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    Lovely set-up! What I did in my previous flat was very similar indeed.

    And at the risk of sounding like the Mad Hatter and the Dormouse combined... happy no-badge day indeed!


      Thanks Redline


        TheLibrarian´s Log - 88:

        - week 2 - day 5 - 10 sets of 5 (5-count-each-move: hold-down-hold-up-hold / repeat)
        - week 2 - day 5 - 5 sets to-failure - slow and controlled - (35-27-23-22-20)

        - Pusher Club - week 6 - day 6 - 84 / 100 (today: 14 regular-push-ups)

        - xingyiquan´s adapted workout routine - week 1 - day 1 - pull-up + squats

        Consecutive Days of Exercise: 96 / 100

        Today I started with an adapted version of xingyiquan´s workout-routine.

        As I planned my adapted version - I took a closer look to the progression lists posted by xingyiquan in his check-in and there I choosed exercises convenient with my actual fitness level.

        My adapted plan I came up with and from which I want to evolve looks like the following one - the plan is not fixed yet - perhaps I will change something (exercise or reps) - will see that on the day itself!

        Day1: pull-up + squats:

        1. mixed grip pull ups (5x5) combined with cossack squats (5x10)
        2. pull up (5x5) combined with full close squats (5x20)
        3. chin up (5x5) combined with full squats (5x20)

        Day2: push-ups + rows:

        1. diamond (5x10) combined with inverted row feet elevated (5x10)
        2. wide grip (5x20) combined with inverted row straight leg close grip (5x10)
        3. regular (5x20) combined with inverted row straight leg (5x10)

        Day3: Active Rest:

        atm: don´t know what I will do. Perhaps some shadow boxing or something else, nothing strength related though. will let you know when the day is there.

        Day4: Dips + Abs:

        1. dips (half or full has to be decided yet) (5x10) combined with hanging leg raises (knee or bent leg has to be decided yet) (5x5)
        2. elevated leg bench dips (5x10) combined with v-ups (5x10)
        3. straight leg bench dips (5x10) combined with sit-ups (5x20)

        Day5: HS + Bridge:

        1. elevated push-ups (5x10) combined with one leg elevated glutes bridge (5x20)
        2. elevated pike push-ups (5x10) combined with one leg glutes bridge (5x20)
        3. pike push-ups (5x20) combined with straight bdridge (5x30)

        Day6: Active Rest:

        atm: don´t know what I will do. Perhaps some shadow boxing or something else, nothing strength related though. will let you know when the day is there.

        Day7: Active Rest:

        atm: don´t know what I will do. Perhaps some shadow boxing or something else, nothing strength related though. will let you know when the day is there.


        between exercise and sets I used 30 seconds!
        Well, I haven´t done any Body-Split programs or even Supersets before - therefore I wasn´t quite sure what awaits me today on day1 ...

        Don´t know if the plan is valid enough, but hey, its just a plan which can be adapted! so, I will see soon enough. And I am not quite sure about the numbers either, but this I will see also on the days to come. I have to try it out and have to see if there is something to adapt or re-arrange.

        Today was Day1, and since yesterday I can proudly call a pull-up-bar my own.

        The problem today was: After 3 mixed-grip pull ups I was not able to perform any kind of pull ups again ... what was going on I thought to myself. I am not quite sure yet ... Perhaps I overchallenged my muscles during Power Cardio? well, who knows for sure.

        I needed a new plan ... and fast, because I already did my warm-up and started the workout ... so instead of mixed, pull and chin-up, I did "negative mixed, pull and chin-ups".

        IMO this was the only and rational alternative to proceed and keep going without stopping and reconsider everything. In the End: It was challenging enough - and therefore I think I fulfilled the goal of the workout.

        And the next step after "negative" ones (controlled downward movement) is the real thing. At least I have something to work on.

        xingyiquan was this spontaneous change of plan ok and suitable enough? I hope so ... Or perhaps I should only concentrate on pull-ups next time? perhaps starting with negative ones and then enhancing to the real ones ... Don´t know, normaly I can perform the three named exercises ... Your thoughts would be much appreciated!

