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    Bring The Noise

    So I figured as a change up for the new year, instead of creating a separate thread for each training regime I embark on, I'd rather just collect it all here from now on.



    This Is Sparta : Spartan Trails
    - Fine, Fists: Combat[HIIT]
    - Gravity Chamber 2.0
    - Strength Of The Bear: Strength Protocol
    - CT-NOVA-5: Cardio Trim
    - Battle Of One : Fighter's Codex
    - Super State
    - Gladiator Week
    - There Be Frost Giants: 30 Days Of Strength
    - Like a Shadow
    - Rebirth: Avatar Upgrade
    - Forged In Fire: Fire Bender Training
    - GRAVITY FIGHTER; 30 Days Of Gravity
    - Dragon Week
    - Path Of The Gray Jedi
    - Frieza
    - Carbon & Dust
    - Teh Ladies: Girl Power Week
    - Guardian Week
    - Shinra SOLDIER
    - 100 Pull-ups in 10 Days
    - Hero Killer
    - Mix it up + Ironborn
    - Fittest In The Garden Route Competition
    Embrace the Suck + 30 Days Of HIIT
    - Superhero Week
    - Lower Back rehab ?
    Urban Strength
    - Epic Five
    - Time Chamber
    - Not Batman
    - Full Circuit
    - Dust 4 Glory OCR Challenge
    Zero Hero

    - Hybridization
    - First Half Marathon
    - LOCKDOWN 35
    - Boxing Week redux
    - Boxer Prime
    - Flexibility Week
    - Spellbound
    - 30
    Days of HIIT Advanced
    - First Full Marathon
    - Fireheart
    - High Gear
    - Katana Week

    So after completing my stint in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber (Age Of Pandora before that) , I took on and managed to complete Boxing Week! The themed week was really tough!!

    After that, I tried to maintain at least some level of activity, in spite of all the goings on with the holiday season and whatnot.
    Thus I collected some workouts from the database and moved them into weekly blocks, namely;

    - Gravity Chamber; another Dragonball Z inspired one, made to simulate the training in the capsule gravity chamber

    - Assassin week; this one I kind of stumbled upon, from the training plans section.

    Here's the breakdown: Click image for larger version  Name:	gravity_chamber.JPG Views:	1 Size:	41.2 KB ID:	299859

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Assassin_week.JPG Views:	1 Size:	35.2 KB ID:	299860

    during the Assassin week, I finally managed to crack the 20 mark for chin-ups in one go! Which was quite a surprise for me, but so stoked to have made it to that!
    Still only that elusive 20 pull-ups that still has to be attained!!

    Anyway, so after finishing up with that, seeing as it's a new year and all, I figured it would be a good move to get going with a program here again, so opted for The Spartan Trials!!
    So here we go:

    Bring the Noise : This Is Sparta

    Herewith the account of one, beat_samurai's attempt at the Spartan Trials.
    On my quest to forging the warrior body, mind and spirit.

    Day One: Survival Of The Fittest

    The winds howl across the mountains and the ocean breaks against the rocks in the distance, as the large steel gates close behind me and I find myself standing
    in the training arena, among the men and women of Sparta.

    Receiving wry looks from most, it's not surprising; The Spartans are a proud folk, thus a stranger wandering in,
    would be regarded with great skepticism. Especially those who dare seek to take on the trails.

    "You think you have what it takes to even begin to receive any such recognition from us?" the trial master asks.

    " Let us see if you aren't just another pretender. First trial; Survival of The Fittest".

    At various stages during this trial I could hear the trial master utter; " so weak..." under his breath.

    By the fourth set, I was already quite puffed, and very much in the sweat zone, but had to press on.

    Result: Level III

    "Not bad, it would appear you managed to survive the first trial." The trial master concedes.
    "Still a long way for you to go, to see if you are worthy of the spartan name."

    Pull-ups in one go: 12 ( no doubt the push-ups until failure had a role to play in this)
    Attached Files

    Day 2 : Body Armour

    “Even without their actual suit of armour, true Spartan warriors are at such a condition that they are as good as armoured! Do you believe you can achieve such a status, outlander? “ the trial master asks.

    The cross crunches were especially particular at causing my abdominals to scream! Much to the amusement of the trial master.

