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    Originally posted by noname View Post
    I agree with twinkletoes, great job on the pullups! Also, so cool that you're writing a story as well..!

    Thanks noname ,
    yeah the writing aspect is a whole different form of "training"...I'm trying to apply the mindset I use when training the body, to that creative aspect...
    it's slowing becoming quite tough, to be honest


      Day 5: Level III

      "Were you guys there when the breach happened?" I ask, as we're briskly, yet carefully making our way along the hallways of the maintenance wing.
      "No, my shift had just ended, and I was on my way to crew quarters, when the everything went to hell." Sam answers.
      "Jude works in security, he's the one who found me." she continues.
      " We've been looking for more people on our way to the bridge, since it seems all comms have gone dark in this wing, as well as in research."
      "I was wondering why no one has made any contact yet..." I reply to her.
      " I was - "
      "shh," Jude sounds from ahead of us, as he makes a stop gesture with his hand.
      We come to a halt and listen intently. At first there is nothing, then...then there is something...something sounds like insects crawling, yet not quite...

      We carefully walk onward, while listening intently,
      as Jude peeks around the next corner, a look of shocked surprise paints his face as he slowly backs up.
      "Go..." he whispers
      "What?" Sam asks
      "Go, we need to go now. Run!"

      We take the next right turn of the hallway, and break into a run.
      Suddenly the crawling sound increases in volume behind us.
      " What was that ?" I ask as we're making our escape.
      " I don't know, just don't look back, I don't think you want to -" Jude gets cut off as something crashes through one of the ventilation pipes, on the left hand side wall, in front of us.
      A creature looking like an insect, but a whole lot more...fleshy, and about the size of a large cat with tentacle like limbs sprouting from it's back, stands in front of us.
      We're all in muted shock and stare in disbelief at the sight of it, as a high pitched, guttural snarl emanates from it.
      It lunges at Jude, but he manages to parry it away.
      " We've got to go!" he shouts.
      We all break into a frantic run as more and more of those things seem to crawl and burst out from the doors and vents either behind or in front of us, leaving us to either push and parry, our evade our way through and passed them.



      Upper Body+ - Day 13,14,15

      Pull-ups in one go: 30 - I'm thinking that it's time bring in some variations here...


        Day 6

        Part 1: ( bonus go)

        We manage to evade the "roaches", when, Jude notices an elevator up ahead.
        "It should still have power, let's make a break for it!"
        Fueled by the chance of getting out the current situation we're in.
        All of us seem to speed up, creating some much needed distance between us, and these things.
        We bundle into the open elevator as Sam slams the door button, and it closes just as one of the roaches reaches through with one of its tentacles.
        It brushes passed my face, but luckily no touch, since the door slammed shut before it could get a hold and it's snapped off from its host.
        The tentacle flops around like a fish out of water, on the elevator floor.

        Part 2: Level III(all trophies)

        Repulsed and frustrated with the situation, Sam proceeds to repeatedly stomp the tentacle, causing the elevator to be painted with the sound of pulverized flesh and guts.

        Jude and I watch in silence at her catharsis.

        "Alright, can somebody tell what the hell those were? " Jude asks
        "...since I don't recall animals being on the ship..." he continues

        " At this stage, I think both of you know a whole lot more then I do." I reply.
        " You were in research, weren't you?" Sam asks me.
        " As far as I know, that's where this whole debacle sprouted from..."
        " what the hell were they working on in there?" she pushes.

        She fixes her gaze on me, pushing for answers, without saying a word.
        I breathe out a resigned sigh.
        " look, I got on this shift pretty late, I was still in my orientation period, so that's why I am saying you know more than what I do... I did however hear some rumors...something about a 'found object'..."
        Suddenly the elevator grinds to a halt.
        Jude proceeds to press the button for it to continue the ascent, but no response.
        " dammit... Alright, look for a hatch, this thing isn't going anywhere. " says Jude.
        We proceed to check the vicinity of the elevator, and come across a loose panel. It's a bit of tight squeeze, but we enter the crawl space.
        The elevator was starting to stench up anyway... Stomped up tentacle guts...



        Upper Body+ - day 16,17,18

        5 minute meditation

        2.5k run

        Chin-ups in one go(parallel grip): 35

        Day 7:

        Part 1: (extra set)

        Fortunately the crawl space we had to enter from the stuck elevator didn't take too long to open up into another elevator shaft. How ever, it's quite a drop, so we have to carefully traverse a set of beams and girders, to get to the other side.

        We figured that we might as well cross the gap, since about 2 levels up, from where we exited the crawl space, we could see an open door, hopefully getting us out of this precarious spot, and hopefully not into anything close to those things we encountered in the maintenance wing.