        The squats were awesome and I liked them. I choose cossack, close squats and squats as starting exercises. Close and normal squats were done through the full range of movement if you get my drift.

        How best to describe the program? I can´t do it ... yet - too early! so, lets start with day1 instead:

        What comes to my mind is:

        - sweating = oh yes, definitely
        - demanding = hell, yes!
        - exhausting = quite! OMG
        - you feel like jelly afterwards = yes
        - I hate xingyiquan no, just joking, but I cursed your name perhaps once or twice throughout the program

        A sweating, demanding and exhausting workout-routine was what I was looking for, and I got it already with day1.

        And i have to say, I really relish the idea of supersets! Quite amazing, it feels like another level of active rest. Well you don´t rest in the normal kind of sense. But you can rest from the previous exercise but still work-out. I like the idea.

        The routine of day1 took me about 40 minutes of my time! When I compare them with my personal Darebee routine, I find the time better placed here in the new program. normally I workout for about 1,5 till 2 hours. It was very time consuming until I came to the point were my body said: ok, now I am satisfied. perhaps you know the feeling as well? ...

        Well, today my body was satisfied after 40 minutes, and I have more time to do other stuff as well. My wife was happy today too, she didn´t expect me to be back so early I think you get my drift. Definitly a nice change of my time-management.

        My first impression is also that the porgram is well suited for adaptions in any kind of ways.

        1. is the exercise too hard? no problem, take another one - or re-arrange the exercise you do to another level and enhance from this point forward.
        2. is the exercise too easy, but the next one in the progression list too hard? no problem either, take more reps, add more tension, add weights, etc. and then head to the next one, or split the next exercise into progression levels and enhance from this point forward ...
        3. or you can just add more exercises, or cancel some ...

        definitely a modular system and definitely a bodyweight program!

        I am really looking forward for Day2. And even the Active Rest days should be interesting. Exercises or routines you normale don´t do, because of "no time", "no strength left", etc. can be performed on this kind of days.

        But, lets take a more detailed review on day 8, after the first week. I have written too much already. So far, so good.

        xingyiquan thanks a lot buddy for the opportunity to trying out a new routine! if you find some errors above, feel free to correct them - and me


          Wow! That was a very interesting read! As you know, I am another xingyiquan's, tester So I was really looking forward to reading your impressions. I think what you did with negatives was OK (but I have no experience so I may be wrong). Have fun with this routine and keep reporting!!!


            Thank you my friend TheLibrarian ! First of all your plan was great and I think it matched well your theoretical level. Trouble is cumulated fatigue, you do my push up enhancing program which makes that you arrive to the workout with already some muscle tears... Mixed grip pull ups are very rapid and enhancing tiredness. They aren't much more difficult than pull ups but they sap your energy . You did the best option i.e. change foranother step = that exactly the spirit and idea here ! This is also how you progress, at times I change also ny plans either in reps or exercises. So no error here, all the contrary, it shows me how well you integrated all our exchanges
            Only one thing is really important here : Keep track in a precise way of what you are doing for each set if you want to be able to pilot yohr progress. BW is super demanding and difficult to track progress since you don't add plates or weight. Thus your progress can be one rep here and there or a better form etc. You shall not be stagnant but to avoid that you need to know what's on.
            Love the impact on time and private life ! It was one of the goas of mine to workout in a family and work compatible way. Long routines are cool and fun but if they impact your life over time they are not going to happen. I noticed that max I can spend one hour a day so I try to make the most of what I have. You are doinfg great and I am looking forward to day 2 as much as you do
            inbetween looking to you as welll when you wll finish HJ


              val.lavigne86 might be of your interest Val, experiences of my first tester @the librarian


                TheLibrarian today is the hardest day of the week so give it all ....GO Go Go


                  xingyiquan referring to your "enhanced push-up program" I do at the moment. Does it stand in the way with Atomic-workout? should I stop the push-up program and concentrate on one thing at a time? so perhaps that I sidestep the cumulated muscle-fatigue? Or does that not matter in any kind of way? Not that I have the same problem and issue with pull-ups next week again ... or perhaps the body just need a bit of time to adapt? after all, there was not only your push-up-routine last week but also powercardio as well. Perhaps this kind of combinatin was too much? what do you think?

