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    Captain´s Log 6:

    DareDice: 16x lunges
    DailyDare + EC (20 staggered push-ups)
    Age of Pandora - Chapter 1 and 2 on Level 3

    and now the conclusion ...

    Chapter 1:
    Part I:

    Whats going on?
    Where am I?
    Who am I?
    How did I get here in the first place?
    What have they done to me?
    What will they still do to me yet ...

    No time for questions - at least not now! I have to get out of here - asap! No matter what - there is no other way - I can´t stay here any longer!
    The air is fading - every breath I take is an agony for my lungs ...

    Part II - Level 3:

    Well, at least I got out of this freaking box - but what is that sound? Sirens: yes, surely but the other sound? I thought there were screams but then they suddenly stopped, and now? Jaws? Chewing sounds?
    That can´t be ... what is going on here?
    I have to be very silent from now on. Hopefully I can get out of here unnoticed and unmolested ... and in one piece ...

    Chapter 2:
    Part I - Level 3:

    Run you clever boy - and try to remember - it is essential if I want to surrvive this freaking horror show ... well, who knows were i trapped myself into ...

    Part II - Level 3:

    Is it a door - an exit? Yes! My odds aren´t as bad as I thought! ... but ... well, of course ... the door has to be closed - what else ...

    I already hear my pursuer - not any longer and they will catch me - and who knows what they will do to me ...
    What the ***? Somebody pulls me into the dark and holds a hand over my mouth to shut me up! He wants to help me?

    My pursuer don´t notice us and they ran past without a blink of an eye in our direction. I don´t know how i should judge the stranger ... but I will follow him ... at least for the start ...


      DareDice: 8x jumping jacks

      Age of Pandora:

      Chapter III - Level 3
      Chapter IV - Level 3
      Chapter V - Level 3
      Chapter VI - Level 3 - the first three jobs on the noticeboard (Camp Mira, Bunker201, Swamps) now I am back at Agora Canis for resupply (food and water-bottle) - I call it a day and get my well-earned lunch


        I found your check-in thread, and was horribly disappointed that twinkletoes beat me to the "captain's log" post! I'm hoping one day I can be powerful an orangutan and librarian as you are. In that vein and being a fellow biblio-maniac and history nerd, I am thinking of trying to find and do workouts related to book series I've read and history. I've got Mistborn, Ready Player One, Ender, Night's Watch, Beowulf, Legolas, Mockingjay, Don't Panic and Carry a Towel, Sherlock, and endless supply of Greek mythology inspired ones to help me get there. Also loving your commentary on Age of Pandora Happy 2017!


          Hi Kaufminator - there will be another time for revenge on twinkletoes
          We are all powerfull orangutans - and even librarians - everybody in his own way! I am only powerfull because I read in the "Octavo" (don´t tell Rincewind or someone else) OOk Ook !
          Like the stalker i am - - I also took a closer look to your check-in-thread! Your way is really astonishing - but still more is your force of character to walk this way and take the challenge! Keep going! And all the Best for 2017!

          Wow - another biblio-maniac and history-nerd - I like that!
          I find your idea quite appealing - doing workouts related to book series or greek mythology i.e. Achhilles and so on!
          Just another "pinch of salt" to make the workouts even more appealing and even more fun in participating as they still allready are!

          Really enjoyed the Mistborn-series:
          I loved the authors style of writing, the plot-setting and the kind of magic he described - just awesome! They have earned their righthful place on my "re-read-pile"

          Except for the "Night´s Watch" workout, I haven´t done any of the other ones you mentioned. But will do them in the future!
          "I am the sword in the darkness"!

          In the last time I participate - insteed of a single workout - in some programs, you know. At the moment i am conquering Pandora.
          I haven´t thought it would be so difficult. But Pandora is indeed a fiendishly devil
          didn´t done so many high-knees ... and today I feel them ...
          But it is great fun to play


            I like that you are already thinking about revenge - book nerds really are the best people

            I won't tell Rincewind, but since he's always on the run from various people, you might run into him on your journey in Pandora!

