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    Welcome to my Board!

    I am a bit too late for the party ...but otherwhise there can´t be a "too late" ;-)
    Now, after a long time of participation I think it is time for beginning a log to keep a record of my progress.

    About me:
    - coffee-addicted (even roast my own beans)
    - book-devourer (always quite keen to exchange some thoughts about this topic)
    - interested in history (especially romans, greeks and medieval ages - quite a combination)
    - amateur guitarist (at least I try)
    - I like hiking and beeing in nature
    - IT-Specialist and nerd (i think my periodical wrist-pain is rooted and connected with my job)
    - chef-de-cuisine in my kitchen (eating and cooking healthy)

    and many other things - just ask me if you want to know anything else! ;-)

    Used to do (in the past):
    judo, athletics, gymnastic and swimming

    Currently doing:
    - hiking
    - running
    - Daily Dares

    Darebee programs I finished:
    - Foundation Program
    - Foundation Program Light
    - 90 Days of Action
    - 30 Days of Gravity
    - 30 Days of HIIT
    - 30 Days of HIIT Advanced
    - Total Abs
    - Advent Calendar
    - Fit Christmas Program
    - Age of Pandora
    - Totals
    - 30 days of cardio blast
    - Spartan Trials
    - PowerCardio
    - IronBorn
    - Combat HIIT
    - Figther´s Codex
    - Dragon Week
    - Boxing Week
    - Flexibility Week
    - Hell Week
    and some Achievements unlocked.

    What I want to do:
    - continue with the Darebee Programs, Workouts, Daily Dares & CO
    - hold and further improve my physical fitness
    - stay in control of my body - it was a long time reclaiming him !!!
    - get in touch with other bees to exchange on various topics
    - improve my english skills
    - will try to continually write in this Board - I hope it works out for me ;-)

    CAPTAIN´S LOG - 1 ;-)

    30 Days of HIIT Advanced DAY 26 - LEVEL 3
    Total Abs DAY 26 - LEVEL 2 (more was not possible today)
    Daily Dare: 30 Up and Down Planks with EC: I can tell you, I did this after my workout sessions, and I was really exhausted, but I felt good afterwards!


    Also, you are a more powerful orangutan than I, having done Total Abs day 26 (at level 2, no less) and then an additional 30 up-and-down planks (in one go!) on top of the 54 you had previously completed. I only barely managed that day at level 1 last night, and I do mean barely. I'm still feeling the effects today.


      Hi wjs , Ook OOk, thx for your reply and visit to my board. You are my first guest ;-)

      It was indeed a heavy day today! But without pain no gain ;-)

      But it only worked out for me thanks to my daily routine over a long period of time.
      As i first started again with my sport-program i was not always able to do even a lvl2, or not even more than 4 pull-ups or more than 15 push-ups in one go.

      But over the time i developed, reclaimed my body and reached better outcomes.

      So - keep going!

      What are your next plans?


        Well, I'm closing in on finishing Foundation Light and Total Abs (both at day 27 today), with the Five Minute Plank Challenge. Next month, with the new year, I am starting 90 Days of Action and testing how the training plans (guardian) work for me. I'm not sure if I'll do a 30 day challenge next month or not. I've seen a lot of development and change since I've started, too, though I haven't been at it as long as you.


          wjs that sounds great! you´ve choosen a great path for the new year and I am looking forward to your progress! 90 days of action will be great fun, I can assure you - everyday something different to work on.


            Captain´s Log 2:

            DailyDare + EC
            30 Days of HIIT Advanced - DAY 27 - LEVEL 3
            Total Abs - DAY 27 - LEVEL 3
            Weekly Quest: +100
            DareDice: "alea iacta est" - 4x sit-ups

            Captain´s Log - supplemental:
            DareDice was a really surprise today! I spotted the link on the Dashboard and thought: "that will be fun" Even my wife thought so - and with an evil grin she threw them - fortunately I was lucky. But I think she will trick me tomorrow - I have to be on my guard


              Captain´s Log 3:

              DailyDare + EC (40 raised leg circles) - 5 DD/EC left until I can claim my 100 !!!
              30 Days of HIIT Advanced - DAY 28 - Level 3 (no rest between sets)
              Total Abs - Day 28 - Level 3
              Weekly Quest: +1820 in total for the day
              DareDice: and again I got lucky - 4x Push-ups

              Well, I only got 2 days left in my 2 programs ... have to look for another program soon ... am playing with the thought to start "Age of Pandora" - it sounds promising and somehow I relish the thought doing a program wrapped in a role-play-story ;-) lets see ...



                Sorry, I had to


                  Captain´s Log 4:

                  DailyDare + EC (50 Lunges with Twist)
                  30 Days of HIIT - Day 29 - Level 3
                  Total Abs - Day 29 - Level 3
                  DareDice: 8x jumping jacks

                  The HIIT program reminded me of the snowball-fight - I love BURPEES just great!
                  The Abs program was heavy today - the last three sets took me a long time to complete - I even relished the 2minutes between the sets - but i did not gave up and that makes me proud!
                  I think i really earned my "captain´s tea" now: Computer: Earl Grey! Tea! Hot!

                  Thank you twinkletoes - or let me refer to you today as "Number One" - I think Jean-Luc would have liked that! you really made my day with the picture ! I was definitely "laughing my socks off"!


                    Glad to be of service, Captain! And may the DareDice be ever in your favor


                      I did Total Abs Day 29 last night at level 1, and it wrecked me. I thought I might be sick (I felt very warm) after I finished it. Between that and the quads cramps that I got during the first set of raised leg circles, I was pretty sure I was going to die. But I didn't, somehow.


                        Hi wjs as I can see in your profile you claimed the badge of the "TotalAbs-program"! That means you fought and won every skirmish ... defeated your inner devil every single time ... that means congratulations are in order! That is awesome!
                        The feeling of warmth between and after the sessions is totally normal - that only means that it was demanding - and that is good - and you feel alive ! And it will get easier - just keep going, your body will adapt and improve!

                        But you have to be careful about the cramps - it is really important to drink enough (even between the sets if your body needs it) and have a good warm-up too, so that your body and muscles are well prepared for the coming exercise! Just one step at a time.

                        I also enrich and drink my water with magnesium - occasionally, not every time. I´ve often read that it should help with muscle-pain and muscle-cramps - perhaps this topic is worth pursuing ... at least it doesn´t harm to try.


                          Captain´s Log 5:

                          DailyDare + EC (50 sitting twists - with dumbbell)
                          30 Days of HIIT Advanced - Day 30 - Level 3 - D O N E
                          TotalAbs - Day 30 - Level 3 - D O N E
                          DareDice: 16x basic burpees - my luck begins to fade ...
                          WeeklyQuest: +1000 by me and +650 by my wife
                          Today is Badge Day! I claim the badge for "TotalAbs" and "30 Days of HIIT Advanced" - Happy Badge Day to me

                          Splendid - what else to say? mmmmhhhh, yes of course, i forgot: I am waiting for you: Age of Pandora! Soon you will meet your master!


                            Happy badge day! Great job and now go and have fun conquering Pandora!

                            Originally posted by TheLibrarian View Post
                            DareDice: 16x basic burpees - my luck begins to fade ...


                              thx twinkletoes the campaign is scheduled for tomorrow
                              Perhaps I will find my luck again on the way to victory ... if not - then my wife isn´t allowed to throw the dices again