                  But nonetheless, one thing I adapt in my program for day1 is, that I first concentrate on one form of pull-ups - the normal ones.

                  day 2 is almost ready to begin


                    TheLibrarian´s Log - 89:

                    - week 2 - day 6 - 10 sets of 5 (5-count-each-move: hold-down-hold-up-hold / repeat)

                    - Pusher Club - week 6 - day 7 - 100 / 100 (today: 16 regular-push-ups)

                    - Atomic Workout - week 1 - day 2 - push-up + rows

                    Consecutive Days of Exercise: 97 / 100

                    Todays Atomic workout was all about push-up and rows.

                    I did the following - and adapted the reps of the elevated rows and the second exercise prior mentioned in my first plan:

                    Day2: push-ups + rows:

                    1. diamond (5x10) combined with inverted row feet elevated (5x5)
                    2. wide grip (5x20) combined with inverted row bent leg close grip (5x10)
                    3. regular (5x20) combined with inverted row straight leg (5x10)

                    The push-ups were good - but it was really heavy and demanding as I arrived at the last two sets of the regular-push-ups.

                    I find the rows more demanding then the push-ups IMHO. Therefore I adapted the "inverted row feet elevated" to 5x5! Originally it was planned as 5x10. I also adapted the second exercise (close grip) to bent legs. That is again a perfect example how modular this workout is! I started with 5x10 - saw, that is not good, because my form suffered under this amount of reps and that is not an option - quality rather than quantity - and therefore I adapted the number - and in this way my form improved!
                    The same goes for the second exercise were I adapted the straight legs close grip to bent legs close grip. I could have adapted the reps too, but I went for bent legs instead.

                    For the rows I used our kitchen table. I think that should suffice? Any thoughts about it would be appreciated? But hey, it worked out quite good. So far, so good!

                    It was again a well balanced day of muscle groups! Today i feel my glutes and my hamstrings from yesterdays squat session. Glad that today was squat-free

                    And today I could again reap the fruits of my new available time! Amazing. Haven´t stopped the time - I forgot it, but I think the workout cost me about 40-50 minutes in contrast to a normally workout routine of about 1,5 till 2 hours!

                    So today again: I have more time available for family and other stuff! Great!

                    Later on: the sister of my wife celebrates her birthday. I definitely earned my cake today.

                    Tomorrow is Rest day. I play with the thought of some shadow boxing, or just same hiking, or or or - definitely nothing strength related. Curious - it just sounds like a day off ...

                    And I am thinking of my enhanced-push-up-routine too:

                    1. should I stick to it, or just stick to the Atomic workout - after all, with the push-up and dips day, that should be enough?
                    2. should I stick to it, but should rest on the rest days too?
                    3. should I stick to it, but not on the push-up and dip days?
                    4. should I stick to it, but not on the push-up and dip days? and rest on the rest days too?
                    5. should I stick to it, but only on the days with push-up and dips?
                    6. should I stick to it, but only on the days with push-up and dips? and rest on the rest days too?

                    Opinions??? What what you say xingyiquan ? I think muscle rest is important ... what about option 4 or 6? 4 would be a compromise - 6 would be a reduction but not entirely ... or am I worrying too much?

                    But nonetheless - a great second day of Atomic workout.

                    I could really see the way of exhaustion been laid out for me. In the beginning it was ok but nonetheless demanding - but the last rounds were the real killer. So I am glad I planned the Atomic workout routine with only 3 supersets.

                    Have a great sunday bees!


