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    Epic Sword !!!


      mochalette that is indeed a good question - why haven´t you Nobody can resist foodporn over a loooonnnggg time - even Tolkien new it: "one check-in to rule them all ... and with foodporn bind them"

      Anyway, joke aside, Welcome - and thanks for your support, this helps me a lot on my journey!

      Cabriel SirCabriel



        No-Sugar-Challenge 36 / 365
        cold-shower-day 19
        Meditation-Challenge 14 / 30

        Today was not a good day - I couldn´t stand the food I ate with my cereal this morning. I added some chia-seeds and flaxseeds. Well, it just seems that my body and the seeds are incompatible - it got better after midday, though.
        After work we took a small walk through the city were we ate a soup - which helped me a bit too. We also went to a japanese-store were we couldn´t resist buying some dishware - the store is so beautiful and their owner always so nice

        So, day wasn´t so bad afterall ... at least I thought so ... when we came home, we noticed that the heaters are not working Now, it´s weekend ...

        after this day I was not in the mood of working out - did my cold-shower and meditation, though. But hey, always look on the bride side of life: snunggling gets you warm

        Have a great start in your weekend my bees.


          Originally posted by TheLibrarian View Post
          But hey, always look on the bride side of life: snunggling gets you warm
          Snuggle on!


            That is unfortunate that your day was not as good as expected. You have accomplished a lot of good things today even with the rough start and broken heater. Keep up the awesome work and great positive attitude

            Tomorrow is a new day and the weekend, which automatically gives it a +5 to being fantastic. I hope you have an enjoyable weekend


              Pixidata let´s conquer the weekend - wish you a great one too.


                Redline I can feel it ... it gets warmer


                  We will be victorious!


                    Dead heaters in winter are the worst. Get all the blankets and snuggle power!




                      No-Sugar-Challenge 37 / 365
                      IronBorn - Day 21
                      cold-shower-day 20
                      Meditation-Challenge 15 / 30

                      Still cold - not a real problem for me - but my wife is still pissed off which I can totally understand - we borrowed a mobile heater, which helps a lot atm.
                      The only thing that make things better is, that our neighbours have the same problem and we are not alone

                      We fought the cold with the mobile-heater and with our oven - we just made some bread, and the oven also made up some nice heat.

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                      IronBorn felt quite nice today. I am still not fully healed, but I think and feel that it gets better, I can perform movements which I were not able to do a few month ago (and not only fitness-wise if you get my drift), so, that´s a win I think "Hear me you rebellious body - your master is coming - and victory will be mine in the end"

                      I finished the workout with a nice yoga session - still the same session colin suggested to me last time. The dolphin-pose as performed in the video works really fantastic - my shoulder likes the pose and the video as a whole. But it is also quite intense - perfect.

                      Afterwards: right: COLD-SHOWER - because cold beats cold It really gets better day by day - our bodies are really amazing machines.

                      meditation: wow - 10 minutes felt a bit long today ... very demanding sitting. It was good (in the beginning) but the last 4 minutes were just difficult to sit and reach the end if you get my drift. but hey, at least 5-6 minutes with full focus

                      My wife is today in painting-mood - she said: "I will paint you again - need to test another technique" - so, eventually my avatar will change again in the near future - or not - lets see how things will develop in the end - no pressure Librarianista

                      Happy Saturday Bees - keep up your awesome work


                        Oh no. A broken heater is terrible. I hope it will be repaired soon.
                        Your bread looks tasty. Fresh and warm bread is always so tempting. Just a bit butter and salt... Omnomnom. ^^

                        And of course good job with your training.


                          wow, I guess getting stuck during your winter without heating is more or less getting stuck in our summer with no A.C. I hope it's not worse. That bread looks amazing
                          Hang in there


                            That bread looks wonderful, librarian! I'd love to make a good rye bread if you happen to know where to find a recipe.


                              colinclean thanks. sorry, unfortunately I have no rye-recipe to hand, we mostly do our own "librarian-glutenfree-flour-mix". But when I stumble over a rye-recipe, I will let you know.


                              No-Sugar-Challenge 38 / 365
                              IronBorn - Day 22
                              cold-shower-day 21
                              Meditation-Challenge 16 / 30

                              no-sugar-challenge: so far, so good, only 1 planned cheat-day so far. Sugar-Devil, here we come

                              IronBorn: (oh boy, I love those new emojis )


                              meditation: "OOOMMMmmm"


                              Happy Sunday - today we had our first snow, at least here in the city



                                Grablund Thanks - and oh yes, you are so right: "warm + butter + salt = paradise"
                                Amirsh thanks, still hanging