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      Congrats on Baseline and Zero Hero!!




          Congrats on finishing TWO programs!!
          Good JOB!!


            Thank you Fremen TheGrayLynx LizardFriend95 sleep_twitch DorothyMH

            Monday, 2 August
            Core Strength - Day 2
            Age of Pandora - Chapter 2

            Tuesday, 3 August
            Core Strength - Day 3
            Age of Pandora - Chapter 3

            Wednesday, 4 August
            Core Strength - Day 4
            Age of Pandora - Chapter 4
            Machine: fast pace walking for 45 minutes

            Thursday, 5 August
            Core Strength - Day 5
            Age of Pandora - Chapter 5

            Well, I left out Express Tone for now. I really love it, but this week was a little hectic, so I decided to just stick to 2 programs, and 1 day/chapter at a time. Last night I added some walking when I had some free time. Unfortunately there was push-ups today, but I decided to just do the least amount (12x). I endured them, and soldiered through them. It went fine this week. I enjoy both programs. I like AOP. I know before I hated these type of programs because I didn't like reading the stories. Oddly, they started growing on me... And I am quite excited to see Pathfinder coming the end of the month!!!

            Guess what I have planned from 31 August!? Right the same time when Core Strength ends...

            I have been quite fond of reading Manhwas lately, mostly right before I go to bed I would read a few chapters. I decided to ween myself off series and movies for a while. It has been a slow process, but I am getting there. And I have been reading more. So, I guess by doing this, I started enjoying the programs with a storyline.

            I will probably start increasing my exercises from tomorrow, maybe stick to 1 day, each day, with Core Strength. AOP, I will maybe do 2 chapters each day - except on days where I am busy again. I also want to walk at least 2 to 3 times a week. As for 532-legs, and other exercises, I might stop those for a while, and just concentrate on the Darebee programs for a while. I know I said I wanted to increase my exercises for winter, and I didn't quite do so well with that promise to myself, but I think I do enough to keep my weight stable, and just to keep going.

            A little is better than nothing. I am not quite where I would like to be, but it will still happen.


              Friday, 6 August
              Core Strength - Day 6
              Age of Pandora - Chapter 6 & 7
              Machine - fast pace walking 45 minutes

              There isn't much to add about today. I did some extra walking.

              My tadpoles (Clicking stream frogs) is finally growing some back legs. I only have 35 left. I don't know where the other 5 went ... maybe got eaten? I change the water weekly (with rain water from a tank), so I can keep an eye on them. As soon as they grow front legs, I will have to keep them outdoors. I will take photos as soon as you can see better. They are still very small, since the adults only grow to about 3 - 5cm. The ones with the legs is about 2cm to 2,5cm big .... the body itself is only 1cm big. They are so cute.


                Belated congrats on Baseline and Zero Hero!!


                  Thank you Mamatigerj


                  I FAILED.

                  I quit my programs, since Saturday. I did some walking Saturday, Sunday and Monday (it was a public holiday here, Women's Day). But as for my programs - I simply just gave up. Or ...

                  ... I don't have a reason.

                  I have good health, I feel fine, no reason... I just simply quit Age of Pandora. And I like the program. I can't put my finger on a specific reason. I can't blame it on anything. It just happened that way. (Let me emphasize: I LIKE THE PROGRAM!!) Quitting it, doesn't mean I dislike it. I think maybe my mindset isn't completely right. Maybe because it is longer than 30 days, my mind is not committed to it. Yet, I cannot say that is the real reason. I just decided to quit my current routine. And I do intend to finish AoP ... just not right now. Maybe (and I am just thinking of a possible reason....) 60 Days programs is a little bit too much of a commitment for me. I honestly don't know why I can't do it. Exercise block? Like the way you get writers block or artist block!?

                  I woke up at 5am, went to get my vaccine - standing in a line from 5h45 to get helped early (about 20 people in front of me, 50+ behind me, and more coming at 7am), 3C with only wearing jeans, a short sleeve top and hoodie (feels paper thin in 3C!!!!!) - and at 7am they only took people with appointments (who received text messages, or who came for a second vaccine), they also took the older people - over 60. And then I was about moved to nr. 100 down the line. And they did tell us they won't have enough vaccines, and they don't know when they receive their next supplies. With the doubt ... of the number of vaccines available, and not sure how many people will be helping, I left at 7:30 am. I will go again next week. I just need to go before the end of September when the 18+ have to go for their vaccines too. I didn't mind the few hours standing in the cold ... it was quite a pleasant morning for me, since I woke up in a good mood.