                      TheLibrarian - great summary and a lot of questions but hey, that's good and an important part. Glad that you appreciate the concentration of exercises and have really caught well the inner mechanism of this plan. Regarding your parallel plan there are actually several answers and it is more you that have to answer than me.
                      The push up baseline aims at doing exactly that = increasing your baseline, as such it doesn't count as a workout... but this is as you understood, theory, in practice you stack a demanding daily routine to a demanding program when doing both. So what will happen ? If you do both everyday, your progress in skill, strength and mass gain will suffer but your gain in endurance will be huge. If you do stop the baseline program and concentrate on the program, having rest days and not much activity outside you will make lots of gains (sure there are other factors like sleep, food etc but for me it works rather well since I am almost 91kg with less BF than 4 weeks ago while having gained 4kg and 1 cm on my upper arms)... The in between version like doing the baseline on non push days is also an options that does exactly that = a compromise in between max endurance focus and max gain focus... I did that a little at first but it wasn't much my cup of tea but that's me, I am more the kind of extreme guy. So it is more up to you depending on what you are more after.
                      PS: table is ok and a decent height for rows, the lower the harder so it can also be a means of progression keeping the same form but performing it from lower (to give you a benchmark I use either my dips bench or a bar between chairs as a standard but when moving to more advanced ones I use bar stools so it is more or less table high... Rows are super important my friend, specially for push up lovers since they balance out the effects of push ups... do plenty of them


                        Thanks xingyiquan - will think about your post a bit linger and take all your wise advise under consideration!

                        And thanks a lot for the hints about rows too. Hadn´t thought that the lower ones are harder. propably because of the shorter space available and therefore more tension throughought the exercise? Fascinating!


                          More time under tension and less favorable angle to make good usage of the power of your legs resulting in more load on your upperbody


                            Originally posted by xingyiquan View Post
                            More time under tension and less favorable angle to make good usage of the power of your legs resulting in more load on your upperbody

                            will remember that advise when I adapt the exercises in the future. But for the beginning the table sounds good so far - but it is always better to have a plan B

                            Click image for larger version

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                              TheLibrarian´s Log - 90:

                              - Pusher Club - week 7 - day 1 - 16 / 112 (today: 16 regular-push-ups)

                              - Atomic Workout - week 1 - day 3 - Active Rest

                              Consecutive Days of Exercise: 98 / 100

                              Well, what shall I say? There isn´t much to tell about todays workout!
                              Only that it was a short one and felt great to have a bit more time today - the weather is so beautiful atm!

                              Active Rest was boxing day - I did 15 minutes of shadow boxing. will propaply add some time at the next Active Day! With this routine it is an easy task to do so! Perhaps I even do another exercise, lets see

                              It was quite funny. I danced through our living room and had an interesting fight with an imaginary foe ... todays foe was our living room lamp

                              I didn´t hit the lamp actually - but it had the perfect height - slightly above my eyes and therefore a perfect visualisation for a foe.

                              Well, it was very close, but in the last round I managed a well blaced uppercut and my opponent hit the canvas

                              Definitely an interesting workout today, short, but nonetheless sweaty - long story short: it felt good! I worked same jabs, cross, hooks, uppercuts, I ducked, made squats, danced - well, the whole program.

                              xingyiquan I thought about your last post, very long indeed. Actually I dind´t want to stop or change anything I am actually doing - because it is going well so far.

                              But hey, you can´t always get what you want as Mick Jagger once said. At least not know.

                              I think I will stick for a while to the atomic workout - adapt something on the way - and put my efforts in skill, strength and mass. Thanks for pointing the different ways out for me in your last post. Atomic Workout has nonetheless some push-days - I think I can work with that and then enhance something on the way.

                              Referring to endurance: your baseline routine worked - thats a fact! just wanted to share my thoughts about it at this point! It was only week 2, but hey, it is amazing - and the numbers don´t lie! Will keep the routine near by - and will propaply come back to it in some way in the future. Thanks for mentioning and sharing this awesome piece of information.

                              First things first: Atomic Workout, then adaption in some ways (exercise, reps, tension, etc.) and then the "trappings", perhaps this will be the time where I come back to some kind of baseline routine or an adapted one, not quite sure yet, but lets see what the future brings. Still an option.

                              I think perhaps after I completed 2 weeks or more of the new workout routine will tell me more then it does at the moment. And without the baseline routine my muscles have the resttime they need at the moment.

                              Thanks for your thoughts. It was a difficult decision for me today!


                                One of my living room lamps was in continual danger during my 100 days of kata (and will be again when the 30 days of suburi are over). It's clearly trying to sneak up on me.