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    TheLibrarian - cold showers are very addictive so there is no turning back when you have started as you have found out

    Next step is winter bathing

    I have been taking cold showers since I was a boy. For me I always start with a hot shower and end with a cold shower. I find it very relaxing. During the winter I also winter bath either in the harbour or in the sea. After a winter bath I am at the same time rejuvenated and full of energy as well as totally relaxed. It is a great feeling.


      Sundance you are so right, it is very addictive and I can´t go back either. The cold shower is a new companion on my journey from now on. As you said: it is very relaxing, refreshing, energising and you definitely feel rejuvenated.

      There are definitely some next steps planned and I would glady like to do a winter-bathing swimming in the sea is really great. Unfortunately it is a bit far away - and swimming here in the river "Main" is not very recommendable because of various reasons, I still need to find a nice spot in the near vicinity. In the meantime I will start slow with some nice icecubes in the bathtub and help myself to a full bath


      No-Sugar-Challenge Day 73
      IronBorn - Day 23
      cold-shower-day 55
      Meditation Day 51
      Yoga with Adriene 13 / 30

      Nice day, I started it with some nice walking outside - I love the cold, the frost looked so beautiful.

      Today I polished and maintained my swords, the best thing to do for the upcoming days, because A knight needs his swords when he embarks on the journey against the dark forces, and btw: who wants cookies when you can have the WHOLE CAKE? right, so there was only one logical choice for me.


        The cold shower is a new companion on my journey from now on. As you said: it is very relaxing, refreshing, energising and you definitely feel rejuvenated.
        Holy rivers and trees...


          Wish you all a great day I hope it started well and that the Blood-Moon was shining down upon you The Blood-Moon was definitely a sign, a sign to pick up the sword and fight the evil forces which were now gathering in the open. But enough is enough, no more, no one shall pass and escape justice

          200 punches for the Light and for cake


            Love it Keep punching!

            The eclipse at its peak when I left for work this morning, it was awesome having it above me for the walk as the moon started to slowly go back to normal


              TheLibrarian I thought I felt The Darkness flow through me once more...

              Click image for larger version

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                No-Sugar-Challenge Day 74
                IronBorn - Day 24
                cold-shower-day 56
                Meditation Day 52
                Yoga with Adriene 14 / 30

                Got a headache throughout the day - so I think I will call it a day and prepare for bed. Wish you a great evening, see you on the morrow.


                  Hope you‘ll feel better soon!


                    Just make sure you rest for the next few days... health above all. Get well soon


                      Hope you feel better soon.


                        BusyBumbleBee Grablund I feel better today, no headache.

                        Amirsh you too rest for the next few days? you probably mean till the 26th right? why can´t I discard the feeling that you want me far away from the battle - but don´t worry, the Knight is back in town and I will deliver some punches later on


                          What are you talking about all I care about is your safety .
                          But yeah the 26th sounds about right



                            No-Sugar-Challenge Day 75
                            warm-up (Battleground: another 1200 for the Right Side)
                            IronBorn - Day 25
                            cold-shower-day 57
                            Meditation Day 53
                            Yoga with Adriene 15 / 30



                              No-Sugar-Challenge Day 76
                              on hold: IronBorn - Day 25
                              cold-shower-day 58
                              Meditation Day 54
                              on hold: Yoga with Adriene 15 / 30

                              Time was again tight today. We had an appointment this afternoon. It went rather good - relating to time if you get my drift. After that we enjoyed dinner in the city. Then we went home. Time looked really good, not perfect, but nonetheless good for a workout and my other chores left at home ... then the phone rang ... father-in-law had "again" some problems with his computer, tv, internet, phone, well, I got the feeling with every device in his household. So I had to go over, I am a good son-in-law, and because I can´t say no ... After that, and without a T.A.R.D.I.S. there was no time left for my workout-routine, and I don´t want to put myself under unnecessary pressure. So I will call it a day, drink a last cup of tea and enjoy a small amount of me-time before going to bed, tomorrow will be another day to conquer.

                              Enjoy your evening my bees - good night


                                Super Son-in-Law!