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    Originally posted by Anek View Post
    What did you plant?

    Click image for larger version  Name:	2374D7AD-0624-44A6-AD03-E654F5FB069B.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	1.38 MB ID:	796091

    zucchini (Serafina), tomatoes (moneymaker, Dattelwein), squash (Ute Indian, Patisson Lillesol) and little snack cucumbers (Vorgebirgstraube). In the right corner we also have beans (bushbeans helios (planted a few days ago)).

    Nothing else planned, perhaps some eatable flowers, etc. Well, this year we will keep it plain and simple.


      I hope they would get that AC fixed pronto. There are small portable ice cubes based AC's if they won't.


        Garden looks nice!


          Awesome work on the garden!


            Azercord are you actually a demon on vacation, or perhapse thrown out for backsliding into angelic behavior? Are you homesick for hellfire? Is this what your avatar is telling us? LOL

            I hope your AC situation is solved soon TheLibrarian. I am nowhere near the cold aficionado you are (I love the whole winter spa thing and cool (not cold) showers in summer but...) and I am still a miserable creature at even 25c.


              Nice garden indeed!



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                Fitness Goals - 2021:

                - Step-Count in total: 2.125.745 / 3.650.000 (aiming for 10k a day)
                — route in total: 1581,5km
                - Push-Up-Count in total: 6.560 / 18.250 (aiming for 50 a day)
                - Pull-Up-Count in total: 783 / 3.650 (aiming for 10 a day)
                - DareBee Badges: 3 / 3

                Self-Care - 2021:

                - Playing the guitar: 162 / 365
                - Reading: 162 / 365
                - Meditation: 162 / 365
                - WHM - breathing: 162 / 365
                - cooking at least 1 food-porn-dish a week: 28 / 52

                - no alcohol (05.06. - 06.08.2021): Day 7 / 63

                ongoing - :

                - Cold-Shower-Day 926

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                Office: they found the error ... reparing not before wednesday, though ... too hot to work efficiently.

                Just came back from my first shot of vaccination. Will take it easy the upcoming days, no working out. Instead I will do:

                Got a new gaming laptop today too. So I would say: the weekend is saved.

                Wish you all a great start into your weekend my bees.


                  Congratulations on the first shot of vaccination It appears that you have an awesome plan for the weekend Enjoy


                    Hooray for the first shot!! And good luck surviving until they fix the AC.


                      Congratulations on your first shot and new laptop! I hope you don't have bad (or at least too many) symptoms!


                        Congrats on the first shot and hurray for a new gaming pc! Enjoy the weekend!


                          Congrats on the laptop. Have fun and eat a lot of Popsicles during work


                            for the first shot and the new laptop ! If you can't move because of vaccine muscle pain, you'll be able to play.


                              Congratulations and try to stay cool!


                                Congrats on the vaccine, enjoy the new laptop!