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    Thanks BraesiA

    Thanks Zastria and the blisters are healing well so far ​​​​​​​


      Congrats on your 5K and IronBorn badges

      It sounds like a good plan just to run. I did that myself when I re-started running. I started to follow a program and then when I felt I was ready I just ran

      I try to mix things up - running hills, trails, fartlek, sprints and doing programs with jump rope skipping, jumping lunges, jump squats and jump knee tucks for explosiveness and tendon strength. I can also recommend Finish Line and Iron Bar

      Happy running


        Sundance Thanks for your feedback - It is much appreciated!

        The recommended workouts look great - will definitely try them out! Thanks for pointing this out!

        Happy running too because, after all, we are born to run!


          TheLibrarian´s Log - Stardate: 70797.4:

          - Combat HIIT - day 1 - LvL 3

          - Pusher Club - week 12 - 26 / 182 (today: 26 regular-push-ups)

          Consecutive Days of Exercise: 132 / 150

          Comments and Thoughts:

          Today I started Combat HIIT. First impression: so far, so good! It was a short, but intense session. Great start.

          Nothing special planned for today. Just some relaxing


            Yay CombatHIIT!


              I'm late to the party but I can add a little bit and second a lot. Definitely look into good running socks, they are expensive but usually worth it (they tend to last and feel better on the feet).

              You said your shoe size was correct but there are two things I can add to that. How does your toe box fit? and How are you lacing your shoes? Both can make a huge impact. If you toe box is too tight that could be causing slipping issues which will rub your feet. You can also change your lacing pattern to help with specific issues. My wife has wider feet so she uses a modification that keep is tighter around the ankle, lose around the arch, and tight around the toe box. The one I use is lose around the ankle, and tight the rest of the way down because I have narrow feet.

              With blisters you can also run through them if you want. Give your feet a couple days rest then go out again. My right foot rubs along the arch and I just let it blister up a few times and it just builds a callous. Also to avoid the blister stop when you feel heat in a specific spot, the heat is the warning sign.

              Time on your feet will also help you as you increase your run distances. Stand up a lot, walk if you want to but it's not required, just being on your feet will help.

              And Happy Badge Day!!!


                Azercord there isn´t a to late if a party is concerned

                Thanks for your feedback - it´s much appreciated!

                I have enough space in my toe box. and the rest, well, nothing to tight, and nothing to loose, just normal I would say. They just feel great when I slip into them, that´s the point, right? I was in our "runners-point-store" and took a counsel and tried many shoes! Did I mention that I hate buying shoes btw?

                Regarding the lacing: I left it the standard way ... but I will look into that matter, perhaps there are some ways to improve things! I know some lacing pattern regarding my trekking boots, they helped a lot! So, thanks for the hint regarding the lacing system! Will "google" after that specific topic for running shoes! Or do you have perhaps already a link ready?

                Thanks also for the hint with the blister-thing. Will definitely wait a few days! and will keep a lookout for the warning signs ... oh man, so many things to consider for just to go running! Tomorrow I will also go looking for some running socks! Better to pay for some good socks then to fall back on training ...


                  I'm hoping the socks will do wonders for you and give you less to think about (I have a hard time thinking and running). I don't have the link but my wife might so I will ask her tonight.


                    Congrats on the 5k and Ironborn badges!! Well done! Impressive. ^^




                        Originally posted by Azercord View Post
                        they tend to last
                        Oh, that's true! My ordinary socks usually tend to either shrink or get holes after two-three laundries and these are really lasting very long


                          Belated congrats on your Ironborn and 5k badges TheLibrarian


                            val.lavigne86 ​​​​​​​


                              TheLibrarian different lacing patterns


                                xingyiquan awesome Picture! Your input is much appreciated! Thanks a lot!

                                Today I also got some running socks - and, you know what LeicaEnergizer ? they are B.L.A.C.K. well, ok, the toe amd the heel area is dark-blue, but the rest is black!