear that you have most probably been exposed and infected by the disease."

          "Disease? What disease?" Takeida asks bewildered.

          " Like you said saw those things out there...that disease..." the doctor replies coldly.

          " Wait, you're saying I'll become one of those things?" Takeida asks.

          "That's exactly what I'm saying, Lieutenant. I am sorry." Tvangula replies.

          " To hell with that....I'll die before I let myself become an abomination like that."

          I can't help but feel the conviction in his response.

          Hopefully there's still a chance that things could actually work out for once.

          Suddenly we hear Sam's voice over the comms console.

          "Help, we need help here! "

          I quickly run to the console
          "Sam, what is it, what's going on?" I ask

          "Research...dammit we got cornered here. A few of those things found us somehow."

          I quickly glance back at the Lieutenant.
          " No wonder Huisteen never stood a chance..." he replies defeated.

          "Jude is busy holding them off from the door, but I don't know how much longer we can keep this up. Please help us." Sam calls

          " Lieutenant, there isn't perhaps a chance you could do something like what you did to help the doctor and I out?" I ask

          "Not in that sector...those controls are on that deck level, and I have no access to them." he replies.

          I drop my head, almost conceding defeat. But then I look down and see my right hand.
          " Alright Sam, you and Jude hang in there. I'm on my way to you."



          Kick Master - Day 20, 21
          5 minute meditation
          Pull-ups in one go: 32


            Originally posted by Beat_Samurai View Post
            It's just getting quite tough to have to churn these out everyday
            Yea I would think so


              Day 27
              Part 1 - Extra set
              Part 2 - Level III < 1 minute rest, extra set
              Day 28 - all trophies

              Tvangula quickly moves next to me,
              " Are you sure about this?" he asks

              " Yes, I won't be able to live with myself knowing that there was something I could do..." I reply to him
              "And besides, I owe them, they saved my life."

              " Alright then, here take this with you." he hands me the rivet gun.

              " Thanks doc, wish me luck. " I take the rivet gun and make my way to the door.

              Takeida gives me a salute as he presses the button to open the doors.

              They hiss open and I am greeted with the coolant pipe's gas still blasting out and the fallen over maintenance cabinet in the corridor.

              "Go straight down this hallway, take the first left, down the stairs then you will be at subdeck B. Good luck." Takeida informs me.

              "Alright, got it. Thanks Lieutenant." I reply, and carefully make my way along the corridor.

              I notice that two of the creatures that were chasing us earlier have both frozen solid, due to the continued exposure of the coolant gas.

              I continue along the corridor, making sure to always check my 6 as I go along.
              I finally make it to the left turn, looking along the wall I see the symbol with an arrow that says 'Subdeck'.

              I peek around the corner, having the rivet gun ready to fire should anything pose a threat.
              It's clear.
              I breathe out a sigh of relief and quickly make my way further along, until I reach the staircase, peering down first before I make my descent. All clear.

              I hastily make my way down , until I reach a door that says 'B', and carefully push through.
              As I open the door further, one of the creatures, a few meters down the corridor comes rushing towards me.
              I quickly raise up the rivet gun , and fire of 3 shots, making sure to aim for the head.
              The rivets fly for the gun with lethal velocity.
              The first two seem to make contact with it's shoulder, and the other it's chest. It stumbles and the final shot hits the mark. headshot. It crashes down before me.

              My heart is racing with fear and also relief that I actually managed to survive that.
              I steady my nerve and continue along the corridor.
              I can hear a commotion as I make my way further along.
              Taking the next bend up ahead I see two of the creatures hammering and pulling at the door where Sam and Jude no doubt are.
              I quickly duck down and take cover behind a fallen shelf as I take aim with the rivet gun.
              I get the one in my sights and wait for the opportune moment to take my shot. If it can just stop moving around like that.
              Take a deep breathe. Steady my aim. Take the shot.
              Two quick shots seem to hit it squarely in it's temple, and it collapses on the spot.

              The other one looks down at it's partner and then in my direction.
              It lets out a screech and rushes towards me.
              I take aim again with the rivet gun. Pull the trigger. Nothing. Out of ammunition.


              Kick Master - Day 22
              5 minute meditation
              Chin-ups in one go(parallel grip): 37
              5K run


                Day 29 - All trophies

                Click-click. Still no response from the rivet gun.
                The creature rushes towards me and crashes through the shelves I had used as cover.

