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    I have to pay this place a visit


      Originally posted by LeicaEnergizer View Post
      I have to pay this place a visit

      definitely - you should do that the first candy-cotton is free and we have the "carrot-and-stick-policy" - it applies on the whole area


        I roasted my first coffee beans yesterday to celebrate your hell badge Had some spare time in the evening and couldn't resist

        I was aware of the fact that the first attempt wouldn't be perfect, and indeed, there are a lot of different colors in the final result. But it smelled wonderful and I didn't burn any beans. Only lost some that flew through the kitchen as I was stirring to fast

        The final result looks like this:
        Click image for larger version

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        Do you think I can use this for cold brew after some days of degassing, or should I try once again?


          sleep_twitch A.W.E.S.O.M.E. my first roasting session were briquets Thanks for celebrating my victory - therefore: one cake extra

          how long was your roasting session? 15minutes? more? less?

          I know what you mean with stirring to fast btw

          and for the first try it is really great! just experiment further with the amount of beans (in relation to the pan you use) and to the speed of stirring: i.e. like change direction, slow and controlled, from outside to the inside, etc. - there are many ways, now you only have to find your way. believe me, it will get better, with every session you do! and always keep one thing in mind! we home-roasters have no professional machines, therefore you will always have some beans with a different color - because the stirring is not as perfect as a roasting machine - but no harm done!

          what about the heat? Was all good? started at a higher temperature and then decreasing, etc.? was all good? a lot smoke, or not? just curious
          and the skin of the roasted beans were also easy to seperate afterwards with a sieve and some stirring?

          oh yeeeeesssssss .... the smell, that is the best reward afterwards, it even hangs in the air on the next day

          but now to your question:

          of course you can use it for cold-brew (or even another type). just give them at least 3 more days. Cold-brew is really easy. the base recipe is: 1l of water (room-temperatur is sufficient) and 80-85g of coarse coffee. (if you use 200 grams you can normally make two cold-brew sessions - at least that is my result of testing - just to plan your next roasting session with the right amount ) Importan is, that is is coarse!

          best to use a cold-brew-maker of course, but you can also do it like this: put all in a pan - then in the fridge (somewhere between 12 und 24 hours - depends how strong you like your concentrate, just experiment) and then take a good sieve. If you have a coarse sieve, do it again, or even use some filter ...

          the ground coffee you can afterwards put on the compost or just in the garden - the plants like coffee too

          and then: enjoy your concentrate, on-the-rocks, with milk or not, or just water, or perhaps with some ice-cream


            Wohoo - I'm so happy right now I feared that you might tell me "the color is not perfect, throw that stuff away and DON'T make coffee with it"

            The whole thing took around 20mins. My induction stove unfortunately doesn't have that many different settings for the heat - it's 2000W, 1200W, 800W, 500W. I started roasting at 1200W and then decreased to 800W and it was fine. Near the end, I noticed that the middle of the pan (where it is the hottest) was a bit smeary, so some beans might have released some oil or something

            The separation of the loose skin was no problem, I have a coarse plastic sieve. I also left the beans in there for some time to cool.

            I have a manual coffee grinder and a french press for 1L, so I will make cold brew next week - can't wait But I'll be patient, I'm not at home at the weekend anyway, so my beans have time to rest. I hope the result will be good, my former flatmate told me he'd laugh if I can't get it right. He knows my crazy DIY projects as I was making bread with my own homemade sourdough when I lived in the shared flat


              sleep_twitch a colleague of mine also uses his french-press - it is perfect indeed! And you don´t have any problems to sperate the coffee aftwerwards - because: just push the button

              have fun with your first cold-brew - looking forward to your impression and feedback!

              you procedure with the heat sounds solid!

              great Coffee-DIY project - if there were a badge for it - I would grant it to you

              making bread is awesome - we always make our own bread! it is after all the best bread you can have


                What a fascinating coffee discussion, thank you! Darebee is such an educational place!


                  colinclean oh yes, the Hive is an educational and awesome place indeed!


                    Originally posted by TheLibrarian View Post
                    just experiment to the speed of stirring: i.e. like change direction, slow and controlled, from outside to the inside, etc.
                    Stir anticlockwise seven times and clockwise once. It will work, I promise


                      Originally posted by LeicaEnergizer View Post


                        A bit late but Happy Hellish Badge Day !

                        May I roast my bananas over the burning remains of your training mat ?


                          Originally posted by Nefisa View Post
                          A bit late but Happy Hellish Badge Day !

                          May I roast my bananas over the burning remains of your training mat ?
                          There is no to late you can congratulate me every day, I like that Thanks Nefisa

                          well, since I could keep the ice-cream from the banana split - i am more than happy to offer you my training mat for your banana-roasting-session definitely a YES!


                            TheLibrarian's Log - 7.7.2017:

                            - Cardio Trim RUN - day 1 - 3 trophies collected

                            - PusherClub - actual week - day 5 complete

                            Consecutive Days of Exercise: 199 / 1.000

                            Comments & Thought:

                            notes to myself:

                            1. never start Cardio Trim RUN again in summer - no turning back now, though!
                            2. take some water with me for the next run
                            Today I started Cardio Trim RUN - it was definitely too hot out there - 32°C. But after Hell Week - who cares?
                            The idea with the trophies is mean - because OF COURSE you want them - therefore I did them. The bonus sprint killed me! At the end I was panting near the road - all energy faded away! It was a real killer. I think when somebody saw me - he would have called the ambulance imediatelyI I was not as fast as I liked, but it was a sprint nonetheless. I definitely kicked my shadow

                            The second part of the program was nice. the idea of a two part workout routine is great - will remember that for the future - very nice indeed, especially combined with running.

                            ThePushers I did as finisher.

                            Today I also got some new glasses - looks good and feels good - but I need a few more days to adapt to the new one.

                            After work we went to Mainz and visited a "zero waste" grocery store. No plastic! you can bring your own cases or bags with you and take as much as you need! Well, I think I don´t need to go there for the actual month

                            Have a great weekend Bees!


                              Cardio Trim run ? Great minds think alike !
                              (you have a headstart of seven days, you'll be my preview screen. ^^ If you can't do a trophee I'm not even trying it. )

                              Good job doing it by 32 ° !

                              Zero waste groceries are great, I wish we had some in my town, alas, it is too small to have that kind of errrr... "modern"-"forward" thinking business. I saw a few in Strasbourg, and I was conquered.
                              We are currently trying to achieve 0-waste in the house. So, we go to the weekly farmer's market and bring most of our own paper bags and boxes to the merchant, but still no solution for a lot of cleaning product (we are actually considering making our own... problem solved. )


                                Nefisa you are propably right about the great minds but you do me to much honor. NonethelessI will try my best to be your preview screen

                                Zero waste is really great! but unfortunately not always at your doorstep available - but it is coming, step by step - even same big-well-known-grocery stores are implementing some ways in there daily routine to go that way (in Germany i.e. Edeka) - but it is a slow process ...

                                0-waste in house is awesome - we try that too! tomorrow is also our nearby farmer´s market - fresh fruits and vegetables, etc. for the upcoming week are waiting and always with our own bag. At least there you won´t get weird glances when you say: "no need for a plastic bag - just take our own cotton-bag, thank you". and you can support the surrounding farmers too. win-win-situation for all!

                                referring to cleaning products - thats really a tricky part! but DIY is great - we done that too in the past and experimented a lot. (i.e. selfmade washing agent, toilet cleaner, soap, etc. next project for example is a selfmade rinse aid, etc.) But it all depends on what you want. If you would like to know more, feel free to ask anything you like.