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    Never TOO old, Never TOO late

    Hey everyone ^^

    Decided to make my own Check-in Log at last.


    Starting Weight December 2016: 87.1 kg
    (weight @ 1 July 2021 - 61 kg)


    A BIT ABOUT MY PAST (fitness & exercise):

    [blank] <----- there really is nothing to tell. I participated in no sports, I refused to gym, I even did not enjoy to attend sporting events. I liked sitting / computers / gaming / movies. I was a chubby kid, got thin in high school up until about age 25. But then quit smoking cigarettes ... and YES ... that WAS GOOD TO STOP (despite gaining weight!)... but also I replaced my addiction with food.

    Eventually I got bigger and bigger and bigger …. until one random day...


    I did know I gained a lot of weight gradually, but the most happened over the last 5 years... And then I climbed on the scale and I was at 87,1kg!! Ugggh...
    HELL NO!!!!
    So I have now made a workout schedule.

    I have done the Daily Dares and a few extras since the beginning of December. My mindset is now at a good place. It is still summer holiday in my country, but despite the tremendous heat, I will do my exercise early morning (or late night) if I have to! NO EXCUSES!!!


    - Fat loss / weight loss. [my actual weight is not my concern - its more the fat, cellulite, the bulges, and the wobbly stuff that need to go!]

    - Fitness level need to increase

    - Healthier eating habits [recently realized I am gluten-sensitive!! It makes a HUGE difference in my health when I cut it by at least 80%]

    I have the motivation, the inspiration and the determination - now to ACHIEVE it!!!


    60 High Knees
    20 Burpees
    60 Side Leg Raises
    120 Toe Tap Hops
    40 High Knees + 20 Climbers
    40 Jumping Lunges
    40 Arm Raises + 40 Raised Arm Circles

    Yoga Week - Day 1
    Only did level I -I struggle with planks / push-ups a lot

    Daily Dare

    Additional 10 minute Jump Rope

    ... and took down the HUGE Christmas Tree at home ...
    I am SURE that classify as a workout!!! ^^


      Originally posted by Nightg0ddess View Post
      Yoga Week - Day 1
      Only did level I -I struggle with planks / push-ups a lot
      It's a difficult workout, especially if you aim for the EC. So you did a great job in any case.


        twinkletoes Its usually the ones that looks so easy that tend to surprise you!! ^^ I will probably re-do Yoga Week in the future again, and then aim for EC.
        Thank you for your support!


          5 January (WHAT!? Its the 5th already?!?!?)

          I did a mix of workouts again. From Sunday 8 January, I am going to focus more on specific areas of my body daily (with exception of the Daily Dare). And start a 30-day program.


          Yoga Week - Day 2
          I absolutely LOVED this. Ironically I am very flexible (although overweight and no prior exercise done in the past)

          Daily Dare:
          was some sloppy version which "almost" don't deserve mentioning. I tried!

          10 minutes jump rope - had to do it in 3 sets.
          30 Burpees
          100 Squats

          Was really amped to do more of the Yoga workout, but I don't want to over-do it. My body is still a little sore from yesterday.


            Originally posted by Nightg0ddess View Post
            Yoga Week - Day 2
            I absolutely LOVED this. Ironically I am very flexible (although overweight and no prior exercise done in the past)
            My former Modern Dance teacher was overweight. But she was the most flexible and graceful person ever when she was dancing. Absolutely delightful.


              twinkletoes That reminds me of an overweight male ballet dancer that went viral a while back - Erik Cavanaugh. I find him exceptionally inspiring!



                Ha, he's exactly like the male version of my teacher - including passion and confidence.


                  Originally posted by Nightg0ddess View Post
                  [U]Daily Dare:
                  was some sloppy version which "almost" don't deserve mentioning. I tried!
                  Ha! At least you tried, which is more than I can say for myself. I looked at that and went .
                  So GOOD FOR YOU!!


                    6 January

                    Yoga Week - Day 3:
                    Again, I love Yoga Week! I love this. Leg exercises is probably my favorite. I don't have issues with doing these. My legs is burning a bit but its nothing. I like things like "donkey kicks" and "fire hydrants" - so this workout was actually fun!

                    Daily Dare: (with EC)
                    Ironically, this one was HARD. I had no problem with balance, I had no problem with holding the shape. My issue with this was my weak stomach, my obliques was shaking so much. I don't know why THAT area!? Maybe my legs is stronger? I had to focus on my breathing. Didn't think I was going to make it - but I refused to give up! I had to dig REALLY deep. And it paid off. Still loved this exercise.