                Fortunately the shelf keeps us separated. It continues to lunge and reach towards me, but I manage it evade it at for the moment, even though there isn't anywhere for me to go.
                I try to reach for the button on my belt to activate the blade, but this thing is making it extremely difficult.
                As I am just within reach, the last part of the shelf gives way and it crashes down on top of my me.
                I am now pinned under the shelf, on the floor, with the creature being on top of it, relentlessly trying to grab a hold of me.

                It's becoming increasingly difficult to breathe with all this weight on top of me, and I fear that I'll be crushed or die of suffocation before this thing can even get to me.
                But suddenly I hear the creature vocalize a howl of agony, as it begins to twitch and convulse until it collapses next to the shelf, steam or smoke rising up from it's corpse.

                "Almost a little deja vu, won't you say?" I hear Sam's voice approach

                "Need a hand?" Jude also joins in

                I can't help but smile a little hearing their voices.

                "That would be much appreciated." I groan under the weight of the shelf.

                Jude manages to push a pipe under the fallen shelf, and lift it up enough for me to be able to slip out, from underneath it.

                " Thanks..." I reply as I make it back to my feet, and trying to catch my breath.
                "Guess I owe you guys another one eh?"

                " Don't mention it. If you hadn't come along when you did, we would've been done for. " Jude replies, while patting me on the shoulder.

                " Did you guys manage to get that coupling connected for the power re-route?" I ask

                " Yeah we did actually, just need to flip the switches, then Takeida ought to handle the rest. C'mon, through here." Sam replies, as we quickly make our way to the power control board.

                Sam flips the switches that should re-route the power back to the bridge and calls in . over the communicator to Takeida.

                " Takeida, Lieutenant Takeida, it's Sam here. We're good to go here. Power should be up on your side. Do you copy?"


                " Lieutenant Takeida, it's Sam, do you read?"

                Still static.

                Sam quickly glances my way, and I quickly step closer to her, within receiving distance of the communicator.

                "Doctor Tvangula, can you hear us?" I ask


                " Well that's not a good sign..." Sam looks at me with concern



                Kick Master - Day 23, 24

                Pull-ups in one go(Tarzan): 28


                  Oooooh oh! Onwards to the final (maybe not so final) showdown!
                  Do you plan to keep up with the story with your next program, too?


                    Originally posted by twinkletoes View Post
                    Oooooh oh! Onwards to the final (maybe not so final) showdown!
                    Do you plan to keep up with the story with your next program, too?
                    Yeah, was quite surprised myself to see it's just one more day, one more chapter to go twinkletoes

                    As for the story, I think it's gonna end on day 30.
                    Still thinking about what to do next...


                      It's fun to read such stories, but it's a whole lot of work for the writer. Great job sticking with it for the who month (how time flies when you're having fun!).


                        Originally posted by twinkletoes View Post
                        Oooooh oh!
                        My thought exactly!
                        Great job and fun read Beat_Samurai!


                          Day 30
                          Part 1 - extra set, bonus go
                          Part 2 - Level III ( 5 minutes )

                          I have a gnawing feeling of apprehension as we quickly make our way from Sub deck-B, back to the bridge, as we swing around the right hand corner, after having ascended the stairs, we see in the distance that the door to the bridge is open.

                          "I'm guessing that wasn't supposed to be open ?" Sam asks rhetorically

                          Moving further down the corridor, we carefully make our way to the opening.
                          I notice that some of the consoles appear to be damaged.
                          We carefully make our way inside, and discover it's quite a mess.
                          There's blood spatter over most of the consoles, a huge puddle of gore also located near one of the stations. Sparks bursting from broken equipment and light fixtures flickering intermittently.
                          Where's Takeida? Where's Doctor Tvangula?

                          " What the hell happened here? " Jude asks

                          We continue to investigate the scene, until we suddenly hear a voice groaning in pain behind one of the fallen utility cabinets.
                          We quickly make our way to it's source and discover Doctor Tvangula.
                          Damn, this doesn't look good.
                          He is completely covered in blood.
                          A huge open wound is streaked across his torso, and there appears to be a series of deep scratches along his face.
                          You don't have to be a doctor to know there's no way anyone could live through this.