                  I got home, and did yoga (Zen). Then I also walked/jogged for 35 minutes. And later I did a 10-minute Chloe Ting leg video. And much later, this afternoon, I did a random Darebee leg workout. This routine was most likely inspired by a Neila Rey video I watched. I think for the rest of the month this might be my routine. Yoga/Stretching, 35 - 60 minutes walk/jog, and a Darebee workout. I will also add a 10 minute Youtube workout video, or a random exercise to add up to at least 10 to 15 minutes. It will be a variety of things to keep me interested.

                  There might be snow coming our way, on high mountain peaks (nearby) after midnight or tomorrow morning. I keep missing the snow - since it is always just too far to go see it, or it is on the highest peaks. Pity.


                    I really like having routines, but then i get bored of my routines and rebel. so i have to tweak them constantly.


                      I have been keeping up with my routine:

                      After I wake up:
                      -Stretching / Yoga (random Darebee workout of this type)

                      Around 10am:
                      -Walking 35 minutes / or 20 minutes walking and 5 minutes Jump Rope

                      Before dinner:
                      -random Darebee workout
                      -10 minutes Youtube workout program (so far I only did Chloe Ting ones)

                      I actually found a video for today. It look awesome.

                      I found this when I was looking for a 10 minute Youtube leg exercise video. What really caught my attention was at 5:40 Borrower Squats. I already just did a few of them this yesterday, and I absolutely love it. I like different varieties of squats, but this one is currently my favourite exercise.

                      The bunny (Lindt, the pure white one) is back. Our worse winter weather is probably behind us. And he is back after a few weeks, and its his second day in a row squatting in the garden ... He found himself a nice cosy spot, with half shade, half sun, and is waiting for me to feed him apple and sweet fruits! He doesn't care for greens. Picky. I am not able to touch him, but I think that will change quite soon, if he visits more regularly again. He seems to trust me easily because I give him apple pieces. I am sure he remembers me.


                        I did that leg video yesterday ... and it was quiet a leg burning one! I really liked it!

                        This morning was another warmer winters day. Sunny outside. Perfect for any outdoors activity.

                        I started with Stretching (Care Package) & (Stability)

                        Click image for larger version  Name:	care-package-workout.jpg Views:	0 Size:	362.8 KB ID:	809235
                        Click image for larger version  Name:	stability-workout.jpg Views:	0 Size:	304.9 KB ID:	809236

                        And then I did a random Darebee workout (Setting Goals)

                        Click image for larger version  Name:	setting-goals-workout.jpg Views:	0 Size:	376.3 KB ID:	809237

                        I also done some walking - but nothing much. Just a walk around the block and park behind the house. It was about a 40 minutes walk - but not fast. My legs still felt the burn from yesterday!!!

                        I often tend to redo the same workouts when I like them, instead of doing new ones. I should really break that habit, and do things, even if it is out of my comfort zone.

                        The bunny was here this morning, but I didn't feed him, and he left 2 hours later. I planted some Kale and Brussel Sprouts, but I doubt I will get the Brussel Sprouts to grow. I don't have green fingers! I think instead of buying seeds, I will rather invest in small plants next time.


                          Awesome going! Yea its nice to try new things in exercise, perhaps build your own "library" of favorite workouts which to utilize


                            I went to get my first vaccine this morning. I took my parents with, to get vaccinated too. It is 25C - the hottest winter's day in a while! We expect rain from tomorrow onwards.

                            I did some stretching this morning before I left the house.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	spine-mobility-workout.jpg
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                            Click image for larger version

Name:	face-the-day-workout.jpg
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                            After I got home I did the rest of my exercises for the day. I decided not to walk or jog today. I can always do that this afternoon, or before dinner, if I really want to.

                            Click image for larger version

Name:	trim-and-tone-arms-workout.jpg
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                            Click image for larger version

Name:	killer-butt-workout.jpg
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ID:	809539

                            I am feeling rather lucky today. It is a good day so far.
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                              Congrats on the vaccine for you and your parents!


                                congrats on the vac!