            And thanks Not sure about the force of character because I have not been super successful before, but hey, new year! And I didn't have Darebee!

            I'm DYING as we wait for the next Wax and Wayne from Brian Sanderson, hands down one of the best series I've ever had the pleasure of reading. Maybe doing the Mistborn workout and pretending I'm Vin will help pass the time? I was going to complain about not being able to read and workout at the same time when I realized I can do audiobooks! I have a few in my listening queue and many more I want to read in general...just not enough time in the day

            I peeked at Pandora based on your commentary - yeesh! I have a ways to go to get in shape for that one, but I am definitely excited for that and Hero's Journey a little further down the road.

            Play on and I look forward to hearing more about it to brace myself



              Only Age od Pandora - no power left for other stuff

              Age of Pandora:

              OMG - today I know how a zombie feels ... I am exhausted ... will definitely sleep well tonight!

              Today I started from Agor Canis and took a closer look which jobs I should accomplish. I thought: Well, just take ONE place - and do the jobs applied to it ... so that I don´t have to visit again.
              Well ... bad idea ... the next time I will not be as greedy as today about the scraps ... I also think I should update my profile - I am not quite sure anymore if I really love push-ups!
              It was a heavy day, and it took me a long, long, really long time to finish the jobs in the unnamed forest.

              I did the following:

              - trap a warmonger - 60 marching steps - that was easy-peasy - so I did this job first - for a "warm-up"
              - collect 100 honeybee hive - 1000 side to side backfists - that was also quite funny - and I love honey
              - trap a deer - 400 squat + hook combos - I love squats (perhaps now even more than push-ups) and I wanted some meat
              - destroy a beta nest - 800 push-ups + jab + cross combos - that was my personal challenge for the day - and I think that I not only destroyed the nest today ...

              I made some manageable sets of the push-up exercise - and therefore it took a long time to finish. I am so proud today that I finished what I started.

              Well - all because of the scraps and the greed - and you need it in this wasteland - at least I think that I (will) need it - because you want to survice! or not?
              I am still chapter 6 and who knows what lies ahead ...

              At least I got my hands on a nice medkit, a basic knife, and the gods knew, a beautiful wormonger steak I definitely earned today !!! The trap was marvelously made

              Now I got 360 scraps left ... and as for tomorrow - there is again chapter 6 and some jobs to do.

              you are absolutely right Kaufminator , book nerds are the best - and ... well ... the only answer is and can be revenge

              Thanks for not telling Rincewind - but today I felt like him - it was like running through the "dungeon-dimensons", as Rincewind did. What a hell of a job!

              and well, you can be sure about the force of character - (come to the dare-bee-side (we have honey)) - to take the road is already a victory! Keep going - 2017 will be your year!

              And everybody needs a motivator! And Darebee is a hell of a motivator. I am so glad that I also found Darebee - I think without it I would still be a coach-potato and would lead an unhealty lifestyle!
              It makes so much fun - the Darebee-way.

              As for Brandon Sanderson - I have to confess that I only read "the original series" (well, that sounds like star trek - but you know what i mean) - will wait till the rest is finished before I start with Wax and Wayne.
              And in the meantime - my pile of unread-books is uncountable high

              But today I wished I was a Thug and could use Pewter - then the push-ups would be easier - laughing my socks off!

              The idea with the audiobooks is marvelous! But you are right - there is not enough time in the day ...


                Happy belated multi-badge day.

                To respond about the cramps I got during the raised leg circles, it's not a normal condition for me. It was just the order and intensity of the exercises from that day on a body that wasn't quite prepared for the work it was going to have to do, And thank you for the ideas for beating cramps.


                  Also, someone who might find your reading the "Octavo" interesting is Nostrum Ridcully. And perhaps Lord Vetinari, of course... I bet either would pay handsomely for such information, then make sure the informant never speaks again...