        Part 2: Level II( 1 minute rest)

        After reaching the other side we make our way up the ladder, to the open door way, two levels up. Once we get there, we realize that the place is quite a mess.
        Toppled over shelves and containers form a make-shift barrier, but underneath there is just about enough space to slip through, just ended having to twist and turn one's body to get through it.
        I'd like to think this is a good sign, since all this could mean that there might be more survivors nearby.



        Upper Body+ -
        Day 19,20,21

        Pull-ups in one go(close grip): 20


          Day 8: All trophies

          I really hope we get the end of this damn crawling around, underneath fallen cases, shelves and panels soon. All these tight spaces make me a little nervous. Especially after what happened last time.

          "Hey I think I see some light up ahead! " Sam exclaims from the front.

          I hear a faint humming sound up ahead, followed by what sounds like metal and plastic hitting the walls, but not necessarily in a violent manner.
          As we reach the exit of the "debris tunnel", I suddenly see Jude and Sam leave the floor.
          " Hey watch out, when you-" Sam shouts, but as I exit the tunnel, I feel my body suddenly become weightless and I'm floating off of the floor too.

          " The artificial gravity generator must've been damaged, or must have been disabled in this block. " Sam clarifies.

          "well, you know the drill, try to swim to the other end...just remember to stick to the floor, don't want to be hurting ourselves, when we get out of this block." she continues

          " Reckon we should probably get a move on with that eh? Those things could show up here at any moment." I reply.

          " True that. " Jude concurs.

          We frantically, yet slowly manage to make our way to the other side of the block. When we hear scuttling and slithering sounds come from the "debris tunnel".

          " ummm, guys...I think we've got company..." Sam states.

          We glance back at the "debris tunnel" hearing the sounds emanating from it, and quicken our pace. This is not a good place where we want to tangle with those things again.



          Upper Body+ - Day 22, 23, 24

          7 minute meditation

          Chin-ups in one go: 35


            This is fun
            Do you already know where the story is going or are you coming up with everything spontaneously?


              Originally posted by twinkletoes View Post
              This is fun
              Do you already know where the story is going or are you coming up with everything spontaneously?
              Thanks twinkletoes ,
              I have absolutely no idea where this story will go...I might have a tentative idea floating around in the back of my mind about the ending, but we're pretty much discovering what happens next together!


                Day 9:
                Part 1: All trophies

                As if sensing we're nearby, we suddenly see the creature burst through the fallen debris, on the other side of the zero gravity block, letting out a screech as it lunges through.

                "Dammit, how'd it find us so fast?" Sam asks
                " Blind luck if you ask me " Jude replies.

                We quickly scramble to our feet, having made it across the zero gravity block in one piece. It feels good to be back on one's feet again.

                " Hey look at that." I observe. It would appear the creature is caught on something, among the debris, it had just crashed through. Finally seeing it a little more clearly.
                I feel a chill run down my spine.

                "...Is that...was that a person ?" I asks with shock to Jude and Sam

                " What? no way" looking confused Sam replies, then looking back at the creature.

                " I think...I think you're right..." Jude replies, he's voice veiled in horror and shock.

                Part 2:

                For a moment we look on transfixed as the thing struggles to pull free from the debris currently ensnaring it.

                "I think...Having seen what it's done to some other people...I think we'd better go, as in now!" Sam pulls us back to reality.

                We quickly turn and make a run for it along the corridor behind us, as I glace back at the struggling creature.
                I study it for a moment and is overcome with a cold realization, as I see it's legs, I notice it's wearing trousers, and I recognize something on the belt of those trousers.



                Upper Body+ - Day 25, 26, 27

                Pull-ups in one go: 31


                  Day 10: 1 minute rest

                  Continuing our run down the corridor away from the creature, we come to a section where a door seems to be malfunctioning, opening and closing erratically.
                  And given where we are, that appears to be the only way to go.
                  We certainly can't deliberate about that too much, since we don't know when the creature might break free from its snare.

                  "Damn, that thing is moving way to erratically." Jude grunts in frustration, looking at the door.

                  " and I don't see anything lying around that we could use to block it, so that we can slip through." Sam adds.
                  " from what I can tell, the access pad is probably on the other side of that."

                  Suddenly, without warning an explosion erupts close the the door, as we stumble back, startled by the blast.

                  " what the hell was that!?" I ask as we regain our footing.

                  "Probably an electrical short." Sam replies, defeat in her voice.

                  " Hey look, the door has stopped moving. " Jude observes
                  "It's a tight squeeze, but we ought to be able to slip through. C'mon lets get out of here!"

                  As we approach the door, a flame suddenly ignites from its vicinity, licking across the opening of the door, pushing us back once more.

                  " Well that's just great....dammit!" Jude curses under his hand , trying to block its heat.

                  " Now what ?" Sam asks.

                  We stand there staring at the flames as it whips and licks in the door way. Resignation pushing down on us. Until...