                    It was fine - needed something different than abs/legs which I normally prefer doing.

                    10 minutes jump rope - 1 did 1 minute of different types of jump rope exercises. I am so unfit, it is still a torture to do. Its better than jumping jacks!!!
                    20 minutes resistance band exercises (am I allowed to mention the source of my workout if its non related to this site? Anyway... was a video from Youtube)

                    I have to re-do the workout schedule I worked out for 13 weeks. I should make it 1 month only. I tend to plan AGES ahead. So maybe just keep it even more simple and basic.I realize I am over confident in what I want to do, but when it comes to the actual exercises, I am still too out of shape and unfit to do them properly. I will rather do less, and do them perfect.


                      6 January (forgotten logs - yesterday)

                      15 Days of Fitness Challenge - Day 3

                      Oh and I started a 30-day program yesterday. Was going to start on Sunday but figured I had the time to start...
                      Foundation - Day 1:

                      7 January (today)

                      -15 Days of Fitness Challenge - Day 4

                      -Yoga Week - Day 4
                      Was not going well with this one - planks and me do not gel very well. I'd give myself a 3/10 for effort. I tried doing more (or longer) of the ones I was able to do, to make up for the ones I failed at. Yoga Week is much harder than it looks. I will re-do this in the future when I improve my fitness level. Gosh, it must be great when you can do a proper plank/push-up ... the things I struggle with!

                      -Daily Dare + EC

                      -Foundation - Day2:

                      -Random + Additional:
                      30 minutes Pilates from a workout DVD.
                      5 minutes Jump Rope

                      I woke up at 4:30 in the morning. Its so hot here, even that early its STILL warm & I just realize how much I hate summer. Yeah, its fine for a holiday, or if you go to the beach and so on. But for exercising in heat - its HORRIBLE!!! If its too warm, I faint easily & I get nosebleeds! Decided to just do everything early, and finish them. Despite my brilliant plan to do them while its still "cool" compared to the rest of the day, it was STILL HELL!!!
                      I feel hot, bothered, sore, grumpy ... hungry & my morning coffee is not giving me any comfort as usual!


                        8 January

                        -15 Days of Fitness Challenge - Day 5

                        -Yoga Week - Day 5 (Rearward)
                        For all the exercises I had to lay down on my stomach - so it felt easier.

                        -Daily Dare + EC
                        I liked this one.

                        -Foundation - Day 3 + 4
                        I done 2 days because I started a few days late, and want to start a new 30-day challenge on the 1st of February. These 2 days combined was good.

                        5 minutes Jump Rope

                        I don't think I can do more exercises today. My lower back is a bit sore, but I am sure it will gradually go away. My body is probably not completely used to exercise yet.


                          Yoga Week is definitely not a walk in the park. The important thing is that you do your best and don't give up


                            twinkletoes Thank you ^^ I figured no matter how difficult, I have to do things that I will enjoy. I enjoy exercises which I can lay down - for legs / abs. And I figured Yoga Week looked "enjoyable" ... something I "might" like. Most of Yoga Week has been fun - despite being harder than it looks.

                            I actually wish they make a 30-day Yoga challenge/program. I would definitely do it! Mmmmh... think I have a suggestion for Darebee Thanks for being my "inspiration Twinkletoes!!!!


                              9 January

                              Starting on a sad note ... Missed the 15 days of fitness ... or I felt I took "too long" breaks in between to do justice to 15 minutes consecutive exercise. I have to be honest, and re-start that one. Its so hot in my city, that I have to constantly take breaks, and water breaks. I hope our weather get significantly cooler in March!!

                              Yoga Week - Day 6 (Solid Base)
                              This is exercises I am used to. Prior to Darebee I used to like Kelsey Lee, Blogilates, Rebecca Louise (on Youtube). Love them!! But I love Darebee too. Decided to stick mainly to Darebee - and from there re-try the other things (or inbetween).

                              Daily Dare + EC - High Knees
                              This was actually easy, despite doing this in the middle of the night when I woke up! Had no issue getting EC.

                              Foundation Day 5 - level II
                              The first one got to me for some reason.

                              Beginners Yoga (youtube) - 15 minutes (decided to practice some of the movements if I need them in the future).

                              Again the heat was my biggest issue. Otherwise all went smoothly. Nothing too difficult, or too easy. Just felt comfortable (a sort of "rest day" from previous days that left me very sore and tired).