    Result: Part I - Level III

    “ Does your core possess the necessary endurance to keep going and serve you as body armour? “

    This caused some discomfort for my forearms as well. But in spite of the trial master’s doubts, I managed to endure.

    Result: Part II - Level III

    Chin-ups in one go: 18



      Day 3 : Come and Take’em

      “Do you honestly believe you are worthy to be here, outlander? If you do, come and take’em then”, the trial master quips, snickering as I reach for the weights.

      Result: Part I - Level III (curls & rows)

      Part II - Level III

      Day 4: Balance and Coordination

      “Strength is nothing if your body is uncoordinated. Do you possess the control to make it your weapon?”

      Result: Level III

      Pull-ups in one go: 17


        Day 5: With shield or on a shield

        “True spartan warriors would never surrender. When heading into battle with gladius and shield, they would rather die while still holding their shield and have their bodies carried on it back home, than break rank and return without it, as a disgrace.”

        Result: Level III

        Day 6: Body Armour

        Result: Part I - Level III
        Part II - Level III

        Chin-ups in one go: 20


          Day 7: Come and Take’em

          “Great upperbody strength is one of the many trump cards in a spartan warrior’s arsenal. The ability to be able to carry shield and gladius for long periods of time,
          whether it be marching or in the heat of battle is one of the key factors for a victory.”

          Result: Level III

          Day 8: Balance and Coordination

          Leg strength, endurance and control can mean the difference between life and death between you and your opponent.”

          Result: Part I - Level III
          Part III- 5 minutes

          Pull-ups in one go: 19


            Day 9: Tonight We Dine In Hell

            “You think your endurance has improved, outlander? Let’s put it to the test.”

            Result: Level II (had to scale down due to time constraints)

            Chin-ups in one go: 18

            Day 10: Body Armour

            “Yes outlander, the trials will most certainly incline with difficulty. There is no place for mediocrity and complacency among the Spartan folk.”

            Result: Level III (probably the most difficult ab workout I’ve ever done!)

            Pull-ups in one go: 15


              Day 11: Come and Take’em

              "A true Spartan has the resolve to push through the most grueling of physical and mental hurdles or challenges.
              I believe you lack that resolve, outlander. Prove me wrong, if you dare."

              Result: Level III

              Chin-ups in one go: 20


                Day 12: Balance & Coordination

                "Dexterity, control, focus, all factors to play an important role in creating a true Spartan warrior."

                Result: Level III

                Pull-ups in one go: 20 (FINALLY!! however, before claiming the badge I must be able to do this 2 more times, just to confirm it wasn't a fluke)


                  Originally posted by Beat_Samurai View Post
                  Pull-ups in one go: 20 (FINALLY!! however, before claiming the badge I must be able to do this 2 more times, just to confirm it wasn't a fluke)
                  Even if it was a fluke, you still did 20 in one go. Congratulations!


                    Originally posted by twinkletoes View Post
                    Even if it was a fluke, you still did 20 in one go. Congratulations!
                    Thanks twinkletoes ,
                    it's been such a long road with me and this 20 pulls feat,so I want to hit this one way out the park without a shadow of a doubt!!

                    and this:



                      Day 13: One Wild Night

                      'Can you endure outlander? Can you truly endure? I am quite certain your arms must be screaming! You could always quit now "

                      Result: Level III

                      Chin-ups on one go: 20


                        Day 14: Body Armour

                        "Both offense and defence originates from the core, outlander.
                        How does yours compare?"

                        Result: Part I - Level III
                        Part II - Level III

                        Pull-ups in one go: 20 ( 2/3 )


                          Day 15: Come & Take’em

                          “Do you possess the resolve and the grit to continue to carry your shield and gladius, as a true Spartan does, outlander?”

                          Result: Level III

                          Chin-ups in one go: 20


                            Day 16: Balance & Coordination

                            “This ought to get your legs and arms to tell you a story, outlander”

                            Result: Level III
                            Endurance Test: 5:32

                            Pull-ups in one go: 20 (3/3!!! well and truely beaten this one!!)

                            this journey reminded me of this:


                              Day 17: With Shield Or On A Shield

                              "You underestimate this, because it entails the most basic of movements. Endure the trial, then tell me that again, outlander."

                              Result: Level III
                              Chin-ups in one go: 20