                  " Hey wait a sec, I'm wearing this suit. I completely forgot!" I realize.

                  "Hey yeah, you're right. That thing is equipped with a multitude applications, isn't it?" Sam adds in.

                  " among others, heat shielding yes. " I continue.
                  " If I activate that setting, I should be able to pass through that, and extinguish the flames from the other side, or at least open the door all the way."

                  " Cool, let's do that then, the less time we spend hanging around here, the better..." Sam says.

                  I start making my way closer to the door and the flames, as I start feeling the heat of it get close to an unbearable level, I activate the suit's heat shielding, and suddenly, it's as if the flame isn't even there.

                  " Just be sure to cover your head as you go through." Sam reminds me.

                  "thanks, will do. See you in a second." I reply.

                  I approach the door way slowly first, then raise my arms in front of my face as I quickly leap through the flame.
                  Made it...this suit it awesome!

                  " Are you alright?" I hear Sam call from the other side.
                  " Yeah, I made it through. Hang on a second." I reply , as I quickly take in my surroundings.
                  " Okay, I see the door's access panel, will be opening it now." I add.

                  I move to the access panel, and pull the emergency override lever to open the door all the way.
                  It hisses at first and suddenly it retracts back into it's slot in the frame.
                  I step around to the opening, and see Sam and Jude making their way here.
                  As I turn around to try and figure out where we are, taking a step forward,I suddenly hear a shifting sound beneath me, and the floor gives way. I am falling.



                  Upper Body+ - Day 28,29,30 -

                  Chin-ups in one go(parallel grip): 35


                    Originally posted by Beat_Samurai View Post
                    I notice it's wearing trousers, and I recognize something on the belt of those trousers.[/I]
                    But what was he recognizing on the belt? Oh the suspense!

                    Great job on the Upper Body Challenge!


                      Originally posted by twinkletoes View Post
                      But what was he recognizing on the belt? Oh the suspense!

                      Great job on the Upper Body Challenge!
                      All will be revealed in time

                      thanks twinkletoes , Upper Body+ was a nice add-on. Thinking of what new sauce to add in the mean time


                        Day 11
                        Part 1 - Bonus go

                        I land with a thud on a steel grilled floor. The wind without a doubt knocked out of me.
                        I writhe in agony first, but after a little while it subsides and I struggle to my feet again. Wincing as I finally stagger forward.

                        "Hey research, are you alright down there?" I hear Sam call from above.
                        "What does it look like? I nearly fell two stories!" I cut back at her.
                        " But I'm alright for now..."
                        I take a look around to see where I am exactly. There's grilled wall both to my left and right as well as behind me. However there is an opening in front of me, with what appears to be some kind air duct or maintenance shaft passed that. Luckily it's not a crawl space again.

                        " Okay, it doesn't look like I'm gonna be able to get back up there just yet.
                        I'm gonna check to go further this way, and hopefully I can get to you again, or if you could find me somewhere." I call back up to Jude and Sam.

                        "Alright, we'll continue on ahead and meet you on the other side. Watch yourself down there!" She replies.
                        "You too!" I call back, and start making my way along the duct.

                        Part 2 - Level III(All trophies)

                        As I continue along the duct I am faced with a familiar obstacle. The webs again.
                        " Well isn't that just great..."
                        I quickly glance back just to be sure that I don't get a nasty visit again. But it seems to be clear for now.
                        I start working on breaking through the webs. Have to move quick.
                        So not in the mood to have to get tangled up again!


                        Kick Master - Day 1

                        Pull-ups in one go(Tarzan): 26


                          Day 12: All trophies

                          I've managed to make some good progress through the web, since I can see faint light starting to bleed through the openings.
                          Although, I can't seem to shake the uneasy feeling that I keep hearing a slithery sound emit from it. I stop and listen....nothing...maybe I'm just being overly paranoid.
                          Well, then again, can you blame me? after this whole thing happened ?

                          I finally make it through the web, that last section was particularly squishy.
                          I breathe out a sigh of relief, since I feel a whole letter better knowing I'm out of that mess.

                          I starting moving further along the duct, but I feel I have difficulty lifting my foot off of the floor. I look down, and I notice that the webs seem to be pulling at my leg.
                          " What the hell?"
                          As I lift my other foot up to step further, it's as if little limbs are reaching out to grab hold of it.
                          The hell with this. I break into a run, and it would seem that the web is reacting to that.
                          Is it alive?



                          Kick Master - Day 2,3

                          10 minute meditation

                          Chin-ups in one go: 35


                            Day 13:

                            Part 1

                            The web continues to pursue me for quite a distance along the duct, pulling and lunging at my legs and feet, to ensnare me.
                            Fortunately it isn't that quick and I manage to outpace it, still, it was quite unnerving knowing that something like that was after me.
                            The duct bends to the left and I come to a dead end. Crap.
                            There's no way I'm turning back to tangle with that web thing again.
                            Okay, I take a look around. There's got to be a way out.