                          " made it...." he struggles to speak

                          " Doc...wh-what happened here? " I ask the doctor

                          " T...T....Takeida....Takeida turned..." he coughs
                          " L...leave the signal...I saw on the emergency controls console...still escape pod left..."

                          I look down at the doctor and back up at Sam and Jude.
                          " must....y-" his eyes suddenly get a far off look to them and his head slowly drop to the left. He's dead.

                          I move my hand to his face, and brush my fingers over it, to close his eyes.

                          After a moment of silence for his passing I stand up and look at Sam and Jude.
                          "Well, you heard the man, let's get the hell off of this ship."

                          " You don't have to ask me twice." Sam replies

                          " Do you know the way? " I ask them.

                          "I do." Jude replies
                          "It sh - " Jude is cut off as a creature suddenly bursts from the ceiling, crashing on top of him.
                          Jude is eviscerated in font of us.
                          My stomach contorts into a knot at the sheer frankness of it.
                          Sam stumbles , as the creature sets it's sights on her.
                          I quickly hit the button on my belt and step around to get on it's blind side.
                          Swinging my right arm at it, I manage to sever one of it's tentacles, and it howls in pain.

                          "Go!!" I shout at Sam, as she quickly struggles to her feet.

                          I try to swing my arm to the creatures legs, in hopes to immobilize it, but it seems to see through my plan and it swings around slamming me hard across the chest with it's two former human arms. It sends me crashing into one of the cabinets. Pain running up my back.

                          It slowly starts to advance toward me as I struggle to recover from the blow, and make it back to my feet.
                          I suddenly see a steel pike protrude from the creature's left shoulder, and it howls and screeches again.
                          As I quickly regain my composure, I see Sam standing on top of one of the console panels.
                          "C'mon, lets go!" she screams at me.

                          I quickly duck passed the creature as it struggles to get the pike out of it's shoulder, and link back up with Sam.

                          " Do you know where to go?" Sam asks

                          I quickly take a glance around at our surroundings, and see way on the far left side of the room, a sign above the door with the escape pods symbol.
                          "There, that's our ticket out of this!" I point to the door,and we hastily break into a run.

                          We hear a crashing sound behind us and see the creature has broken free from the pike.

                          We continue to make our way to the door, almost there...just a little further, the creature all the while bearing down on us.
                          Just as we're inches within it's grasp we manage to slide through the door and it's tentacles misses us.

                          "Over there Sam, there's the available pod!" I call to her as we enter the escape pod chamber.
                          "I'll get it started up! you get the door!" She says as she continues her run to the last available pod.

                          I quickly turn, swinging around to hit the door switch and lock the creature out.
                          As I hit the switch and the door begins to close, it's tentacles suddenly grabs hold of my left arm.
                          I try to pull back, and free my hand but it grabs hold with it's other remaining two tentacles.
                          One grabbing my other arm and the other wrapping around my neck.
                          I try to wriggle free from it's grasp, but it's too strong, and I can feel myself becoming dizzy from the immense pressure on my neck.

                          I see from the corner of my eye, that Sam wants to approach.
                          " No Sam, you have to go. Go now, there isn't any time, there-" I suddenly feel a seering pain on my left shoulder, and I can't help but let out a scream of anguish, as the creature sinks it's teeth, through the suit, into my flesh.

                          "Go now!!" I shout to her.
                          I feel the creature trying to advance through the door, and realise that I can't allow it to get through, not now.
                          I summon the last of my strength and push it back, as we both stumble back into the bridge, and the escape pod room door closes behind us.

                          -- the end --


                          Kick Master - Day 25

                          Fighter Coordination Challenge

                          5 minute meditation

                          Chin-ups in one go: 36


                            Happy badge day!


                              Originally posted by Loba5472 View Post
                              Happy badge day!
                              Thanks Loba5472
                              Cardio Trim was actually a pretty fun program! thoroughly enjoyed it!
                              In spite of the fact that I was cursing on the burpee days!


                                Originally posted by Beat_Samurai View Post
                                I summon the last of my strength and push it back, as we both stumble back into the bridge, and the escape pod room door closes behind us.

                                -- the end --[/I]
                                You are more relentless than George R.R. Martin when it comes to killing of the story's heroes.

                                In any case: happy badge day!