                    All hail our lord Pratchett, wjs !

                    TheLibrarian - you're in for a treat with Wax and Wayne. 300 years after Mistborn, and absolutely amazing. Ditto that on the Pewter and being a thug. Even modified, push-ups are kicking my sorry butt at every opportunity!

                    Looking forward to hearing more about Age of Pandora from your captain's log - do you use stardates or Pandora-dates?

                    Keep up the awesome work!


                      Captain´s Log 9:

                      DailyDare + EC (2min squat hold) - 1 DailyDare left until I reach 100 DD with EC !!!

                      Age of Pandora:
                      Well, I definitely learned by yesterdays actions So, I only went to the city ruins and delivered an urgent love letter - I learned today that a love letter consists of an exercise of 400-knee-to-elbow - wow

                      After that I went back - took my reward of only 80 scraps - and bought some toilet-paper - and at this point I have to quote Cohen the Barbarian, because the best things in life according to him, are "hot water, good dentishtry and shoft lavatory paper" And if someone knows how to survice, then this guy is Cohen

                      Now i got 390 scraps left! I don´t know how much I will use and propably need in the future - but I regrettably know that the jobs are still there when I return ... so I directly head to chapter 7 and took a closer look what lies ahead in my journey!

                      In Chapter 7 I went to the Lighthouse (Level 3) and dodged and fought some animal on the way.

                      In Chapter 8 I helped a man to secure the catch (Level 2). How did they - by now - manage to survive without me ...

                      After that, I thought I earned a break, a good meal and some rest - Tomorrow I will take a closer look on Chapter 9.

                      Kaufminator always and above all else "stardates" - but your suggestion with "pandora-dates" is also quite appealing ... perhaps I will switch now and then ...

                      And thanks again for the suggestion of Wax on Wayne


                        Age of Pandora is so great! I started out yesterday-- and I'm hooked..
                        Keep up the good work! ..and I'll see you out there!


                          thanks nonamex - you too!

                          You are absolutely right: Pandora is really great! And also lovely and fiendish at the same time - great plot-setting indeed - and it is quite addictive !!!
                          Will definitely see you out there in the vastness of Pandora - always good to have a "Ranger" around


                            So much to read and I'm too tired to respond in any meaningful way, so let me just say for now.....


                              You got 390 scraps left? So the price for next piece of applepie will be - well.. you can imagine ..


                                Librarianista hehe

                                Captain´s Log 10:

                                DailyDare with EC - and a new achievement unlocked - I got now 100 DD w / EC !!!

                                Age of Pandora:

                                Chapter 9 - all LvL 2:

                                I went to the resistance-camp - then to the mines - and before I gain anything - I have to help some guys - again

                                I helped them defeat some little cats - level 2 - 60sec rest (i still feel the last push-up session)

                                Chapter 10 - LvL 2:

                                and of course they don´t know anything at all - well ... what else is there to say?
                                I am on my way to the mountain cave - hopefully I get my information there?

                                what is this? the cave of a madman - or perhaps a genius?

                                someone knocks me out - I woke tied ... and a priest interrogates me in the name of the creator - aha

                                and now he attacks me with scorpions - where the hell am I? What have I done?

                                chapter 11 - LvL 2:

                                tomorrow I will head to the dreamers - and until then I need to rest - therefore I need to reinforce the camp - again ...

                                Chapter 12:

                                I head to the dreamers - I have to find out if they have more information ...
                                I see people - a high priest - and - a big scorpion, oh no ... someone is about to be thrown into the crater to the big scorpion.
                                there is no other answer - I have to do something ! I try to save this person - in this world - there has to be some humanity!

                                I choose option B - level 2

                                Alana the thief is helping me now on my journey! two are better than one

                                Chapter 13:
                                also option b - level 2:

                                we were victorious - now I got an extra pair of hands to help me do the dirty work - like reinforce the camp

                                now I - NO: we - head back to camp - and the journey continues tomorrow!

                                I call it a day