                            Part 2 - Level II( non-stop burpees)

                            I look up and notice that there appears to be a level above me, I should be able to reach it, if I jump for it.
                            I take the jump and pull myself up to that level.
                            It's a short section which goes to a dead end again.
                            I look up and see there's a section that I should be able to jump up and pull myself up to again.
                            As I get to the the fourth level where I had to pull myself up to, I start hearing muffled voices above me. It might be Sam and Jude. Must be getting close to the level from where I fell from.
                            One more level to jump and pull myself up to, and I see something above me that look like a hatch.
                            I stop at the hatch and listen first, just to be sure the coast is clear.
                            I reach for the wheel at the hatch and turn it to the left, to open it.
                            Damn, feels a whole lot better to breathe now,instead of being confined in these ducts.
                            I peek through the opening to be sure it's all clear.
                            Look to the right, nothing. Look to the left, I make out the shape of two people. Sam and Jude. It's got to be them.
                            I quickly pull myself through the opening of the hatch and make my way towards them.



                            Kick Master - Day 4,5

                            Pull-ups in one go: 34


                              Day 14

                              Part 1: extra set, bonus go

                              Moving along the corridor to catch up with Jude and Sam, I am surprised to discover that it isn't them. Rather three different people, entirely.

                              One of them turns around quickly, noticing that I am behind them.
                              "Hey you, hold it right there! " they shout at me.

                              Quickly stopping in my tracks, as I notice that they are pointing, what looks like a rivet gun at me.
                              " whoa, whoa, take it easy. " I reply, lifting my hands in a surrender gesture.
                              " I thought you were someone else..."

                              "Someone else? " they ask.
                              " yeah, two other people...we got separated." I reply.
                              " Still, I must say, it's quite a relief to know there are more survivors...."

                              Part 2: > 20 push-ups

                              "Have you been in contact with one of those things ?" they ask me.

                              " Do you mind not pointing that thing at me please? " I ask, referring to the rivet gun.

                              " Not just yet, answer the question "they push for a reply from me.

                              As I am about answer, there's suddenly a noise coming from one of the air vents nearby. Before we could even react, one of the creatures bursts through the duct and pulls the guy who was pointing the rivet gun at me, into the abyss.
                              As he screams from the darkness, we suddenly see the dripping of blood from the void, from where the creature came.
                              His vocalizations transition from blood curdling screams of pain to gagging sounds to silence. All the while being accompanied by the sound of mutilating flesh, and cracking bones.

                              Definitely not sticking around here.
                              I quickly glance at his two remaining companions, but I find that they are frozen by fear and shock, of what just transpired.

                              " I don't know about you guys, but I think we had best be getting out of here." I tell them.

                              They look at me and then at each other, and then nod in agreement.
                              I make a move forward, grab the dropped rivet gun, as we break into a run, to get as far as we can from the creature as possible.



                              Kick Master - day 6

                              5 Minute meditation

                              Chin-ups in one go(parallel grip): 37


                                Day 15

                                Part 1 - Extra set, 30 push-ups finisher

                                I continue my escape with the two new companions.
                                We come to a section in one of the corridors where it appears the electrical panels were broken open from the ceilings. Leaving perilous live cables dangling from above.
                                We have to carefully, yet quickly traverse the obstacles in our path.
                                As we're almost through to the other side, we hear a sudden burst from one of the vent panels behind us.
                                There was no creature, but this startles the one guy that was trailing at the back of our single file, through the cable mess.
                                He loses his footing and unfortunately makes contact with one of the live cables.

                                I've never witnessed someone be electrocuted...
                                Part of me wished I hadn't looked.
                                I fear it, along with a host of the things that I have witnessed in this time, will haunt me for days to come. Should I live to see the end of this whole ordeal.

                                Part 2

                                Shaking myself from the transfixed state I was, at witnessing his death. I turn carefully and we continue our way through the cable mess, and successfully make it to the other side, unharmed thankfully.

                                We continue running for what seems like hours, until my sole companion stops and looks at a door to our right.
                                "Hey wait..." he says.

                                "Whats wrong?" I ask

                                "I think we managed to lose that thing, don't you? Reckon we can take a little break here?" he asks.

                                I look over his shoulder, at the way we've come, and only see darkness and the intermittent glow of the corridor emergency lighting, and nothing else.

                                " Yeah...yeah I think you're right. " I reply.
                                "Do you know where we are? "

                                " As a matter of fact, I do. " he replies, as he enters a code on the door to our right.

                                " C'mon, I think we should be able to hole up in here for a quick breather. " He motions to the new open door and enters.



                                Kick Master - Day 7

                                Pull-ups in one go(Tarzan): 28